The Benefit, Me & Adam Back In The Day, Honey Bees & Bumblebees, Mowing Grass @ $4.00 A Gallon

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Here at the EastWing, this Easter Day, everything that’s supposed to have blooms, have blooms. Never can I remember such a more beautiful springtime blooming season than this year. Red Bud Trees, Lilacs both purple and white, Crab Apple Trees, Peach, Pears, and the list goes on. Even inside the EastWing spring’s busting out all over. A Christmas Cactus with 26 buds, getting ready to pop, and that’s only one plant, I’ve got two. Such a beautiful Easter Day with all the world in bloom, our special gift from God.

Few things are more gratifying than asking for help and being almost overwhelmed with a response to your request. And so it was with our efforts to assist in the rebuilding of Salyersville KY after the March 2nd Tornado disaster.

When the word went out with the March 18th letter from the EastWing asking for help, things started to happen. Money came from a cousin in Texas. A dear cousin I’ve not seen in years, yet she knew the pain, she just knew the pain of Magoffin County KY. She has a cousin who teaches in the Magoffin County School System. She just knew the pain. She joined the efforts from the EastWing.

Money came from nephews on the east coast, from cousins in Indiana, from friends in California, Alabama, and as far away as Asia and Debi. The reach of the EastWing is wide when the need is great. For everyone who donated in any way to the cause, God remembers stuff like that.

WKVI Radio responded to my plea for help from the March 18th letter from the EastWing by inviting me to go on air and talk about it. Well you know for sure I’m not gona turn down a live radio microphone to promote the cause. So me and Tom Burg, we talked about the need to help those who have suffered so much in Salyersville KY.

We talked about how so many in Starke County have roots in Magoffin County. We talked about how, in the very early days of WKVI Radio Ted Hayes and one of the original investors of WKVI Radio, Almo Smith, who was from Salyersville KY, went to Salyersville. And how Almo, if alive today would be leading the cause to assist the people of Magoffin County. To assist the people to rebuild Salyersville KY. Me and Tom, we talked about how a majority of the listeners of WKVI may very well have roots in those mountains of southeastern KY and as such can connect with our efforts to assist in the rebuilding efforts. We talked about our March 24th efforts to assist in the disaster that destroyed Salyersville.

Talking on the radio is easy and almost as much fun as talking on the keyboard. It’s one of those things that I could get used to talking on the radio real quick. It just like telling stories, without the keyboard.

If there’s one thing ya can say about the people of the south, it’s in times of trouble, we are family. We are one. We take care of each other when we need to, and when we don’t, we don’t. The time has now come to be family, and so we are at this point in time, a single family. Children of the mountains, we are one.

The day came, March 24, 2012. And like we said we’d do, Adam and Pat Craig, and me, well, we held the benefit at Grand Central Station for the disaster relief in Magoffin County KY.

And don’t ya just know, it worked. The house was full. The music was great. The food was stone cold hillbilly. Now when Rosie Insco makes soup beans and cornbread and ya don’t get any, well you’ve missed a lot that day. By the end of the show, those soup beans and cornbread were just precious memories.

With pledges for contributions still to be mailed in by check, by the end of the evening we had a grand total of $ 2,374.00 cash in hand and what appeared to be upwards of 2,000 lbs of durable supplies of all types. Adam worked out the details of the delivery to Salyersville.

Now even before we knew how much money we’d taken in, Adam said if I’d let him take the money, he was pretty sure that he could get almost all of it down there to Salyersville. I told Adam that I’d take care of the money but would let him deliver the toilet paper. Adam, being the true friend of mine that I’ve known since we were little boys, simply gave me that “Adam Craig” smile and said “OK, I can do that”. I don’t’ care who ya are, ya gotta love Adam Craig. I’ve know Adam for almost forever, and the one thing I can say is he’s not changed one bit in all that time. And that’s just one of the reasons I love ‘em to this day. Adam Craig, he’s just a friend of mine.

Seeing so many friends take the time to come out and support the cause is heartwarming. To see a dear friend from Magoffin County walk thru the front door at Grand Central Station, priceless. Thank you Bob Allen, you made my day. And thank you Jesus for smiling upon our meager efforts here in northern Indiana to help those who, but for the grace of God, there goes I.

As spring continues to burst out all over, nowhere is it more apparent than in the front gardens of the EastWing. Everybody knows about the two EastWing Maples in the front gardens. The maple on the east side is in full leaves. While the maple on the west side has yet to produce leaves. Little buds that say “I’m gona have leaves, but not yet”. And it’s the sane process in autumn, the maple on the east side hangs onto its leaves to the very last second, while the west maple sheds leaves with the very first hint of fall.

I just had an unexpected visitor to the EastWing, a bumblebee. I caught the little feller in a Kleenex , took him outside and wished him well, as he flew from my open hand. That little bumblebee I just turned loose can thank my Grandpa, Harlan Fugate, there on Southfork, for teaching me about honey bees and bumblebees when I was a little boy.

Grandpa Harlan was a bee keeper up there on Southfork, In Breathitt County KY and he always told me to never be afraid of the honey bees or the bumblebees. And if they get trapped inside the house, just catch ‘em easy and turn ‘em loose outside, and they’ll be ok. And so I do to this very day, pick ‘em up and turn ‘em loose. But not the case with the wasp or the hornet. Whenever I see ‘em, we go to war, damn little Sons Of Bees.

Grandpa Harlan used to say “BobbyRay there was never a honeybee that wanted to sting you, ‘cause they only want to get away.” I’ve remembered that always. And as such, I have no fear of honeybees or bumblebees. On more than one occasion, I’ve held a honeybee or bumble in my hand. Grandpa Harlan was right, they didn’t want to sting me, they just wanted to get away. They always seemed to tell me the same message, if ya let me go, then I’ll fly away, and so I’ve set ‘em free. They flew away. I’m not sure if anyone ever looked back over their shoulder or not.

The down side of an early spring is the growing of the green, green grass of home. Yep, not yet the middle of April and the grass is already too high and needs mowing. Now with lawn mower gas at $4.00+ per gallon, trimming the lawn becomes an investment in how much I want to impress the neighbors. Now do you really think that’s a major concern of mine, that impressing the neighbors part? Yep, ya got that one right.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, The Benefit, Me & Adam Back In The Day, Honey Bees & Bumblebees, Mowing Grass @ $4.00 A Gallon

I Wish You Well,