New Years Day & Birthday Parades, Buzz Words & Politics, Consubstantial & The Catholic Church

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Today’s yet another first, our first visit of 2012 and the first time of telling stories on New Year’s Day.

For many of us, 2011 couldn’t end fast enough, ‘cause bad things happened in our lives in 2011. It’s that way every year. Somebody’s always gona have a “somebody’s done somebody wrong song” in their life. So we’ll always have folks happy to see the old year end and the new year began.

I’ve always Just thought it’s now time to “Do the tax work”. Seems I’ve forever had a love/hate relationship with my Income Tax Preparation Business. I always look forward to the beginning of the work and somewhere along the end of March, start looking forward to April 15th and the end of the rush.

January 1st is Johnny’s birthday. Yap, Johnny was born on January First and we’ve had a birthday party ever since. Somewhere around when Johnny was 4 years old or so, one or both of his older siblings told the little guy they were going to have a big parade in California for his birthday and it was going to be on TV. And so it’s been from that year forward to this very day. Every year on January First, in Pasadena CA a parade is held in honor of Johnny’s birthday, at least that’s story in the Household of Howard.

This year Johnny’s Parade is not on his birthday but on January second. Just another example of jerking around with things that would be better left alone. What about the folks not having the luxury of being off work on January 2, 2012? Guess they just miss the Birthday Parade. As Sophia sits on the back of my chair and reads the screen over my right shoulder she whispered into my ear “ It’s a democrat thing, making sure people get another day off work and still get paid.” Damn Republican Cat.

Do ya ever get so put out by the use of buzz word phrases in politics and the news media, every time ya hear someone speak ya just want to scream “SHUT THE HELL UP”? I do when I hear ‘em. Some phrases that cause me to have such an uproar are:

“Kick the can down the road” It seems that every politician in Washington DC, be they Democrat or Republican must include at least one “Kick the can down the road” every time they get within 100 feet of a TV camera. Do these people who say “Kick the can down the road” really think we’re too dumb to know they’re just spouting the party line? No matter what they say, everybody accuses the other side of “Kicking the can down the road”. I often sit and wonder are “We the People” in that can being kicked down the road. It’s been a bumpy road of late, inside that can, going down the road.

“Occupy Wall Street” One of the most bizarre efforts at making a political statements in my lifetime. A close look into the details of this “Occupy Wall Street Movement” revels corrupt politics at its ugly core. Now I don’t want any bleeding hearts giving me any static on this one. Do the research into the movement, look at the core, look at the funding, look at the former ACORN involvement, the source of the funding and inspiration to continue the process. The more ya look, the more ya want to walk away for “Occupy Wall Street” Do the hard look, and you’ll also see. I almost bought into this thing, this occupy thing, until I looked into the heart of the mania. After due diligence, I came to the conclusion that if it walks like a duck, has feathers and quacks, well then, you decide if it quacks. Ducks do quack and have feathers. The Occupy Wall Street Movement has defecated on the public sidewalk, and too have ducks as they quack.

“Pay Their Fair Share” What the hell is “Their Fair Share”? I’ve never seen two people who can agree on what is “Their Fair Share” The use of the term “Their Fair Share” is a deliberate attempt to turn brother against brother. “Their Fair Share” is Old School Ugly Chicago Politics at its worst. I defy anybody in our society to produce a deification of “Their Fair Share” that is acceptable and equitable everyone. “Their Fair Share”, it just turns brother against brother. To me Their Fair Share” is just one stroke short of short of the President of the United States accusing the Fox News Network of using the “N” word in describing the President. Sad to think, that too may come to pass should the President believe he’s losing the upcoming election. Race cards have been played freely in the past. Just ask the Attorney General of the United States. Within the last two weeks, he played the card. “Their Fair Share”.

“Right to Work” Who in our society does not have a right to work? Those who are so opposed to such working conditions tend to be ill informed and less educated people who have been frightened by those who are able to make their living on the fears of the American workers. The exception to this position is in public education. It’s well educated people who have been frightened by those who make a living on the fears of the educators in our society.

Several years ago, my company negotiated labor contracts. It was just one of the services my company offered. I didn’t care which side of the issue I represented. Who ever paid my fees, was the one I represented. I’ve done a rather large amount of School Corporation / Teacher Union negotiations, on both sides of the table.

One year, back in the day, I had two different contract negotiations going on at the same time. In one I represented management, in the other I represented labor. Thank God they were over 100 miles apart. On the drive to whichever one I going that day, I’d have to remind myself to be sure and get into the proper mindset to represent my client at the negotiation table that day.

The one thing that struck me the most, was the amount of fear the teacher unions instilled in the local teachers during the process of labor negotiations, and how unimportant the teacher union really was to Indiana public education. Of the contracts I’ve negotiated, not a single one benefited by having the teacher union at the table. The local teachers would have received the identical contract without the cost of the teacher union. “Right to Work” absolutely a right for every person in our society. Those who oppose such a right , do so out of fear or ignorance, and in many instances, out of both.

“At The End Of The Day” Now this one ranks right up there with “kick The Can Down The Road” Whenever politicians talk about discussions on any matter, they just have to include “At The End Of The Day” in their description of the matter. Give me a break here. Of course the ultimate political statement was made my Nancy Pelosi when she said “At the end of the day, they just wanted to kick the can down the road”. WOW!

“Gravitas” A while back one political party chose to advance their ideology by using the word “Gravitas”. The word was spoken so often it became a joke, every member of that party mush have been told to “say the word” every time you talk. Of all the words available in the English Language, and they choose “Gravitas” Shewwww. Not too many people I know use “Gravitas” in their normal course of conversation. And so when the word in flooded across the airways, it stood out like a bad apple in the barrel. A sore thumb. A dumb choice and an embarrassment to that party.

Political buzz words annoy me much the same as some of the change in the prayers in the Catholic Church. For no reason other than the fact that highly educated men within the Catholic Church, after studying the same thing for many, many years, always feel a need to leave an impact upon history. Recent changes to the “man made prayers” of the Catholic Church included such changes as “consubstantial” in place of “one in being with the father”

The point being, consubstantial is not a normal part of the language of our society, while “one in being with the father is easily understood. Consubstantial is a decision to complex things up for the average Catholic, and all the while it creates just one more reason to question is this the real way? Or just so much crap?

I’m wondering if it is in fact just so much crap. I’m wondering too, were the Apostles of God the most educated in our society? Would those same Apostles use the word consubstantial to describe their relationship with Jesus, or were they just fisherman and tax collectors who spoke the language of the common man?

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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