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Greeting to all and welcome net friends to the EastWing.

Did ya ever stop and think of those special little things in life that only you and God know about?

Things you just never share, never talk about with anybody, just never even gave it a single thought other than the instance in which it occurs in your life. Yeah, those kinda little things, that’s what I’m talking ‘bout . The things that make our lives different from all the other creatures on Earth. The things we truly never stop and think about, just take ‘em and keep going on going with life. One of the things that sets us apart from Gods other creatures, is we can remember stuff like that.

One such thing occurred to me several nights ago. The first day of the new month was not yet three hours old when I woke up for the first time ever in October 2011. The air had turned cold, chill was in the room, the west bedroom window was open to the night wind.

As I sat on the side of the bed and my feet touched the floor, that really brought home the chill of the October Night. The bedroom floor is oak. In fact all floors in my house are either oak, maple, or ceramic. I’ve always loved wood floors, and have ‘em everywhere except the bathrooms and the kitchen. Those floors are black and white ceramic, and the WestWing is the Maple Gym Floor with the Blue Jay painted in the circle. They’re all chilly to bare, sleepy, toes sometimes late at night, especially in the fall and winter time of the year. But I so love wood floors. I have ‘em, lots.

It was after a quick snack in the kitchen and when I laid back down in my bed that it happened. As I laid down on my bed, and brought the blankets over me, the warmth of my little self made cocoon engulfed me as if I’d never left the comfort zone. The chill of the ceramic floor, the chill of the oak wood, the chill of the night, they all melted away, just melted away into the darkness. Blissful peace wrapped her arms around me in the warmth of my own bed, in my little safe and secure spot in the world, in my little self-made cocoon, inside the warm bed.

I think I said thank you Jesus for having a place to lay my head in such comfort. If not, I should have, for all too many people on this Earth don’t have such luxury in life as a safe, warm place to sleep. Free from harm, free from freer, free from hunger. If I didn’t, it’s never too late to say “Thank You Jesus”, and so I now say.

As of October 10, 2011 the last solders who visit the EastWing have left Iraq. It’s with a grateful heart that all those who visit the EastWing are out of harm’s way in Iraq. As some of you may remember quite some time ago, there was a time when the EastWing had no visitors stationed in Iraq.

It was with a touch of melancholy as I read the messages from the desert. Many soldiers expressed their opinion that the decision to leave Iraq was a major military mistake made by a commander in chief who “don’t have a clue what the hell’s going on”, and that Iran would move in and occupy Iraq within a matter of weeks if not days, and we’d just stand by and allow it to happen. We’ll see.

A 23 year old soldier from Texas said to me “BobbyRay, I’ve had two birthdays in the sand and would welcome three more if that’s what it takes to defend our freedom. Now they’ve pulled the rug out and said we won. Hell, we haven’t even tied, ‘cause they tied our hands on how to fight from the first day the new commander in chief too over, he changed the rules of engagement. Now we have to get approval from higher ups to wipe our a– . You can’t win if you can’t shoot, and we can’t shoot, just almost, we take incoming fire and then ask for more decisions if we can shoot back or not. It’s crazy. I’m glad I’m going home. This is no longer a war, it’s a joke. ”

Can’t help but wonder if lack of military experience by a President of the United States is beneficial or detrimental to doing the job of being President of the United States. Just can’t help but wonder ‘bout stuff like that. Can’t help but wonder if that “change we can believe in” and voted for is getting thin or what? Just can’t help but wonder ‘bout stuff like that. Did we get the change we voted for?

In any event, all of the soldiers I know in Iraq are now safe and sound back in the ole US of A. I’m glad, I’m just glad that those I know, not really know, but seem to know by their visits to the EastWing, every Sunday Evening and Wednesday Evenings, are safe from the dangers of war in the desert of Iraq. All the while we still hold in our prayers those still in harm’s way in Afghanistan.

Indian Summer. I love Indian Summer. This year I called it right on the nose. When we experienced a killing frost on the 2nd day of October, I just knew, I just knew that this was the start of Indian Summer, and gona last a while.

So sure of this start of Indian Summer, I posted it on FaceBook while the frost was still on the ground, even before I looked at the long range forecast of the weather. There are some things in life ya just go with the flow. A major frost on the 2nd day of October, go with the flow. Indian Summer always comes after a major frost, and so it did this year.

Had it not, I for sure would’ve looked dumb in the eyes of the beholder. But oh well, I’ve looked dumb in the eyes of the beholder before, so it’s no big deal. What I’m saying is I’ve been beheld by many and, I’m sure, found to be unworthy by some. That in itself is no reason to not be optimistic. Everyone’s heard the expression “when life deals you lemons, make lemonade”. That’s a bunch of carp. Make Lemon Pie. You got something to sink your teeth into. That’s what I’m talking ‘bout. Lemonade sucks compared to lemon Pie. And life goes on.

Sophia brought to my attention and interesting email she received from one of her many contacts in her radical world of politics. It dealt with the past 17 presidents and the percentage of their cabinet members who have work experience in the private sector. By private sector, its having jobs not supported by tax payer dollars. Sophia’s email called that it “working for a living”.

Of the last 17 presidents the average number of appointed cabinet positions which have come from the private sector has been 52%. In the Obama Administration, the appointed cabinet positions which have come from the private sector is 08.00%.

With partially no members of the current administration having any real business experience, it not suppressing that solutions to resolve the economic woes of the country have not been forth coming. These folks have never had to deal with solutions to problems, only develop regulations to control matters. With 92% of the top administrative people working their whole lives on some form of government payroll, they’ve never had to worry about where the money for their next paycheck was coming from. The money comes from me and you, and all the rest of the taxpayers, that have one of those jobs called “working for a living”.

I don’t even know where Sophia gets all this crap, but she swears by it. Damn Republican Cat.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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I wish you well,