Nuts & Grain & Veggies, A Whisky Bacon Breakfast, Big Brother Taxing Farting Cows & Rotting Pumpkins

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Sometimes there’s no need to create a story in my mind, just watch the news and you’ll find that reality is so much more bizarre than imagination.  Many examples exist but this one caught my attention.  Without any fanfare, on a very late Friday afternoon,(4 minutes before 6 PM ) at the start of a three day holiday, our own federal government officially changed the recommendations for our food consumption.

The new information released by the Food & Drug Administration stated that in order to reduce the green house gases produced in the production of meat for  human consumption, the nations diet must  shift to grains, nuts and vegetable consumption.

Soon after that little ditty hit the news, researches from one of the eastern universities released a  paper decrying the ills of meat production and its effect on the ozone layer.  Yep you got that right, these folks tied cow farting to the destruction of the ozone layer and the uptick in the occurrence of skin cancer.

Just a few days ago the World Health Organization reclassified processed meat  into the same carcinogenic level as smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol . They also highly suggested that eating red meat was the next item that will be added to this group of no no’s. The very next day the She asked what I wanted for breakfast. I told her a bacon sandwich and a double shot of Whisky. I got the bacon sandwich and a frown from the She.

Just two week ago another  government agency determined that jack-o-lanterns were a MAJOR  contributor to climate change.  Rotting jack-o-lanterns produce carbon dioxide which turn out to be worse that carbon monoxide.  That’s what cars pump out their tail pipes. Guess if you get real close to your car’s exhaust, it’ll smell like rotting pumpkins.

Remember a few weeks ago we talked about how Coke paid for a scientific research project to determine if sugary drinks contributed to the overweight issue in society.  Well guess what, that scientific research determined that drinking Coke did not add the overweight. (DUH!)

Anybody see a pattern here?  Change your diet to nuts and berries, eating meat destroys ozone, processed meat causes cancer and so does red meat, coke does not add to weight gain, cow farting causes cancer. Wow, what’s a body to believe now days? Of course one can believe only so much of this kind of crap.

Keep in mind, I didn’t even talk about ole boy, Al Gore, and his prediction the New York City would be under water by 2015 with the melting of the polar ice caps. What’s so amazing about BS like that is when those people say that kinda  stuff and it never comes about, no one ever calls ‘em out. At the EastWing we do that.

After all the fanfare about the polar ice melting and the gloom and dome that  will come with melting ice, it didn’t melt. The truth is there are some places in the world where the ice is melting. There are other places in the world where the ice is accumulating at a rate that exceeds the world wide melting. You don’t hear about that part of the ice getting thicker and more than compensates for melting at other parts of the world.  And so it is that we have a president that tells the United States Navy that the biggest threat to the Navy is global warming. WOW!

The same Commander-In-Chief who’s Department of Defence spent 43 million  dollars, now that’s  $43,000,000,000.00   to build a fuel filling station in Afghanistan. Just down the road a little bit, the locals built the same thing for about $500,000.00 (notice the difference in the 0’s of the two filling stations. When asked about this the Army said the filling station only cost $13 million and the company that built the station had overhead costs of $30 million.

As crap like this is common  practice, a federal agency told a school in Illinois that a boy calling himself “transgender” must have full access to the girls locker room. Peeping Toms from all over the country are now flocking to Illinois, and trying to learn how to spell TRANSGENDER as they travel to the land of Lincoln.

An interesting fact on the global warming position. There is no scientific data, and I’ll repeat for my tree hugger friends  of the  EastWing, no scientific data to support global warming.  The whole concept is based on computer modeling. Using computers to predict weather in the future is much like Coke funding research that proved their product is not involved in weight gain. Whatever outcome you want can be supported by computer analysis.

Its mind blowing to think that all the hullabaloo back in the 70’s  and 809’s about global warming. When that didn’t happen, then changed the title of the scare tactics to global warming to climate change.

 One fact that remains unchallenged by the global warming advocates, the depth of the oceans have not changed in the last 200 years. Despite all the predictions of the sea shore being in Ohio, the oceans of the world have not raised a single millimetre in the last 200 years.

Here at the EastWing, being a big fan of both  Halloween and Beef Tenderloin, we stand in full support or rotting pumpkins and farting cows. With that being said, guess the EastWing will be put on somekinda watch list by a government agency created to locate  owners of Farting Cows and Rotting Pumpkins in order to tax these despicable activities that are destroying the planet.

From the EastWing,  Nuts & Grain  & Veggies, A Whisky & Bacon Breakfast, Big Brother Taxing  Farting Cows & Rotting Pumpkins

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