Naming Names, John Cameron Swazi, Timex & Cheyenne Mountain

BobbyRGreeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Yesterday at the EastWing we officially named part of the surrounding real estate. While setting at the computer table, look past the monitor, look thru the glass wall, out there past the hummingbird station, beyond the gardens of the twin EastWing maples, past the flag pole, out past the mailbox, across the road. Now look beyond. You are now looking into the South 40. The name was given to better identify where Mr. Bentley and I have spent a considerable amount of time this summer past, while driving the grass roads of the South 40 in our golf cart with a haul bed on the back.

Several names were considered before The South 40 was chosen.” Across the road, in the field, over there, and I don’t know where he is”, just to name some that were considered. Then there was my personal favorite, “over yonder”. Now it don’t get much more hillbilly than yonder. Yet yonder is a fun word to say. I’ve got several fun words to say. Yonder, Cumquat and Tallahassee should always make anyone’s list of fun words to say. If you don’t think it’s fun to say “Yonder, Cumquat, and Tallahassee” maybe you should look for a different line of work, ’cause you may not be a happy camper in this life.

Did you ever ask yourself what is a name? Why it’s just a way of identifing people, places or things. Since we have more people places and things than words available for name use, we have to use some of the same names over and over again. Names are just words for the who what where and when in our lives. Another way of looking at names, names put the who’s in who, what’s in what, the where’s in where, and the when’s in when. Names can also put the who what where and when in how.

Las week a client came into RHCO INC. and her watch was not working, she asked “what brand of watch do you have?” I said “Timex”. The client was surprised, and said she thought I would wear a more expensive watch than Timex. It was then I told her the story. I didn’t start “Once Upon A Time”, but maybe should have.

The only brand of watch I’ve ever worn in my life is Timex. It was my 12th birthday when my Mama got me a Timex Watch. Mama said it was time I knew what time it was. My first watch.

At the time this watch was advertized on TV by a well know News Broadcaster of the day. The man, John Cameron Swazi, done damn near everything you could do to abuse a watch, short of hitting it with a sledge hammer or shooting it with a gun. Dirt, grime, dust, mud, shaking, dunking in water. He probably even poured gravy over it, and that were just some of the watch abuses John Cameron Swazi piled upon the Timex. The clock took it all and still worked.

“It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.” That was the tag line used in the commercial. So I thought if it’s that good, why change. Nothing in the wrist watch world has changed my mind so far. And so today I continue to wear a Timex. I don’t think my current Timex takes that much licking any more. But this current Timex is guaranteed to within 4 seconds for 250 years. Like most ever thing else with a guarantee, I’m sure if you tried to collect, you’d have to have the original receipt of purchase.

You never have to do anything except look to see what time it is. Mr. Timex runs in sync with a radio signal from a place called Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. That’s where the government keeps the official time for people who wear Timex Watches. They may also have other uses for that time keeping device there inside Cheyenne Mountain, just outside of Boulder, Colorado . But it sure works well for Timex wearers. Guess when My Timex checks in, that’s my fair share of government subsidies.

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