Talking About The Email, Thanksgiving Dinners, The Lords Been Good to This Family of Howard, Spoiling Babies From Utah

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

How’s that “slow time” working out for ya? It seems you can always get used to the spring time change of the clock much faster than the autumn time change of the same clock. Guess it’s just more fun to go thru life faster than slower. Till ya reach a certain age, and then all you wish for is to have time slow down. Doesn’t matter how much you may wish, it doesn’t slow down. It still goes one second at a time. Even in slow time, one second at a time. Tick Tock.

Guess it’s about time I responded to some of the email, else I’ll be accused of going back on my word of answering all my emails whenever folks find what I have to say stimulating enough to conger up a reply. And so I’m stating both questions and answers.

How much did you get paid to write that crappy thing about the Democrat Convention? The amount I was paid is none of your business. When you tell me how much you make an hour for whatever you do for a living, then I’ll tell ya what I was paid to write that story. Until such time, FORGET ABOUT IT!! But I’ll give ya a hint, it was more than five bucks, but less than ten thousand, Damnit, wish it had been the big bucks. Interesting thing about that story, I made both democrats and republicans equally mad over the same story. So that tells me the story was just right.

I even had some of the democrats ask to be removed from the mailing because of that story. I did remove. I even had some new republicans ask to be added to the mailing because of that story. I did add. Life go on. No matter who goes to heaven or who goes to hell, life goes on. And well it should. Best keep in mind, no matter how much you think you are so right on any matter, there’s always a different point of view. Here at the EastWing, we try to blend both those views just enough to make everybody mad. Years ago, I knew an old “Country Doctor” a feller by the name of Harold Halleck, who always said “No matter how thin the sheet of paper, there’s always the other side” Dr. Halleck, an old school friend of mine. Me and Harold went fishing together, often.

Thank you for retelling about the time you ran for the president of the school at Tip Top. Like most things in life, when ya do it, ya don’t have a clue how important it turns out to be. And so it is with the Tip Top Election Story. The response to that story has been almost overwhelming, and yep, that’s the way it happened up there on the side of the hill at the Tip Top Elementary School System. I’m glad you enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed telling, and retelling it. RC Colas & Moon Pies, precious memories. They do linger.

You haven’t said anything for a long time about the troops, do you still write the Wednesday Night story for the troops? Yes and yes, I’ve not said much about my contact with the troops in Afghanistan for some time. And Yes I still write the Wednesday Night story. Remember, a long time ago when I talked about the importance of keeping the two story lines separate, Sunday Night and Wednesday Night? Remember that?

There was a reason, the primary reason being my commitment to those brave soldiers, both men and women that visit the EastWing on Wednesday Night, that I’d protect their email addresses to the maximum extent of my ability. It’s kinda like we have an agreement, they protect my freedom, I protect them from stupid Americans who would send them the most damming of emails decrying their presence in Afghanistan. I’ve read some of those emails, and it makes me ashamed to think those writers are also afforded the comfort of their protection of freedom by the very people they subject to such vicious verbal abuse. Just think of all the bad cuss words you know and roll it into one e-mail. Yeah, it’s that bad, cause you know a lot of cuss words too. Were you a sailor? Ya can sure cuss like one.

From time to time, there’s something so special that it just has to cross the line between the two stories, between the two groups of people who visit the EastWing on separate nights. When it happens, then I talk about it, come Sunday Evening. But when the soldiers visit the EastWing on Wednesday Evening, it’s a different generation, a different world, a different culture, a different view on life. A different language.

With the troops on Wednesday Evening, there’s a different set of accepted words in the written and spoken words. Verbs, nouns, adverbs, and adjectives take on a complete different prospective. Only those who communicate with the youth of our society on a most personal and non-judgmental level can appreciate what I’m saying here, but should I spell it out, Shewwww, you’d blush twenty shades of red, or maybe twenty shades of gray. Either way, you’d blush a lot, that’s for sure.

Now I’m not gona into great detail here as to how I communicate with the Wednesday Night visitors to the EastWing, but just a hint to give ya an example of what I’m talkin’ ‘bout. The big “F” word in that society is used as a verb, noun, adverb, and adjective. It’s kinda like a word for all seasons. Colorful language, offensive to many, acceptable to many of a different generation than I.

For the present, I’ve learned to tolerate, not condone, simply tolerate. I cannot help but hope it’s not the acceptable language of the future. Yet do expect it may very well be. Only time will determine that issue. But at the same time, I somehow feel kinda honored to have a 23 year old in Afghanistan tell me “BobbyRay you’re pretty F*&^%^& awesome ”.

