Saints & Sinners, Fire & Ice, Doomed To Hell With The Christmas & Easter Catholics, A Bishop Saves The Day, Planting a garden at the EastWing, Me & The She & And An Old Fashion Love Song

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

From time to time it becomes necessary to stop and reflect on what’s been said from the EastWing and why it was said that particular way. To this very day, I’m still amazed that my random thoughts and stories strung together, will forever touch someone’s soul to the point of “I’ve got something to say about that”.  Some will love and some will hate, and many will feel compelled to let me know one way or the other.  Love and Hate, it’s kinda like Fire and Ice. Red hot lovers and cold hearted hate. It’s Fire & Ice with a twist of sugar and a bite of lemon.

What’s really cool is to be called both  saint and sinner for the very same thoughts and words, simply read by two different brains. A case in point being what I said when talking about why I didn’t talk about Easter on Easter Sunday. Among other things, I said “Hell will be filled with Christmas and Easter Catholics”.

Now you gotta keep in mind here, I may be Catholic, but I’m also kinda Baptlic. Coming from a long line of Baptist Preachers, and I’ll jump into the “hell fire and brimstone” doctrine in a heartbeat when it’s necessary to do so. After all, when you forget about hell fire and brimstone, you forget about the alternative to the reward of heaven. Think about it for a while. I’m right, and you know it. Even atheists know it, and Lord knows they don’t believe in anything.

An email received several days after such remarks that informed me for “being too judgmental” I should consider myself amongst those  filling up Hell. Within days of me being doomed into Hell, along with the Christmas and Easter Catholics, I received an email from a retired Bishop of the Catholic Church.  The Bishop stated  he wished that he had had the courage to speak such strong, straight forward words to his flock from his “special soap box within the Catholic Church” when the opportunity was available to him, and how his time of real influence has passed.

Don’t misunderstand here, me and that Bishop, we’re not buds or anything like that. I don’t know the man, and he only knows BobbyRay by the words from the EastWing to his computer screen.  But the Bishop didn’t doom me to hell. I’m glad for that. Had he done so, I’d have to  maybe rethink my position on some things. Oh, and by the way, the Bishop did agree with what I said about when you pick and choose  which of the teaching of the Catholic Church you will follow, then you’re a member of the Christmas and Easter Catholics, just like I said, only you don’t admit it to yourself. I didn’t get any email from the new Pope, but I’m not even sure he’s on the EastWing mailing list. I’ll ask my new friend, the Bishop, if he knows.

Bishops are kinda cool, and they’ve got really funky hats, and a big, big stick. I think it’s part of that “Speak softly and carry a big  …….” thing. Welcome Bishop to the EastWing. And I didn’t even know you were here till now, welcome. It’s funny how you learn things in life. Seems like you learn things in life as it’s time to know such things in life. Me and the Bishop is a good example, who’d thought it. Not me, that’s for sure. Maybe the Bishop, after all, he’s a man of God, maybe he’s got an inside track on that sorta thing. I for sure don’t have an inside track to anything. Lord knows, it’s all I can do to just stay on the outside track, just hanging on, just getting by in life, just doing my part, whatever it is, just doing my part. And all the while,  I’m trying to figure out what my part in life really is. Heaven only knows.

Talking about reaction to words spoken from the EastWing, the thoughts about the sequester and it’s blatant political implications from the White House brought lots and lots of comments. Either one of three things are happening, or maybe a combination of things. One is most everyone who visits the EastWing is an extreme Right Wing Radical, NOT ! or two, nobody gives a damn about the sequester in the first place. Or three, very few people understand how and why the concept of this thing called the sequester came about in the first place.

From the email feedback, I can only conclude its numbers two and three. Many people do not understand that this idea originated from the President and was a blatant political attempt to embarrass the opposition. It failed miserably, and has left the President of the United States with no choice but to deceive the American Public, and blame such a disaster on his political opposition.  When an American President makes false statements, the whole world suffers.   And so it is, the whole world now suffers from the blatant political statements of this American President.

This position can be best supported by an email from an American Citizen who has lived and worked in Germany for the past ten years. He said, and I quote here, “I’ve watched the prestige of the American Presidency go from admiration to cartoonish in the eyes of the German people in four years. I’m embarrassed to say that I too, thought hope and change was the way to the future for my country. I had the hope, but the change was so far from my expectations, I’m still trying to figure out why I was so taken in by this guy. Yet I’m proud to say , unlike many, I was only fooled once.”

The sequester comments is one of the few times ever that not a single email talking about the sequester said I was wrong on anything I said about the sequester was wrong. I was careful in my selection of words when describing the political disaster called the sequester. It worried me a little bit, ‘cause no matter what I say, somebody’s gona tell me I’m all wrong. It didn’t happen with the sequester comments. The closest I came was a friend of mind, thought I got a little too wound up. Just identifying cold facts without any passion, is forever difficult to dispute.  One’s only option is to attack the messenger. The sequester comments ranked  in the top 25 most emails received on a single topic. All the while 99.999% agreed with me. And that one guy of the 800+ emails, he didn’t say which way.

Even thought I was “doomed to Hell with the Christmas and Easter Catholics” and received, what I perceived, as a special  “dispensation” from a retired Bishop, the not talking about Easter story didn’t even rank in volume of emails.  Somehow I would have felt better had the numbers been reversed.

Don’t know ‘bout you, but I’m ready to plant a garden. Gona plant a garden on the EastWing north Deck. Along with the circle where the north great oak stump was ground out last fall. You remember that one as a part of the deal of “take down the big pine tree, remove the limbs over the EastWing, grind the north oak tree stump and I’ll pay you $100.00 and do your tax work for 2012”. Now that’s putting a deal together, It was a good deal for me. It was a good deal for the company who performed  the work of tree removal and stump grinding.  A win, win for all.

In any event, I’m gona plant a garden in the spot where the north great oak was turned into mulch. Plant flowers we will. And somewhere in north garden, me and the She are going to try something really new. We will take a pallet, yeah, a pallet, the kind used to stack heavy stuff upon for shipment. Take a pallet and attach a weed control membrane, or even heavy cardboard to the bottom of a pallet.  Turn it right side up, fill it with black dirt, and plant things in rows in the pallet. A pallet garden right before your eyes. I’ll let you know how that works out for us. I’m not too sure what can be grown in a pallet garden. Maybe only chop sticks and toothpicks. We’ll see.

Of course we’ll also plant stuff in our usual pots and vases on the north deck. All  those herbs and spices of Italy. It’s  just an Italian thing, growing those herbs. When ya live with a beautiful Italian girl like the She, what ‘a ya  gona do?

Me and the She and the EastWing, just an old fashion love song, laying down in three part harmony.

Stay Safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, Saints & Sinners, Fire & Ice, Doomed To Hell With The Christmas & Easter Catholics, A Bishop Saves The Day, Planting a garden at the EastWing, Me & The She & And An Old Fashion Love Song

I Wish You Well,