Sophia Can’t Wait, Me & Ed, The Cat God & Catholics, Lighting Bugs & Sister Kay, Hummingbirds Always Coming Home

Greetings to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

When it was announced last week that Congressman Paul Ryan would be the Vice President on the Republican Ticket, Sophia, The Calico Conservative Republican Cat, immediately went into campaign mode. Within a matter of hours she’d arranged a political parade consisting of herself, along with Spike the Man Cat, Mr. Bentley, The Gray Lady James, and all the cats from Kitty City.

They all marched thru the EastWing to the music of John Phillips Susa’s “Stars and Stripes Forever” Blaring from Sophia’s MP3’s aux. speakers. Du-du-du-ta-du-du-ta-du, as the band march by. And all the while the cat’s holding high her autographed picture of Herbert Hoover. What amazes me about Sophia’s parade, they’re all democrats ‘cept for her, yet they marched. I think she must’ve offered ‘em something for nothing, else why would they march for nothing? They always line up when it’s something for nothing. Democrats, ya just gotta wonder.

Floats, I’m telling ya, Sophia even had floats in her parade. I don’t have a clue how the cat was able to get floats for her Republican Parade in such short order. Maybe they just keep floats around somewhere , just in case a quick parade is needed, ya never know about republicans. And in Sophia’s case, it was needed. She had floats for her parade.

Sophia’s big on the Labor Day Holiday. Especially every two years, Labor Day. ‘Cause then it’s election time, and Lord knows the cat big on campaigning. She even started early this year. Now Sophia doesn’t take her position as the Official Spokes Cat for The American Society of Conservative Calico Cats lightly. In fact, it’s one of her most cherished honors. That, and having the private cell phone number for Sarah Palin.

Why, just the other day, while using my fax machine here at the EastWing, (Sophia is out of toner on her own fax machine in the cat house) Sophia told me how humbled she felt to even have been afforded the opportunity to speak on behalf of all those untold thousands of generations of physically abused cats who had been plucked up from their African family roots, there in that land of Egypt, and brought to these shores. Then forced into “domestic house cat servitude” A blight on humankind. A disgrace to this otherwise great nation, according to Sophia. Who now says she’s exploring the prospect of recompense as a manner of lessening such pain and suffering from the past. Recompense?

Now ya gotta keep in mind, in ancient Egypt, cats were worshiped as Gods. Sophia’s not forgotten that fact. It shows in her demeanor. And so, not only does Sophia walk with the swagger from the south side of Chicago, born into the alley cats in the land of LeRoy Brown, she also prowls from the jungle, the mighty jungle, as the lion walks the night. Sophia, an alley cat, and a direct descendent of the Egyptian Cat God. I can only surmise what she’ll unleash on her opponents after the election campaigning really gets underway, come Labor Day. I, for one, would not want to be on the wrong side of her rope, but we’ll see, come September.

Did ya like the Olympics? I’m not the biggest sports fan ever. I’ve just never been too blessed with an over abundance of athletic skills in my life, but I always watch the Olympics. I’ve always watched the Olympics on TV for as long as I can remember watching TV, and that goes back a ways. Do ya remember black and white, and Howdy Doody, and when TV screens were round? Yeah, it was, back in that day. But in defense of my limited athletic skills, I gotta say, I was damn good at marbles. I could shoot your eye out.

My bffl and brother-in-law, Ed, knew that I always liked to watch the Olympics, so in 1984 when the Summer Games were in Los Angeles, Ed sent me the 1984 Olympic Coin Set. Now if you’ve never seen this , it’s a three coin set. 1 oz gold, 1 oz silver, 1 oz bronze. Every Olympics since 1984, when the Summer Games come around, I display the set in the EastWing. Then back to the vault. Me and Ed, we just got along. We were so glad that we were almost brothers. Brother-In-Laws, well that was close enough for me and Ed, ‘cause we got along. And nobody else in the world knew it as much as me and Ed. We just loved the fact that we were family, ‘cause in our minds, we were brothers, and so we were, me and Ed. To this day, it’s hard to think of Ed and not cry.

