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What starts right after the 4th of July and runs to about the middle of August” Why it’s the Dog Days of Summer of course.


When I was a kid I would hear that it is the dog days of summer here in Indiana during times of persistently hot weather in the summer. I assumed that the term dog days meant that all outdoor dogs suffered from all the heat day after day. Life for an outdoor dog just can’t be fun on those 90° days of summer. So I’d always make sure my dog had lots of extra water every day.


Later in life as I started learning about the universe while looking at the stars with my Brother-In-Law Ed that learned the term had to do with stars and not dogs in the summertime. It’s a star, not a dog in dog days. A single star in the in the constellation Canis Major that is one of the brightest stars in the sky and is approximately 8.6 light-years distant from Earth. The Dog days is named after Sirius, the Dog Star.


The Dog days start when the Dog Star begins to line up with our Sun (lining up is called conjunction in stargazing talk). Ancient people thought that when the Dog Star aligned with the Sun that they combined their energy to make the weather even hotter. Of course those folks had no idea of the distance between the Sun, the Dog Star, and the Earth. Just to give an example of the extreme distance between these three things, it’s some 93 million miles from Earth to our Sun.


Light travels at 186,000 miles per second. It takes 9 minutes for the light from the Sun to reach Earth. Now if you do the math and calculate how far light would travel in one year and multiply that by 8.6 you’d get the distance light would have to travel from the Dog Star. So it’s pretty easy to see that the Dog Star is not going to add any heat to Earth in the Summer time  when it lines up with our Sun.


However, dog days expression stuck. In July and August the background stars, that’s the ones out there past our Sun, kinda behind the sun if you will,  includes the Dog Star Sirius. July and August of this year have been relative mild compared to past summers. So in the absence of any persistent heat waves not too many are complaining about the Dog Days of Summer 2015. And before we visit again the Dog Days of Summer 2015 will have retreated into the backroads of things that used to be, never again to return. But wait,,,, next year brings new dog days of summer then we’ll start all over again with hot days and climate change.


Now if you ask the folks who preach the weather doom and gloom, they’ll tell you the reason the Dog Days of Summer is not hotter this year is Climate Change. Of course if July and August had been extra hot, then their reason for the extra heat would be Climate Change.


Do you notice how we have allowed buzz words to be accepted into our language and never protest their arrival? Words that inflame, embarrass, and point fingers. Many such words and phrases  are designed for the single purpose of supporting a liberal, far left political point of view.


No matter what the weather, climate change  means we’re all doomed unless we make drastic changes in the way we live. Give me a break here. Nothing in true science can support that we humans can impact weather on a global basis. The more I read on this topic the more I’m convinced that  those who support climate change are those who make their living spreading the doom and gloom our future brought on by climate change.


In 2007 the spin doctor of climate change, Al Gore, predicted that the polar ice would melt by 2014. There was more ice in the polar ice cap in 2014 than there was in 2007. That fact did not get the same level of publicity as the 2007 prediction. The reason for the increase in the polar ice cap, could that be reverse climate change? The little ice age of the 70’s did not come about. The predicted global warming did not occur so, now let’s say climate change. Cause no matter what the weather, climate change will make the argument for our side.


War on Women. What where who when and how can never be answered by Hillary Clinton when she spouts her now old tired phrase, war on women. Guess she must have missed that war. After all, receiving $300,000 for a 45 minute speech about whatever topic the party paying the $300,000  wants her to talk about does not seem like she’s in the war on women. Maybe Hillary  considers herself the winner of the war on women.


You’re a racist. No matter how fact based the criticism, disagree with the position of the President of the United States, or any black activist, then you’re a racist. Even look at Al Sharpton, you’re a racist. Racist is a two way street. But mostly walked only by race baiters.


African-American, know who popularized that phrase? Jesse Jackson that’s who. Sure wish he would have popularized Appalachian-American, maybe I’d get more respect. If not respect maybe more social welfare coming my way. If not, maybe they’re racist.


Words that inflame, embarrass, and point fingers are now used almost exclusively by the liberal far left as a routine part of their efforts to convince us to support failed social policies, and failed liberal politicians.


Speaking of Jesse Jackson, anybody seen or heard of the Reverend lately? Seems that when the president took up with Br. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson was relegated to the JV Team, and we all know that no one pays attention to the JV Team unless you’re the President and it’s ISIS.


This morning’s Sunday Paper brought the third prediction of the death of the candidate Donald Trump and his efforts to become President of the United States.  Now I’m not saying yea or nay on Donald Trump, just saying it seems unusual to read where the same writer spells the death of the same candidate on three different occasions for three different reasons on three different days.


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