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Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

For all the emails thinking I’m happy about all the bad things happing to the Obama Administration in Washington DC. Think again, I’m not. I’m saddened for the United States. I’m saddened for you, I’m saddened for me, I’m saddened for all of us. I’m saddened for the whole world. I’m saddened to think that we the people, hated the former President so much that we would elect such an unqualified individual in his place. At least the “Change” part of the “Hope and Change” slogan worked, unfortunately to the dark side. And we the people allowed it to happen.

For those who reminded me that I’d written of how this President would govern “The Chicago Way” of politics, I’m sad to say I do remember saying that. Of matters such as these, there’s no pleasure in being right. No pleasure at all. In fact, there would have been more pleasure in being wrong, and being told I was wrong.

To think something the magnitude of the IRS targeting opposing political points of view could remain secret is indicative of “The Chicago Way”. To think the DOJ could forever keep secret going after a reporter’s phone  and email records is  “The Chicago Way”.  To tell a Federal Judge that you considered the reporter a possible traitor to his country is “The Chicago Way”. To have to go judge shopping, that is to say, two different Federal Judges turned down the request to obtain the records. That too is “The Chicago Way”. In Chicago there is always a judge who will go along, after all, that’s how ya get to be a judge with “The Chicago Way”.

To think the Secretary of State of the United States Government would say “At this late date, what difference does it make?” After 4 Americans have died from lack of an American response to a terrorist attack is also “The Chicago Way” of politics. To think the U.S. State Department would attempt to cover up Federal Employees involved in “child sex” and illegal prostitutes in foreign lands is also indicative of “The Chicago Way”.

To have a Secretary of State who knows nothing of any wrongdoing on the part of anybody for her whole life, reminds me of the original Mayor Daily, not the kid, the old man. The real Mayor of Chicago. The master of “The Chicago Way”.

Bill Clinton may very well have pegged the nail on the head when he said “Obama is the most unequalled person this nation has ever elected president.”  Now before you get too hot on my case here, I must say, I voted for Bill Clinton, twice, and would do so again if that was possible, so don’t give me anything about being a right wing homophobe or any BS like that, ‘cause we’re talking serious stuff here. I’m just saying that if you take all the letters of “Hope and Change” scramble ‘em all up, and rearrange ‘em they spell “The Chicago Way”.

Those who voted for President Obama were the ones overwhelmed by idea of “Hope and Change” without any detail. “Leaning Forward” was the same thing, without and detail. Only those influenced by  words without actions were influenced by leaning forward. And so it turns out that “Leaning Forward” is just another way of saying it’s “The Chicago Way”.

Did you notice I didn’t even say anything about the government collecting all of your cell phone and email records. Of course the President, a few days ago, said “No body’s listing to your phone calls”.  Don’t have to listen now ‘cause they’re recorded, so can listen in later. It’s kinda like recording those TV shows you like to watch and LISTEN to at a later date. I guess you could say, while your TV show airs, I’m not watching that show, or listening.

I’m of the belief that if you were comforted by the President’s assurance that no one was listening to you phone conversations, well, you must have also believed Bill Clinton when asked did he ever smoked marijuana, said “yes but I never inhaled”. Is there ever a reason to smoke marijuana other than to inhale? Billy Clinton, Shewwwww.

It was on June 8th the President said “ If people can’t trust not only the executive branch but also don’t trust Congress, and don’t trust federal judges, to make sure that we’re abiding by the Constitution with due process and rule of law, then we’re going to have some problems here.” I see a bad moon arising, I see trouble on the way.

Then the most recent round of crazy comes along last week from the Federal Government. The Obama Administration agrees that a 12 year old girl must be allowed to buy birth control drugs without parental consent. While at the same time a 26 year old adult must be allowed to remain on the parents health insurance policy. Can you follow that logic? When the President says “I want to make this perfectly clear” does he make that perfectly clear in your mind? Or am I missing a point there.

For all the diabetics who visit the EastWing, do you know that Walmart has a section of diabetic candy? Yeah, I’m telling ya, it good stuff. Both my son Johnny and I have enjoyed the Walmart diabetic candy for some time.

