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Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

October. One of two transition months, much the same as April is a transition month. Real moves from one season to the other occur in transition months. It’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference between spring and summer, between summer and fall.

You have to keep in mind that you’re not going to see any official stuff about transitions months if you do a “Google Search” on transition months, I just made up the term myself, ‘cause I needed a point of reference to illustrate how drastic the weather changers are in the months of October and April. So Transitional Months just seem to fit, and besides it sounded kinda cool. Pun intended.

October locks down a change when it comes to fall, much the same way April locks down the change from the cold to the warm. It always frost, come October. Today, while October was still not two days old, the frost came by, not a little, a lot.

The temperature always hits 70° F come April. Two events I always look forward to with much anticipation every single year. I know it’s gona happen, but still look forward, every year. Both frost and 70° F indicate change in seasons.

It’s always an event to look forward to, that first frost of October and that first 70° day of April. Has been forever for me, and I guess it always will be so. I think it’s just part of being a hillbilly in northern Indiana. Oh well, could be worse things in life. Don’t know ‘bout you, but I don’t mind being a hillbilly in northern Indiana, especially after I learned to read. It’s kinda like looking under the microscope for the first time and finding the fine focus on the microscope. It opens up a whole new world. You see the magic of the microscopic world.

From time to time I get an email that’s so off the wall, I just gotta say something ‘bout it, and this one ranks right up there with the Lollipop Kids. The email said “Are you for, or against birthstones?” what the hell !!! That’s like saying “do you believe in sunshine.”. Uh, yeah.

Now I’m not in charge of sunshine and I’m for sure nobody died and left me in charge of birthstones. I don’t even care ‘bout birthstones. They’re all rocks, those birthstones. Some are pretty, some are not, but all are birthstones just the same. I don’t even know who first associated those rocks with their corresponding months, or for that matter, don’t even care to know. Am I for or against birthstones? Shew…. I believe in sunshine. I don’t even know a lot ‘bout birthstones, other than they’re rocks of a different color.

Speaking of rocks of a different color, when was the first time ya heard the phrase, “a horse of a different color”? I was asked that question too in an email, a while back. Now that one I did know about. I think the term came along as a result of questioning whether a horse was in fact the one described on its original records of birth.

When registered blood lines of horses are reproduced, the baby horse birth record is assembled to include such things as Mama, Papa, birthday, sex, color and name. Ya gotta keep in mind that, from time to time, there has been some known attempts at “fudging” the records in the horse business. When a horse was presented for sale and it didn’t match up to the original information in the birth records, it was said to be a horse of a different color. And no, it did not come from the movie “The Wizard of Oz”. Although that was a pretty cool horse of a different color.

Similar objects and different objects. It’s kind like ya could say that Presidents Regan and Bush were very similar, but Bill Clinton was horse of a different color. And so he was.

Horseradish Cheese. Ever had any of that stuff? Now we’re kinda slow here in the EastWing, not too up to date on the newest stuff, but just the other day someone brought it by. WOW! Is that ever good. Been eating it on damn near everything. Kicked up cheese burgers on the grill. Kicked up cheese and crackers. Kicked cheese and mouth. It’s just that good.

If ya haven’t tried it, then ya should at least try it once. Keep in mind, this is not an official endorsement of the product from the EastWing, but even Sophia The Republican Cat likes the Horseradish Cheese. Sophia’s picky, extraordinarily picky, like most republicans are. Damn Republican Cat.

In response to so many emails asking to see Sophia The Republican Cat, I’ve posted a series of photos on FaceBook of Sophia. I’ve not included photos with the EastWing letters due to the fact that not everybody in the world has that high speed internet connection to handle photos. Sophia’s pictures are on FaceBook. Search “BobbyRay” and you’ll find the photos of Sophia the Republican Cat on my page under photos.

Being involved with computer technology since the mid 70’s, to this day I find it fascinating that as people, be they young or old, when they become aware of the computer, have an instance concept of “expertise” in the field. In reality, it’s one of those things where they don’t even know that they don’t know, and that in its self is kinda cool , ‘cause ya don’t have to know that ya don’t know, to do.

