Speak the Words True, Pimps Pushing Racism & Protests At RHCO INC, Nome Alaska With Chickens & Pigs, A Birthday For Sister Sharolette, Me & The She & The Same Ole Love Song

Sorry for the late post, I was on the WKVI Door County Trip and a storm took out the Internet.  Len

Greetings to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

One of the many things learned from years of writing at the EastWing is that, words once committed to “send button”, are forever embedded somewhere in somebody’s mind. And do lay forever hidden on a long lost location in a computer hard drive somewhere around the world. It is with that thought in  mind that I make sure, make extra, extra sure when the words are sent to screen, they  are my final and forever lasting thoughts on whatever went from me to thee, that painted the picture you just received from the EastWing.

The above paragraph is made as a prelude to saying what I’m gona be say about two emails read back to back when reading the EastWing Email just last Friday.  One email threatened  of boycotts and demonstrations in front of  RHCO INC due to my racially prejudiced attacks against Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as well as others . Seems some folks think calling out those ole boys, those  Pimps Pushing Racism People  demands  retaliation against RHCO INC.

Those emails were answered, the ones proposing retaliation against RHCO INC. I pretty much told ‘em to go to hell. Actually, I did not tell ‘em to go to hell.  But I did  make a reference to where the sun doesn’t shine upon a particular part of their personal anatomy while I was in the process of suggesting an alternative site for their demonstrations and boycotts.

Then asked as to whereabouts are these Pimps Pushing Racism People  while teens and young people die in Chicago every week? Asked ‘em where the Pimps Pushing Racism People  and the Little Steve Wonder when three black teens shot and killed a baby boy setting in a stroller in Missouri a short while back? A murder that failed to even make the national news until just now. Too bad the little dead baby was not a White Hispanic, then maybe we’d have heard something on the news when it happened and not months later.

Then asked where the hell was Al Sharpton when 12 young black men die over the 4th of July Weekend in Chicago and it’s all black on black? Where were these PPR People when 11 kids are shot and 3 die the weekend of August 3-4, 2013 in the killing fields of Chicago? Because those numbers were so low, the Chicago Police considered it a  calm weekend in the Chicago Killing Fields.  And you’re gona protest  at RHCO INC  in North Judson IN.  YEAH RIGHT! In the immortal words of Sheriff Buford T. Justice of  Smokey & The Bandits, “Dumb Sum Bitch”.

I invited ‘em to town. In fact, part of my email response was taken directly from their own emails copied and pasted into my response. As I told ‘em to bring it on “Mother@*&^$%# !”  The part in quotes, that was the copy and paste part, cleaned up a bit of course.  In my responding email, I included my street address, ‘cause I’d sure not want those folks to get lost in Downtown North Judson. After all, we do have a bad side of the tracks. Uh Oh, I forgot, we no longer have tracks.

The second email that relates to the first paragraph above, brought a smile and also brought back fond memories of times gone by. A girl in Nome Alaska, of all places, and I didn’t even know I have friends in cold places.

 Said she ran across this when cleaning out her computer and remembered how much she laughed and wanted to share her new found laughter with the EastWing Friends once again on the old stuff. And so her email contained a short part of an evening at the EastWing written in August 2008. After reading, I did remember. So once again I share with you: FROM  THE EASTWING,  AUGUST  2008

Did you ever have someone say something so dumb that you thought it was a joke and then realize they were sincere in their spoken words?

Well Friday Evening that happened to me. We were serving the Country Buffet at Grand Central Station and I’m lifting the lids on the buffet line, it’s about 7 o’clock or so, the live entertainment for the night, Jim Chessor is playing his pretty music in the background, we have a nice crowd at Grand Central for dinner, I lift a buffet lid for a little lady who looks at the Hickory Smoked BBQ Chicken and says “What sex is this chicken?”

Now I’m  like you, thinking she’s making a joke, but then I look into the face, the eyes,  the mind, and the very inner  sanctum, of idiocy. 

Not being sure how to respond, I say “It’s hard to tell when they come cut up in little pieces and frozen”  She Says “oh, they don’t tell ya when ya buy um.” Me “no they don’t”. She “Can’t  ya ask um” Me “Why would I?”  She “cause boy chickens are tougher than girl chickens”. Me “I thought there was a different way to tell”.  She “there is but I can’t show you cause all yours are cut up and frozen when you get um”. “It’s easier to show you  when they’re alive”.

 Wow ! Ya just can’ fix stupid.   Boy, am I ever glad she didn’t ask about the ham!

And so that little reminisce of things once said comes from a friend in the cold country in this middle of summer 2013. Thank you Nome, Alaska. You made us all smile. You were right, it was as much fun to read this time around as it was to write some five years ago.

To this day, I’m still glad she didn’t ask about the ham! I was never able to come up with an acceptable response should the question of boy pig / girl pig have been brought to that conversation. Although, unlike boy chicken / girl chicken, boy pig / girl pig does have a distinct difference in taste of final product.  Without trying to gross ya out here, it has to do with male hormones of the adult boy pig. That’s why boy pigs produced for the consumer market are neutered  prior to such hormone production starting up in the little boy pig. But boy chickens, Shewwwww. I don’t think so.

The EastWing Email is a never ending source of both love and hate. The one thing I can say of the EastWing Email, it’s never  blah. And it’ll be different tomorrow.

Do you make it a special occasion to celebrate family birthdays? I do. Especially my Sister Sharolette. So it was that on the 2nd day of August Sharolette had a birthday. Now I’m not gona say how old Sharolette was on her birthday. Suffice it to say Sharolette is older than me. Anyways, I took my old sister to Ponderosa  for her birthday  dinner. We had a ball. Me and Sharolette and her husband Dexter, and of course the She. The She  always goes whenever  I go out. Going out without the She is like a day without sunshine.

Just remembered talking about email, I didn’t even tell ya about how much email I received that time  I said “Me and the She, just an old fashion love song, laying down in two part harmony”. The email was a lot, a real lot.  And so it is, to this very day, me and the She and the same ole love song.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From The EastWing, Speak the Words True, Pimps Pushing Racism  & Protests At RHCO INC, Nome Alaska With Chickens & Pigs, A Birthday For Sister Sharolette, Me & The She & The Same Ole Love Song

I Wish You Well,