Still Ocean Bait, Liberal Laws & George & Gracie, Boy/Girl Makes The News, Bill Clinton Honors The Confederate Flag, General Lee To Rainbow Pinto, Carter Mountain, Gone Gone With The Wind, Goodbye To The N-Word, Clean Language & Jail Time

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.


Guess I pretty well got told where to go as a result of telling people that when they enter the ocean they are no longer on the top of the food chain, rather they become bait. Oh well, some of the things that make me smile when reading the emails coming to the EastWing.


No matter what water lovers may think, I still believe when you get in the ocean, you’re bait. Now you don’t have to wiggle like a worm, but you’re bait just the same. Don’t believe me, just ask those ten sharks that took the bait on the east coast. And that all happened prior to July 4th. Like they said in “JAWS” stay out of the water.


Do ya ever get the impression that the world is going to pot? And not the kind being sold in Colorado,  the kind being pushed by those who want to make sure the basic religious principles of the founding fathers is removed from our society.


The liberal progressive people among us are having a hay day.  Gay marriage is now the law of the land, or so said the Supreme Court. But just because the Supreme Court in a 5 – 4  decision has redefined the term marriage to mean not only a man and a woman, but also Laverne and Shirley. For the purpose of compliance with the new federal definition, guess it also now includes Lenny and Squiggy.  George and Gracie surely must have turned over in their grave. Then George said “Say goodnight Gracie” and she said “Goodnight Gracie”.


As the world goes to hell in a hand basket, we concern ourselves with the things that do make a real impact on society and in fact, make the world a better place. Bruce Jenner going from boy to girl has garnered national attention for some time. Seems every time he/she opens his/her mouth the TV cameras are right there to bring us the very latest from the world of weirdo.  We hang on every curve created by some unknown Plastic Surgeon who has succumbed to the dark side of the practice of medicine, where money is more important than ethics.  And the oath is just some old Greek rambling on about something that does not fit the current landscape. Besides the Greeks have their own trouble to deal with.


Seems that we as a people forever shy away from anything that may tend to disrupt our fascination with simplicity and superficial garbage such as the boy/girl lives of Bruce Jenner. Then the sad events in the Charleston Church where 9 poor souls are gunned down in cold blood, and we attack a Confederate   Flag. I’m not sure I understand the rush to remove all traces of the confederate Flag.


It’s like everyone woke up all of a sudden and said “Oh my that flag  has to go right now”. Can’t help but wonder why nobody thought  such things a while back when Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas when he specified that one of the stars on the state flag of Arkansas represented the Confederate Flag and its importance to the  people of Arkansas. If you think I’m putting ya on with the Bill Clinton position, look it up. It’s there, and no doubt the man today wishes it was not.


So now I’m gona jump on the bank wagon of ban the Confederate Flag. In fact, lets ban everything even remotely associated with the Confederate Flag. The Dukes of Hazard surely must go. The General Lee with that flag on top, must never again be seen in public. Maybe the Dukes of Hazard could survive if the General Lee was turned into a Ford Pinto,, maybe a rainbow Ford Pinto. The Rainbow Pinto would not  offend anyone and most assuredly would bring those dastardly Dukes into compliance with current Federal Law.


That Stone Mountain Monument outside Atlanta GA, well that mountain has to go as well. Without the flag, Stone Mountain is just another pretty rock carving, so let’s change it to the Greatest president ever to come out of the south. Seems to me that Carter Mountain would be a hit with the locals. Or at least the local Carter family.


Another piece of Southern Trash that we must expunge from society, “GONE WITH THE WIND”. Way too much flag waving there. We’ve allowed that movie to linger way too long without taking proper steps to cleanse society of that rebel thing. It doesn’t matter if Clark Gable gave a damn or not, he too must be removed along with this racist piece of crap movie called GONE WITH THE WIND. I’m not sure if Clark Gable used the N-word or not, either way he’s out of here.


That reminds me, now that I’m all in on removing the Confederate Flag, it’s time for the ‘N-WORD’ to go away. To leave the English Language all together. There should be mandatory long prison  time for ever again uttering the word. A law of this nature would have two immediate effects. The first would be to clean up the spoken word. The second would take care of those civic minded citizens of both Ferguson MO as well as Baltimore MD who decided the proper way to address urban ghetto  blight was to burn it into prosperity.


It is my understanding that the Attorney General of Baltimore along with the Police Commissioner are heading up the committee to pursue  prosperity for that city.


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