It’s sorta like ya don’t have to know how to dissemble and reassemble an internal combustion engine to know how to drive a car. So ya drive. Wanta learn a little history ‘bout personal computers, do a Google search on “graphical user interface”. You’ll be surprised, it was not Microsoft, but Apple who first brought this concept to the marketplace. It was not Microsoft, but Apple who first created a “mouse”. But Microsoft sold their idea to IBM and the rest is history. Computers, who would have ever thought “mouse” would mean anything other than cat food. Shew…..

Did ya ever play mumblepeg? Oh sure, it’s a little hillbilly boy game using pocketknives. Now Mumbletypeg involves tossing a pocketknife into the ground in a progressively more difficult competition usually limited to two players. If the knife tossed by a player does not stick in the bare ground, the player loses his turn. Beyond these basics, the rules varied greatly according to wherever you happen to live and I happened to live at Tip Top when we played mumblepeg, at the schoolyard up there on the mountain.

At Tip Top, we threw the knife at the other persons foot and made ‘em stretch that foot out to where the knife stuck in the dirt. The one who fell over first lost. Then ya had to pull the peg. The peg was a 3-4 inch stick which was driven into the ground till ‘bout ½ inch stuck out. The loser had to pull the peg out of the ground using only his teeth. Here I say “his” ‘cause I never played Mumbletypeg with a girl. At the Tiptop Elementary School System (two rooms, two pot belly stoves, two potties outside) it was against the law for girls to play Mumbletypeg with boys. Don’t know why, it just was.

I think today, Mumbletypeg is a violation of some kinda federal regulation put in place by the republicans. Which just goes to show ya how stupid much of the federal regulations really are. When little hillbilly boys can’t play with pocketknives and throw open knives at little feet without the Federal Government getting involved, give me a break! Stupid is as stupid does. And so the Republicans have even more reason to talk bad ’bout us. We play Mumbletypeg. Stupid is as stupid does. Mumbletypeg, a game of which we’re protected from by our own Federal Government. Some may say God save the Queen. I just say Damn Republican Cats.

Did ya happen to hear ‘bout Tyson Foods eliminating Labor Day as a paid holiday? Yeah, they did. They just replaced it with the last day of Ramadan. Seems they didn’t want to offend their Muslim employees. What the Hell is going on here? Want to take over these United States? Just do it one chicken at a time? Tyson Foods, just chicken packers, not policy makers, just chicken packers. When they dropped Labor Day, truly an American Holiday, they dropped me as a Tyson Chicken customer. No Labor Day at Tyson Foods, no Tyson Chickens in the EastWing.

It matters not that Tyson Foods is the largest chicken processer in the country. I’ll buy live chickens, ring their neck and let me and the She pick the feathers before I’ll buy Tyson Chickens. Actually, the way we buy chicken is 60 lb boxes, frozen solid. When we buy food for parties at Grand Central Station, we buy big amounts. 60 lb boxes of frozen chicken, 40 pound chunks of beef ready for roasting. Tyson don’t sell the kinda of chicken I buy for Grand Central Station. Good thing, else we’d have to ring the neck of a whole lot of chickens to get 60 lbs of cleaned chickens, but we would, me and the She. Just can’t believe they don’t have a Labor Day Holiday at Tyson Foods.

Did ya ever do that, kill your own chickens? My Mama used to do it all the time. It was a bad job, I used to help her pick the feathers. It smelled, ya had to dunk ‘em in really hot water before ya picked the feathers out. Not a good job, but I’d do it again before I’d buy Tyson Foods Chickens. It’s such a bad job, maybe I’d be like “A MAJOR CHICKEN PACKER” and get some illegal aliens to do it for me, but I’d give ‘em Labor Day off as a PAID HOLIDAY. Just thinking ‘bout picking chickens.

Stay safe in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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