When I wrote about how cats were revered as Gods in ancient Egypt and how Sophia had not forgotten the fact. Maybe I’d have been better off to not have brought that subject to the EastWing. Today I found the following stuck to the computer screen in the EastWing.

The Ten Catmandments of Egypt

1. I am the lord of thy house.

2. Thou shalt have no other pets before me.

3. Thou shalt not ever ignore me.

4. I shall ignore thou when I feel like it.

5. Thou shalt be grateful that I even give thou the time of day.

6. Remember thy food dish and keep it full

7. Thou shalt spend most of thy money on toys and gifts for me.

8. Thou shalt always have thy lap ready for me to curl up in.

9. Thou shalt shower me with love and attention upon demand.

10. Above all, thou shalt do anything it takes to keep me happy.

It took a while just to figure out how to respond to the Ten Catmandments of Egypt. Figured the first thing to do was to ask what did the list represent. That was when Sophia gave me that Conservative Calico Cat smile thing, and said “What part don’t you understand?”

I then realized Sophia had stuck this list up here for my benefit. She asked if I’d ever heard a feller by the name of Martin Luther, which I had. Said that she’d gotten the idea of posting on my computer screen from a little deal Martin Luther had with the Catholic Church a while back, and thought that posting on my computer screen would get my attention. After all, Martin Luther had gotten the attention of the Pope by his posting, thought hers would get mine.

Sophia, knowing that I’m Catholic, just figured that I’d put 2 & 2 together and know the symbolism. I didn’t have a clue about the connection to Martin Luther and his posting on the church door. I knew the facts, just never connected the dots. Either I’m a bad Catholic or the cat’s so far ahead of me it not funny. Either way, Damn Calico Republican Egyptian Cat God. I hate when that happens. But, Sophia, ya gotta love her, bitch ass Cat God.

The drought of 2012 has for sure put the damper on playing with lighting bugs in the summer night. There’s a few out there, but very few. I love lighting bugs, used to play with those little fellers from early June till late August. At night we’d squeeze off the light and stick it on our skin. Make buttons for shirts, we didn’t have on. Then chains around our wrists. Even headbands and belts. For the girls, earrings, bracelets and lockets. I used to decorate up my baby sister ‘cause she was afraid to squeeze ‘em, I squeezed ‘em for her, and made her bracelets, necklace and earrings. To this day, I miss my baby sister, given the chance, I’d squeeze ‘em again for her, and once again make my baby sister more bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

After the Blue Jay Massacre of the EastWing Humming Bird this early summer, all hope for Hummingbird watching this summer was lost. I was reluctant to take down the feeder, with its bright red nectar shining in the sun, almost saying, please somebody, anybody, come to my hummingbird table. I watched as the ultra violet rays of the sun slowly dissolved the red color from the nectar, turning it into a solution more akin to simply sugar and water.

With little pangs of disappointment, I decided to take down the feeder, clean it out, put it away for the year and hope somebody would come back to visit the EastWing come next springtime in the valley. That day, that very same very day, not 30 minutes after I’d made the decision to take down the feeder, while setting at the computer, I looked out the south window of the EastWing. There at the feeder, a new hummingbird!

I was so excited! Went right out here and got the feeder. Brought it inside, empted out the old solution of faded out nectar, washed everything and scrubbed it all good as new. Made a whole batch of new stuff. Rushed it all outside and hung it up for my new found little buddy.

By the time I got back to the EastWing and once again looked out the window, there were the new little lady and her fine little feller dining in the south EastWing Garden. Life always goes on. God intended it to work that way. And so it does.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, Sophia Can’t Wait, Me & Ed, The Cat God & Catholics, Lighting Bugs & Sister Kay, Hummingbirds Always Coming Home

I Wish You well,