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Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

As we’re rapidly diving into the election campaign season to select the President of the United States, Sophia, the Calico Conservative Republican Cat is cranking up her forces to join the fray. With her side having pretty much determined who’ll face President Obama come November, Sophia’s now heavily involved in plotting a strategy for success according to her point of view.

Besides Sophia’s little set of dirty tricks, like making sure nobody ever forgets that the President likes to eat dogs, and has maybe, just maybe, eaten much worse than dogs, things that he’s just not yet admitted to eating, but he will if Sophia gets her way. Sophia even went as far as telling Mr. Bentley that the president said Pit Bulls are delicious. Now every time Bentley sees a black man, he runs and hides, while Sophia laughs.

It appears Sophia’s taking a call right out of the democrat, President Lyndon B. Johnson’s, playbook of dirty tricks. President Johnson was notorious for dirty politics, in fact, given the weak candidates this year, both the current president, as well as the assumed opposition, President Johnson would probably be able to dispose of both of ‘em on the same day, before breakfast and not even break a sweat. In fact, Johnson is credited with coining the phrase “no sweat”.

President Johnson is famous for telling his political henchmen that “You don’t have to accuse our opponent of F#@$&ing sheep, you simply have to get ‘em to deny it in public.” It turns out that it’s all in how you phrase the question. President Johnson was the acknowledged master of constructing the question. Not everybody knows it, but President Johnson was a former school teacher. I guess school teachers are just tougher in Texas.

Sophia said that she’s abandoning the farm animal approach for a much more sophisticated technique of mind games. Now remember Sophia has in her room, setting on her nightstand, an autographed picture of Herbert Hoover. It was in the presence of “The Hoover” when Sophia came up with the inspiration for attacking her opposition. And how better than the use of language?

Over the years much has been said about Herbert Hoover and his inapt handling of things when he was President of the United States. In fact, President Hoover receives undue criticism for world events beyond his control. President Hoover had an unusual insight into the real world of both life and politics, with an example such as “Economic depression cannot be cured by legislative action or executive pronouncement. Economic wounds must be healed by the action of the cells of the economic body – the producers and consumers themselves.”

It sure sounded like President Hoover didn’t think an economic bailout plan would work. Can’t help but wonder, do ya think it worked? Did it work for you?. That hope and change thing sure did change things. But I’m not too sure about the hope part, but the change…. Shewwww.

Late yesterday afternoon, Sophia asked me could I give her a definition for the word democracy. I thought I could, and so stated “ it’s the free and equal right of every person to participate in a system of government, regularly practiced by electing representatives of the people by the majority of those same people”.

When she asked me to define the word democracy I even remembered the words of President Jimmy Carter when he spoke to the Parliament of India, and said “Democracy is like the experience of life itself – always changing, infinite in its variety, sometimes turbulent and all the more valuable for having been tested for adversity.” I even surprised myself by remembering President Carter’s words, as he had such few things from his presidency worth remembering. But the democracy thing I just remembered that from Jimmy Carter and so I shared it too with Sophia.

She was not impressed. But with that Sophia smile, ya just gotta love it, as she looked at me and said “Jimmy who? Oh, was that the peanut guy?” Uhhh! Sometimes ya just want to say “Damn Republican Cat”, before it’s time to say it.

Sophia then asked if I could define the word “ Ineptocracy” I told her, define it , why, I’ve not ever heard of such a word. The cat said, “I’m glad you asked. Let me tell you about an important point in the upcoming election campaign. It’s Ineptocracy, pronounced as (in-ep-toc’-Ra-cy), it’s a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed in anything, ever, they’re rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.”

The politically savvy Sophia appears to have created a new word to turn loose on her democrat nemesis. It seemed to me that Sophia had returned to the President Johnson technique. Now when I read the definition for Sophia’s new word, that Ineptocracy thing, well, no matter how many times I read it, it still sounds like sheep to me, it even smells like sheep. Ya don’t have to accuse ‘em of it, just get ‘em to deny it in public. The original political tactics of a Democrat President from Texas, LBJ. Damn Republican Cat.

“Time and Tide Waits For No Man” When you’re 18 years old, ya never think of time or tide. Ya do later on. Now I’m in the process of planning a 50th year class reunion at Grand Central Station on Memorial Day Weekend. Yeah, 50 years out of high school.

One of the fun things about telling stories from the EastWing is the fact that several of my classmates from high school visit the EastWing on a regular basis. “Course ya never know how many have put me into their junk mail category. Oh well, things like that happen in life. Guess I’ve been called worse than junk mail from time to time.

And I always thought that stuff was for old people. Well, it turns out it’s not for old people at all, those 50th year reunion parties. They’re for the ones in life who have a mind set of “I’m still 18 in my mind, when I want to be”. So I’m telling the class of 1962 right up, if you went to high school with me and now consider yourself “ too old to party”, then you may not enjoy this 50th year class reunion as much as some.

On the other hand, it you want to go to a two day party, including both a pizza party within the party as well as a sock hop within the party, a sock hop that’s only playing music from 1958 – 1962, and even a breakfast thrown in there somewhere , all the while visiting with friends for life, we’ll all have a fun time at this class reunion that’s for sure. So says the Barbara, ‘cause I’m just the boy, the worker bee, the Barbara does the party.

Stay safe in Afghanistan

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