Only In America, Attack The Messenger When You Must, Baby Beagle Girls & Chaos, An Old Coon Hunter Gives His Blessing To The Baby Beagles Girls Sharolette & Barbara

The first day of June was when the hummingbird feeders went into the front gardens. No hummingbirds ate the offerings of the garden.  By June 15th I was wondering if I’d ever see hummingbirds again at the EastWing. Other people had told me of feeding the hummingbirds for two weeks, yet not a single hummingbird came to call. So I took down the feeder, washed it up, put it away for another day.

Summer started at about 1:30 on the AM side that 21st day of June this year. It was ten minutes after 6:00 PM, while setting at the EastWing computer, looking south it happened. I looked out the south window, and there within 2 inches of the EastWing glass, suspended in mid air, suspended in flight, were the Mr. & Mrs. coming back to say hello.

Now when you friends come to visit, what’s the first thing you do? Of course, you offer ‘em food. As fast as I could, I got ‘em new food for the feeder. Hung the feeder between the two front Maples, and by the time I got back to my seat in the EastWing, they were enjoying fine dining, EastWing style. In the hummingbird watching business, ya think the Mr. is small until such time you have the pleasure of meeting the Mrs. Pretty little birds.

Ever hear of H.L. Mencken? Well don’t feel bad, most people alive today, have not.  H.L. Mencken was born in 1880 and he died in 1956. A hundred years ago, H.L. Mencken was compared to Mark Twain for his writing ability.  He was a columnist, satirist, critic, and a Democrat. He told stories. He wrote stories. He wrote the following editorial while working for the Baltimore Evening Sun, which appeared in the July 26, 1920, edition:

“As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.”

H.L. Mencken, The Baltimore Evening Sun, July 26, 1920

Now I’m not saying this prophecy has come to pass. I’m  saying the prophecy was made by a democrat who would not, today,  recognize his own political party. A party that at one time believed in  “Ask what you can do for your country”. Or so were the words of President John F. Kennedy.  Now the current Democrat President challenges us all to make sure we get “your fair share” from the Federal Government. And all the while he’s making sure we’re on a “level playing field” with those mean ole “Millionaires and Billionaires”. Those dirty ole Bastards anyhow.

In a few short weeks the Baby Beagle Girls, Sharolette and Barbara, have succeeded in bringing complete and total chaos to the EastWing. They’ve seized control of all the outside deck space. They’ve invaded Kitty City and now occupy that choice real estate at will. They’ve changed the name of the main hotel in Kitty City to The Doggy Depot. The deck cats give ‘em a wide passage as the two pillaging Baby Beagle Girls now roam unchallenged on the north deck of the EastWing.

The deck cats have, by and large, pretty much shunned the Baby Beagle Girls. The exceptions being Shirley and Miss Blackie White. Now Shirley has, for several years, been the most friendly of the deck cats. So it would seem appropriate that  Shirley would be the first cat to say hello the new girls on the block. It sure didn’t take the Baby Beagle Girls long to say hello to Shirley and the rest of the north deck cats.

The only obstacle separating the Baby Beagle Girls from complete and total domination of the EastWing is a single cat. A cat of many colors, Sophia. Now when Sophia’s the obstruction in your path, I don’t care who you are, it’s that time in your life when you say “Lord you gave me a mountain to climb”.

Baby Beagle Girls don’t do mountains well. In fact, they don’t even yet do the EastWing steps well. Now they may be little Baby Beagle Girls but they’ve already learned that they prowl the vast deck space of the EastWing at the pleasure of Sophia. When they approach Sophia, she smiles, and they know. Have ya ever seen  Baby Beagle Girls bow before a Queen? Damn Republican Cat.

As many of you know, most of my family has passed from this life, three sisters, two brother-in-laws and Mama, all died in a very, very short period of time. I went from having Mama, and lots of sisters and brother-in-laws, to one sister and one brother-in-law in what almost seemed to be a heartbeat. And so I went from being the only boy in a family of four sister, to me and Sharolette. Visits to my Sister Sharolette are so very special. The other day I took the Baby Beagle Girls to meet Aunt Sharolette and Uncle Dexter.

Now Dexter’s an old coon hunter from back in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and a even little bit of the early 2000’s. Dexter’s one of the last of the old school coon hunter still around. For many years he was a breeder of  high dollar coon dogs. It was not unusual for Dexter’s coon dogs to sell in the high hundreds and even into the thousands. Back in the early 70’s I happened to be at Dexter’s kitchen table one Saturday Morning, when a feller showed up to buy a coon dog.  He said “Decky how much do you have to have for Ole Danny Boy? Dexter never missed a beat, he said “I couldn’t let him go for anything less than $2,500.00”. Now remember at that time, you could buy a new car for that amount of money. The ole boy started counting out hundred dollar bills.

Dexter got up from the table, went outside, got the dog, helped load the dog into the fellers truck and came back into the house with a fist full of dollars.  He sat down at the table, laid the money down, and said “Damn, I didn’t want to sell that dog”. I asked why he sold the dog. Dexter said “BobbyRay in the coon dog business, when they ask, ya always gotta price ‘em and when they have the money, ya always gotta sell ‘em. Damn! I didn’t think he had that much money, I didn’t want to sale that dog”. Dexter later bought that dog back for $2,800.00. Back in the day, Decky dealt in high dollar coon dogs.

It was so much fun to take the Baby Beagle Girls to meet Uncle Dexter. He told me all I needed to know about the breed. Decky said “I’m a dog man, been a dog man all my life and I know  good dogs when I see ‘em. And I  know bad dogs when I see ‘em. Now in the Beagle dogs, they gotta have three colors. Black, white and tan, if they don’t have them three colors then they’re not full blooded beagles. Then they got mixed up somewhere with curs”. And when ya look at a Beagle, ya gotta see all them colors all at the same time. Then they’re Beagles.

Uncle Decky picked ‘em up  one by one, looked ‘em over head to toe, saw the colors,  and pronounced ‘em to be high quality stock in the Beagle world. Sharolette and Barbara, my Baby Beagle Girls.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, Only In America, Attack The Messenger When You Must, Baby Beagle Girls & Chaos, An Old Coon Hunter Gives His Blessing To The Baby Beagles Girls Sharolette & Barbara

I Wish You Well,