Summer Heat, Sunshine Jobs, Wimps,, Me & The She & 20/20 At Wal-Mart

Greeting to all, and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

I knew it. I just knew it was gona happen, ‘cause it always does. Summertime comes along, then the world gets hot, and here come all the global warming nuts out of the woodworks. DUH! It’s summertime, give me a break already. What do ya expect in the summertime, 55° everyday and 40° at night. Shewwww.

There was a time, back in the day, when air conditioning didn’t exist. Ya used electric fans if ya had ‘em, and not everybody had ‘em. Some were big fans, 24” things that ya sat on the floor or sat in the windows, blowing in or out, depending on which side was the coolest. These things were used before people were too stupid to stick their fingers into fan blades, so the fan guards had much larger openings that today’s fan guards openings.

When it was too hot to go to sleep till midnight, well, then ya went to sleep at midnight. Ya didn’t think the world was gona end, ya just thought “damn, it’s a hot summer night.” And so it was, like a cat on a hot tin roof, a hot summer night. It was simply just the summer time. Nothing less, nothing more. Seems we’re all so ready to read doom and gloom into everything we see, touch, taste or hear, even into the summertime. Shewwww!

I’ve done manual labor in the summer heat for .50¢ an hour, made $4.00 a day, $20.00 a week and really glad to be making the big bucks. Considered myself to be among the rich elite in downtown Toto, making those kinda dollars and all. ‘Cause not everybody was lucky enough to get one of those .50¢ an hour jobs. After all, there were just so many “good” jobs available back then.

That good job I had back in the day, was when I started work at 7:00 AM, you crawled on my hands and knees in the black muck dirt and pulled weeds from between onion plants. Both weeds and onions being the same height, and looking close to identical. Then if you didn’t know the difference between weeds and onions, well the field boss told, and showed, you the difference once. If you continued to pull the onions and not the weeds, now the next time, he just sent you home. And no matter how far it was, you had two choices, one was to walk home by yourself, or wait for the truck to take you back at the end of the day. I never got fired, but sure felt sorry for those who did. I’m sure it was always a sad walk home, for those who chose the long walk in place of facing the ones riding in the truck home.

It seems today that Satellite TV News people are so pressed to find something, anything at all, to fill up the countless hours of air space, so they make hot weather sound like the beginning of the end of the world. Well it’s not. It’s just the summertime, so enjoy. Electrical service outage, and a lack of air conditioning, it’s a small price to pay for the privilege to live in God’s Green Acres, this US of A.

Way too many of us are wimps, me included. We just are, we’re wimps. We complain, and criticize, yet seldom do the complainers or criticizers amongst us , offer up solutions or at the very least, a different approach to the issue at hand. Many seem to think it’s easier to bitch than to fix. Maybe that bitching part is more fun. I’m not sure if it is or not, but there seems to be a whole lot of folks on that side of the rope. But ya gotta keep in mind, fixing’s fun too. Been there, done that. You’ve maybe heard that “the rope is always greener on the other side”, or something like that.

Now if you don’t believe me on this thing, just read the posts for a little while at most any public bulletin board on the internet. The vast majority of the posting are complaints and criticism. Seldom will you find even a hint of constructive criticism. It’s much more apt to be destructive criticism. I sometimes wonder if all of us know knows the difference. I’m sure you know ‘bout that daylight and dark stuff. Well, constructive and destructive criticism, it’s kinda like that. That being said, I hope it turned the light on.

A typical example of what I’m talking about is a public bulletin board hosted by the local radio station in my home county, Starke County Indiana. WKVI Radio in Knox IN has a website, wkvi. com there’s a public bulletin board at their website. The postings will make ya laugh or cry depending on how ya feel at any given time of the day. Such misdirected hostility toward society without seldom ever offering a single thread of alternative approach to a solution. Sad to say but this little bulletin board is all too typical of the mindset of many simple minded people in our midst.

From time to time, I’ll post something on that bulletin board just to stir the pot. An example being, after much criticism of the appointment of Governor Mitch Daniels as the President of Purdue University, I posted: “ I heard that after Mitch Daniels takes over at Purdue, all alumni will have to register as republican voters, else their degrees will be invalidated” Now I didn’t even go back to look at the reaction, but I’m sure the thunder rolled.

It could be so easy to conclude “just shut ‘em down”, those public bulletin boards, where folks seem only to criticize and never offer a better way. A place where it seems to me stupid reigns supreme. But maybe they don’t have the ability to offer a better way. Maybe they can only see one side of the coin and never know that the other side has a different point of view, a different story to tell. There’s always a different story to tell. That different story, that’s yet another reason that makes our society work as well as it does. There’s never a fear to tell the other side of the story. That other side of the story, it’ll make ya stop and think. Maybe not change your point of view, but for sure, make ya stop and think about the other side. If for nothing else just to think “How damn dumb can they get?”

It’s that different point of view that drives story tellers. It drives me. Oh, I almost forgot to tell ya, my stories are posted on that web site. They’re under the columnists heading at the home page of WKVI RADIO, It’s from the EastWing. It’s a home town thing. Ya gotta love home town things, and so I’m honored to be invited to post stories from the EastWing at WKVI.COM

A while back, me and the She needed new glasses. Then we got new glasses at Wal-Mart. I’ve not enjoyed seeing 20/20 for a long time. Needing new glasses is much like many things in life. The old glasses wear out a little bit at a time and as such, you adjust to ‘em not seeing as well. Then finally ya come to the conclusion that the world used to be seen better, and then ya go get new glasses at Wal-Mart.

Prior to the Wal-Mart glasses, we, me and the She, had gotten our glasses at Lens Crafters in the South Lake Mall for a long, long time. The last trip to the South Lake Mall turned out be an adventure into slap stick comedy. Only we were not on the funny side of the stick. A total of six trips before the glasses were what we ordered them to be. It just took a long while to get it right. I was starting to wonder if it would ever get resolved, and I’m still not sure if it did or I just gave up on trying. Then settled for what I had at that point.

Never the less, we went way, way too long before we ventured into the “I need new glasses to see better” world again. Then when we did, we decided to go to the Optometrist at the Valparaiso Wal-Mart, if for no other reason it was less miles to drive . This was the single best decision that me and the She had made in the last long while. It was a most enjoyable experience to say the least.

An appointment was made by phone. Both me and the She were in and out within 30 minutes. The selection of style was left up to the She. I don’t care what my glasses look like, after all, it’s the She that has to look at ‘em. The She chose hers then chose mine, then in less than a week we went to pick up our first new glasses in well over six years.

They were perfect in every respect. I could see the She, and the She could see me again, and we loved it, at least I loved seeing the She. The She didn’t’ say that she loved seeing me, but I hoped she did. We got that kind that turns into sun glasses when they need to do so, and I still don’t even know how they do that. Being able to see at 20/20 is like a new day in the sunshine. It just makes ya feel good to be alive. I’m telling ya, if ya need glasses in my part of the world, go to Wal-Mart at Valparaiso, IN ya won’t be disappointed. And they’re not even paying me to tell ya that. Maybe I should ask ‘em to.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, Summer Heat, Sunshine Jobs, Wimps,, Me & The She & 20/20 At Wal-Mart

I wish you well,