It’s the same 23 year old that just so happens to be an Army Sniper, who once laid motionless for 10 hours, looking into his rifle scope. Waiting for a target to walk into his field of view. It happened. His index finger moved and as they say in the Sniper Business “The target was covered”. 1,200 yards is 3,600 feet, and at that distance a target was covered.

The sniper didn’t tell me that story. Snipers never tell the story, they simply mover their index finger and cover a target. His spotter told me the story. The spotter was proud, damn proud, to have been a part of a team that “covered the target” at 3,600 feet. Got ya, bad guy.

A different language, a different generation of people that speak such language, yet Americans all. Before you condemn, how many times have you been told that you’re pretty F*&^%^& awesome by a 23 year old in Afghanistan that shoots a rifle really, really straight?

Are you gona talk about Sophia after the election? Is the Pope Polish? Of course I’m gona talk about Sophia The Calico Conservative Republican Cat. Sophia is as much of the EastWing as is The Cat In The Hat to Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss wrote “The Cat In The Hat”, and so BobbyRay writes of “Sophia The Calico Conservative Republican Cat”. Sophia will always be a part of the EastWing. Actually, Sophia is , in the eyes of many visitors to the EastWing, the real star of the EastWing. They tolerate me, they love Sophia.

Sophia The Conservative Calico Cat started out as a sidebar story line and ended up the star of the Sunday Evening EastWing. I don’t know why, other than she just did. What the hell, she gets more email than I do, two to one and sometimes three or four to one. The cat, people just seem to love the rave of Sophia. I’m forever amazed at how fast Sophia can raise the ire of democrats. Too bad Sophia is Calico and not Black & White, else we could play the race card right back on ‘em too. Damn Republican Cat.

How is Sophia taking the election loss by her party? Like a cat on a hot tin roof. Sophia told me, “the time will come when you all will know that you voted the wrong way. When that time comes, I won’t have to tell you, you’ll know, the whole damn world will know. Then you’ll look like a bunch of idiots for voting the way you did.” Tuff words from Sophia as her hair still stands on end. The cat’s really pissed off right now, so I don’t mess with her too much. Yeah, I’m very aware Sophia carries knives, switchblades, and is not afraid to use ‘em in a heartbeat.

With your Masters Degree in Hospital Administration, why do you still sound like an dumb hillbilly when you write from the EastWing? I don’t think you should ever write below your level of education. Doing that should be an embarrassment to both you and your family. Guess it was the primary education at the Tip Top Elementary School and not the Ohio State University on the top end that made the most impression. And, oh, by the way, have I ever put words on your screen that you didn’t understand? If so, maybe, just maybe, you should consider studying a second language. May I suggest “Hillbilly” as that second language?

Are you still going to have the annual Thanksgiving Dinner again at Grand Central Station in North Judson this year? It’s Thanksgiving come next Thursday, and so once again the family of Howard will present our Annual Thanksgiving Dinner at Grand Central Station. When we started that project, that Grand Central thing, back in 2004, we as a family, decided as long a God allowed us to hold the property, we’d make available on Thanksgiving Day, a free meal to anyone and everyone who just wanted to have a meal, be thankful for what they have in life and not want to be alone on this special day.

Thanksgiving Day, such a special day. The only thing that’s not free on Thanksgiving Day is booze. Yep, I got a liquor license to sell alcohol in Indiana any time I wand, but if ya want a shot & a beer on Thanksgiving Day ya gotta pay for it. Coffee, tea and lemonade, that’s on me.

Come Thanksgiving Day, I hope to see three hundred or so for dinner. So yes, yes and yes we’ll once again offer a free Thanksgiving Dinner. The Lords been good to this family of Howard. And we’re so pleased to once again offer thanksgiving for such blessings.

Here’s just one little example of the many special blessings we’ve had this year alone. One of our nephews, who moved from Indiana to Utah a few years ago to start a new life, has now found a really good paying job here in northern Indiana and has returned home. He’s returning home with a whole new family for us to love. His wife and new baby boy will be at Grand Central Station for the Thanksgiving Dinner. The Lords been good to my family of Howard, and this we all can see.

Now when all those new babies from Utah get moved to Indiana, well, me and the She, we expect to spoil ‘em all. We can hardly wait to get started, me and the She, just spoiling them babies, left & right, all over the place. The fun times of life is spoiling babies. Especially other peoples babies. I’m tellin’ ya, I’m gona be really good at it, and so is the She.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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I wish you well,