Speaking of diabetics, if your diabetic testing supplies are covered by Medicare, did you get a letter from Medicare talking about diabetic testing supplies. A letter that you didn’t understand very well? Well, I got that letter too. Went on line and concluded that those who used to supply such things to me could no longer do so. Then found out the local CVS was my supplier. Only thing was, they didn’t know they were supposed to be my supplier. Or so said the local CVS.

Two days after the local CVS folks told me to check back later in the month, I received a letter in the mail, the old fashion kinda mail, that kind that they put in the mailbox out there along 800 South, the box out there just south of the flag pole with the little boy and girl holding the lighting bugs in a jar, that kinda mail box, with the numbers and the name on both sides. So everybody knows your name, yeah that kinda mail box. It was informing me that the old company who supplied my diabetic supplies was now a part of a company called Advanta Medical, and they would most happy if I would choose them as my supplier of the much needed diabetic testing stuff.

Then, without my even asking, the freebees started rolling my way. A new testing meter requiring way mush less blood sample and speaking the test results in English or Spanish, my choice of language. All the while using 1/3 the sample as my current meter. A system using state of the art alternative site technology for sample collection, and even a free cookbook.  Give me a break here. It’s not like I’m fresh off the turnip truck when it comes to this diabetic stuff, or blood collecting for that matter.

 Been there tested that, so can’t be fooled with crap language like “state of the art alternative site technology for sample collection”. That’s Bull Shit for just sticking your body somewhere other than the end of your finger to get the blood out. Learned a long time ago, to get a blood sample from a live human body, ya gotta cut a little hole somewhere in that human body. Little hole, little blood, big hole, big blood. I’ve done both, and both work well.  The site really doesn’t matter nearly as much as the size of the whole in relationship to the amount of blood you’re looking for in relationship to the location of the device being used to collect such sample. I’m not gona even talk about things like needles and veins and arteries, ‘cause that’s a different kinda sample, oh yeah.    

This whole diabetic supply change kicks in on the start of the facial year for the Federal Government, July 1st and this change in the way diabetic supplies are covered by Medicare  is just a very small, small part of the whole Obama Care program kicking in. A couple weeks away and not everybody’s on the same page??? Keep in mind this is the same health care program which is to be administrated by the IRS. Oh happy days are here again. Remember that part up above about “Bad Moon Arising”? Hang on, it may be a bumpy ride.

Can’t help but wonder why does the Federal Government have  a facial year running from July 1 thru June 30, and not from January 1 and ending December 31, like all the rest of us. Is that just another way to confuse the masses on the numbers Back in the 1980’s, the IRS required most every business and individual  to switch from a fiscal year to the calendar year. Everybody that is except the Federal Government. There was an exception clause that you could apply for and still remain on your fiscal year.  But only on if you had a good business reason to remain on your facial year . Back in the day, RHCO INC. doing accounting for a Chevrolet Dealership in  North Judson. The reason to keep the fiscal year was to match the annual turn out of the new model of Chevrolet Automobile from the GM  factory.

 That request for the exception was denied by the IRS as not being a sound business reason. From that you can surmise I’ve been dealing with IRS BS for some time. Think I’ll process a few dozen 501(c)4 applications and name them things like NJ Tea Party or maybe Toto Tea Party, yeah, I like that one better, or maybe even TOTO TEA. Or maybe TOTO PATROIT TEA.    YEAH !That’s what I’m talking about.

A few nights ago, it was just shy of 10 PM when the alarm sounded indicating the EastWing security kill zone had been breached. The north deck of the EastWing was being occupied  by an Opossum seeking a meal of dried cat food in the danger zone.

Mr. Bentley was, as usual, on duty at that particular time. It was just a matter of opening the north EastWing Door and Mr. Bentley applying the appropriate modus operandi of “Pit Bull Control”. It was not a battle. It was not a war. It was not even an event. It was simply “Pit Bull Control” in motion.

The kill zone was once again secured before Mr. Bentley’s tail had even cleared the EastWing door on his way to the north deck. Mr. Bentley, just going outside to work.  Sometimes things happen fast in Homeland Security at the EastWing. Too bad the newest employees of Pit Bull Inc. were fast asleep when the alarm sounded. It would’ve been a great in-service training for the Killer Beagles, Sharolette and Barbara. Such pretty little girl dogs.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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I wish you well,