Red Admirals Take Flight , Hummingbird Smiles, Dog and Cat and Vet, Tragedy At The Water’s Edge, Big Bate Bigger Fish

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.


As of the last several day it seems the whole world is filled with butterflies.  Mr. Bentley and I are big fans of riding the golf cart in the field south of the EastWing. Johnny has cut us upwards of a mile or so of two lane grass roads, so out field trips are a close up visit to Mother Nature.


One of the grass roads on the eastside of the property has an abundance of milk weed. In fact, the largest crop of milk weed I’ve ever seen growing at one spot. They are so profuse I call that section “The Milk Weed Fields”.  And there in  The Milk Weed Fields live the butterfly hordes of 2015. Thousands of those free spirits fly around us as we travel thru the milk weed fields. It’s a special site to be seen. Mr. Bentley and I take the trip often.


For all those who’ve asked do I know what kind of butterfly has overrun the area this year. The answer is yes. The Red Admiral Butterfly patrols the local skies sun up to sundown.  This year there’s an abundant crop to be sure. Many have told me the butterflies on  the mild weeds are the Monarch Butterfly. They are not. The Monarch comes later in the year, after the milk weed has grown it’s seed pod. That’s when the Monarchs come to visit. Guess we will see them in The Milk Weed Fields when their time has come.


Now don’t assume I’m an expert on butterflies, I’m not. But as a kid, I did have a collection of 74 specimens of both Butterflies and Moths. All my butterflies were logged into a book with both scientific and common name, and a little story about their life cycle. The whole collection was gathered in and around beautiful downtown Toto. At one time I knew all their names by heart. Today I’d  do well to say a dozen or so.


The hummingbird feeder is located close enough to allow me to view the little birds from my computer chair at the EastWing. Darkness comes and the happy couple are still coming to the feeder every few minutes. Now I don’t know what these little birdpeople have been up to, but did ya ever see humming birds smile? Yep, they’re smiling. Just one of the many blessings received daily at the EastWing, watching humming birds smile.


The annual trip to the Vet for Bentley and my new Sophia turned into a trip to be remembered. For the first time ever, Mr. Bentley was in the car with someone except me. Having the new Sophia in the cat carrier presented Mr. Bentley with a real dilemma. He was used to having both the back seat as well as the passenger seat in the front as his area to roam. On this trip he was limited to the front seat, buckled into the seatbelt. And like most spoiled kids, he whined most of the way there and back.


At the Vet’s office Bentley tried to get under my chair when the Dr. needed to listen to his heart. I ended up holding his head on my knee and the Vet sat in the floor beside the big dog. It all worked out. Bentley checked out A-Ok. Renewed the 3 year Rabies Shot, a year’s supply of heart worm / flea / and whatever else that one medicine supposed to take care of. And then Bentley’s good to go for another year.


The  New Sophia had a rather nasty allergic reaction to Lord knows what. She compounded the situation by  continuing to lick the ulcer. She got a Laser treatment to stimulate underlying tissue growth, a steroid shot and oral antibiotic for 14 days. Ever try to give a cat oral meds? And if you think herding cats is tuff…. try giving meds. Just joking, I have the medication ready, then wrap the New Sophia in a thick towel, uncover her head and insert the syringe between her teeth. Not as difficult as I’m making it out to be.  In a week, the results are striking. The wound has reduced to half its size, hair is growing back in and The New Sophia is well on her way to a full recovery.


It was with much sadness I read of a shark attack on two young kids on Sunday, June 14th   off the shores of Oak Island, North Carolina. It’s beyond me why anyone would ever want to go into the ocean.


If you stop and think about it, God made us as land creatures. Human Beings were never intended to venture into the oceans of our planet. There are things in the oceans that can and will kill the most strong of our species.  The way I look at it is if God wanted me in the oceans, I’d have gills. I don’t, so I don’t do oceans.


It’s important for those folks who may share a different point of view on getting into the ocean waters to keep in mind one simple fact.  Once in the water of any ocean, you are no longer at the top of the food chain. You become, in fact, bait. And we all know what happens to the worm on the hook. The fish are always bigger than the bait.


From the EastWing: Red Admirals Take Flight , Hummingbird Smiles, Dog and Cat and Vet, Tragedy At The Water’s Edge, Big Bate Bigger Fish


I Wish You Well,