Sophia & FaceBook, The Cat & The Cain, Quantum Physicists Friends & Quare, Icicle Lights & Dissecting Duct Tape

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

For years now people have been asking to see Sophia The Republican Cat. I’ve always been reluctant to include her picture from the EastWing for a simple reason. That being, not everybody in the world has that high speed internet connection like you do. Dial up internet connection is still the only choice in many parts of the world. Adding pictures from the EastWing would created long, long downloads. Too long for many friends. I’ve never included a photo of Sophia, or any other picture for that matter.

All that changed a few days ago. Sophia showed up on FaceBook. Yap, Sophia jumped to FaceBook. Just go there, do a search on BobbyRay Howard, and guess what, there’s Sophia, in living Calico.

I should’ve put a counter on Sophia’s picture. Wow! Seems more people like Sophia than like me, if ya go by the number of people who looked at and commented on Sophia’s picture. I’ve already had requests for more Sophia and less of me in her pictures. Oh well, she’s Calico and I’m not. Damn Republican Cat.

Sophia says she’s not yet ready to endorse any of the current republican candidates for president. Said she kinda thought about Herman Cain, but decided he’d spent too much time chasing cats, ‘cept Sophia didn’t call it “chasing cats” Sophia had another word for “cats”, a more descriptive word for cats, particular descriptive for female cats, a more familiar term for those who chase such things for personal pleasure, the Herman Cain’s of the world. She has such a way with words. That Sophia, the Republican Cat. Shewwww.

Did ya ever dream of another world, another place, another place other than this Earth? Well it just might be so. Yeah, I’m telling ya, such a place may exist in the universe. Using deep space telescopes and radio wave technology, scientist have identified a couple thousand worlds outside our own solar system that meet the criteria for supporting life as we know it.

Ya gotta think ‘bout that for a few minutes, life as we know it. What about life as we don’t know it. WOW! That’s deep, too deep for many to think about, but just as possible as life as we know it. I’ve got a bunch of friends that visit the EastWing who happen to be Quantum Physicists, and these fellers, and two ladies, think about this kinda stuff all the time. They seem to spend their days trying to prove that all we know about the universe is not all there is to know about the universe.

These fellers, and two ladies, want to talk about stuff way too little to even imagine for people like me and you. Quantum Physics is talking about really little stuff, the basic building blocks of the universe. And now we’re looking at the possibility of seeing planets outside our own universe that can sustain life. And these Quantum Physics Friends of mine, they tell me they can explain life outside our universe. The tell me that in less than one year there will be discoveries in Quantum Physics that will forever change the way we look at the universe. Wow! Quantum Physics Guys in the EastWing, they think I’m kinda cool, I think they’re kinda quare. But I sure do love to talk to ‘em about their little tinny stuff in their life’s work.

Now that’s a good hillbilly word for ya if there ever was one, “quare”, that’s stone cold hillbilly, quare. It is just forever hillbilly. Love that word, use it as often as I can, quare, a really neat word in the hillbilly dictionary. Quare, meaning strange or unusual, an event outside of the ordinary. Such as: “Wow! That was damn quare.” I love that word, quare.

Do ya like blue Icicle Lights? I just found out that they exist. Oh well, I’ve never said I’m on the cutting edge of Icicle Light Technology. I love the color blue. After the difficulty I had illuminating the EastWing with Christmas lighting this year, I find out that Blue Icicle Lights exist, and I don’t have ‘em. Oh woe is me.

In the EastWing I’ve only the South window facing road 800 South with the Icicle Lights, the white kind. I didn’t even know the blue kind existed until a few days ago. Well the very next time me and the She went to Wal-Mart, guess what? Oh sure, I got the blue icicle lights.

Now the EastWing is truly decked with icicle lights. The north and south windows have the white icicle lights and the east windows of the EastWing have the pretty blue icicle lights. I’ve put timer controls on ‘em all, and now can’t hardly wait till 5:00 O’clock in the afternoon to have the Christmas Lights come on in the EastWing. It’s like party time every day. I love icicle lights!

A while back I told ya about me becoming an electrician and cutting two sets of icicle lights apart and attaching only those that would work, and how they all then worked so I taped ‘em up with duct tape and put ‘em up outside the west front door.

They worked great till the rains came by. It seems that the rubber tape used by real electricians serves a dual purpose. One it to ensure that the two wires carrying the electricity do not touch. The second is to assure that water does not get into the two wires that don’t suppose to touch. Water conducts electricity, and so if water gets into the two wires that don’t suppose to touch, in the presence of water, they touch. UhOh.

Duct Tape works quite well for purpose number one. Not worth a damn for purpose number two. It turns out that Duct Tape is composed of fabric and glue. Both of which will allow water to pass through.

During the first rain after my electrical engineering of a one of its kind string of icicle lights, I came home to see my handy work in the dark. Thinking I may need to adjust the tension on the connections due to temperature changes, I removed the light string underneath the rain gutters of the front porch.

With skills akin to a surgeon, I started the dissection of the Duct Tape Connection. It was during this dissecting process, I realized that with all the training I’d received in the dissection of human antimony, not a single minute had ever been spent on training me in the dissection technique of a Duct Tape Electrical Connection.

A cold chill ran down my spine, as I realized I was way, way over my head on this one. And the man who’d taught me the skills of dissection, was no longer available to guide my hand and stand by my side as I demonstrated what I’d learned from the master. I’ve never missed my dear friend, Dr. Tom DeGraffenried more than that very moment. But looking back on the , minute, I’m not sure if DeGraff had, in fact, been trained in the technique of Duct Tape Connection dissection any more than I had. It was just one of those things we never talked about, me and DeGraff…..

Remembering well the lessons I’d been taught from times gone by, I returned to the very first basic step in the process. That is a detail visual observation of the subject. Upon doing that close detail observation, a most amazing thing was apparent , every single light bulb on my homemade string of icicle lights, were burned out. They all were black inside, as if they all blew at the same instance. There had been massive explosions contained inside little glass tubes a mere inch or so long. Temperatures inside these glass tubes high enough to melt steel. It got really hot inside the glass, really quick.

One of the neat things about RHCO Inc. is that I have access to a broad range of knowledge from my clients. And so I called an electrician, a real electrician, a client of mine, a friend of mine, and told him how I’d made the one of a kind icicle lights string and the Duct Tape and all.

After he got done laughing, he said I’d have been ok if I’d only used electrical tape. That tape when properly applied keeps the water out. Even under water, it keeps the water from getting to the two wires twisted together. Now this feller also said “Don’t feel bad, ‘cause I’ve seen lots of people who’s tried to use Duct Tape just the very same way as you did, and they got the very same results as you did.” And then he laughed at me some more.

When this electrician comes to get his taxes filed in February, I’m gona say “I can do taxes and you can’t, nana, nana, nana, nana”. Then I’m gona laugh at him, then we’ll again laugh together.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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I wish you well,