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Tis the season to be sneezing. Are you a single sneezer or multi sneezer? Me, well, I’m a multi sneezer. In fact, not only a multi sneezer, but also an odd number sneezer. Three, five, seven every time seems to be the pattern when I sneeze. Then every once in a while, the whole world changes.

The mega tsunami of sneezing comes along. The dreaded nine – eleven sneezes are upon me and there’s nothing to do except go along with the sneezes. It’s much like the feeling I had several years ago when Mr. Lincoln sled into the ditch one old winter evening on a icy patch of hwy 10 just east of North Judson while going 15 mph. I realized some 10 seconds prior to the ditch, I’m a passenger, not the driver. I had no control of my destiny from that point on. I was just along for the ride. And so it is with the mega sneeze, the dreaded nine – eleven, ya just go along with the sneeze.

Now when ya get something inside your nose that don’t belong up there, or maybe your nose just thinks it doesn’t belong up there, either way, you’re gona sneeze. I’m telling ya, it’s not a matter of choice at this point. When your nose says lets sneeze, it’s a done deal, ya sneeze.

Lots and lots of things can make ya sneeze, viral infections, a cold bug , a little piece of pollen, animal hair, perfume, cold air, smoke , dirt and pretty much anything else that’ll tickle the inside of your nose. A sneeze first starts when a chemical called histamine is released by special cells in your nose, telling your body that something is there that shouldn’t be there. Then this histamine stimulates nerve endings in your nose. Now histamine can be released from different places in your body, but for the sneezing part it’s from inside your nose. In the presence of histamine, a message gets sent to the brain causing a reflex reaction that results in a sneeze. At this point, you’re like me sliding on the ice, you’re not in control, it’s just going along with the sneeze.

Why of course your brain has to get involved in order to sneeze, ‘cause sneezing is way more than a just nose job. Even though some may think they’ve seen noses big enough to handle the sneezing by themselves based strictly on the size of the nose. No matter the size of the nose, it’s still a brain thing.

That histamine stuff, it’s one of the main chemicals used by the body to ward off the “bad guys” no matter what or who the bad guys are. Ya know how it is when ya get a mosquito bite or a bee sting, and all ya wanta do is scratch. Well that scratching part is the chemical histamine kicking in and doing its job. The scratching part is the body’s way of trying to remove the bad guys from the skin surface, and so ya scratch, sometimes till ya bleed. Histamine, it’s that effective, it’ll make ya scratch to the blood.

It’s kinda cool to think that our bodies are in fact a very complex chemical factory. Our bodies produce chemicals all day long that we need to survive. We do chemistry inside our bodies that we don’t even think about, yet it’s vital for our survival. Histamine is just one of the examples of body chemistry that “come to the surface” so to speak. Oh believe me, we do chemistry inside our bodies, stuff that I’m not even gona talk about, ’cause it might make ya sick at your stomach if I laid out the details, but without ‘em we’d be in a world of hurt that’s for sure. Histamine, it wards off the “bad guys” on our skin and inside our nose.

A sneeze manages to be so strong by closing the vocal cords and building-up pressure inside the chest. This causes that weird feeling just before a sneeze when you know you are just about to, and usually end up with a really stupid expression on your face. It’s that sliding on ice part, I’s telling ya ‘bout. The air in your chest is under lots of pressure so when the vocal cords are opened, it rushes out really fast and just like how the air in a balloon gushes out if you let go of your mouth after blowing it up, this results in anything unwanted hopefully being shot out of your nose at high speed!

Some people think that if your eyes were to stay open during sneezing, you’d blow your eyes right out of your head. Good thing that we can’t sneeze with our eyes open, so we don’t have to test that theory. Can you imagine they’d be eye balls all over the place. Shew…….

It’s interesting to note the similarity of our bodies and the building we live in when it comes to air handling. All buildings, be it personal homes or commercial buildings, have an air handling system constructed into the building itself. This system consist of a method to move the air from one place to another place, to heat or cool as needed based on the outside weather conditions. To even filter the air from undesirable contents, be they partials or aroma.

Our bodies are much the same in concept, a method to move the air from one place to another, both in and out (breathing). A heating system or cooling system based on need. The reason for the size and shape of our nose is to aid in heating or cooling the outside air. Do ya know that our nose even has the ability to make adjustments to the humidity of the air going into our lungs? The reason why people in different parts of the world have different shape noses has to do with cooling of the air before it get to the lungs. Now that’s kinda cool. Pun intended.

When it comes to the filtering part of our built in system we tend to be on the weak side. We don’t filter air too well. That’s the one side where mechanical equipment has surpassed the human body. We just don’t filter the air good. The mechanical air filtration systems can even remove bad smells. Bad smells, well our noses just suck ‘em up.

And so we sneeze. We’ve got different things that assist us in our inability to filter out bad stuff in the air we take in, sneezing is just one. Another is when out body creates a substance to encapsulate any foreign matter that gets in our internal duct work. It’s our body’s efforts to filter, but we just call it a “snotty nose”. Then we blow it out, and the assistance to filtration has been obtained. The nose knows when it’s a time to have a snotty nose.

Seems I read somewheres that one in four people have some degree of mental instability. Got to thinking ‘bout that the other day and came up with, what I think, is a way for you to determine who that one in four really is. All ya gotta do is think of three friends, now if they all seem completely normal to ya, well, BINGO! Guess what? You’re the one! Once I figured out that formula, I’ve always kept at least one crazy friend, sometimes two, just for backup. But I’m not talking ‘bout you.

Did ya notice summer fell into autumn? Friday, September 23rd @ 6:05 AM, the official start of fall. Now before ya know it, enormous green monster machines rolling across the landscape, ingesting fields of corn and soybeans, with an endless appetite for the harvest of fall. Green Grain Eaters of Summer Production, John Deere’s. Colored leaves, brown grass, frost on pumpkins, Halloween, Trick or Treat, and fall’s in full swing. I love the fall, with my lighting bugs still in those little jars being held by the little boy and girl sitting out there by the flagpole. Looking out the south EastWing window, right before the lawn turns into asphalt, out there by the mailbox along the road.

Stay safe in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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