The Orchard & The Frost, An Orange Phoenix, Garbage Along The Way, Indiana & Local Authorities, Beseeching Appreciation Day Donations By County Employees.

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Remember awhile back I told you about raising my own orange grove and how the She, with all the good intentions in the world, killed ‘em with kindness and Miracle Grow, and how the “stone that was rejected by the builders had become the corner stone” of the orange grove. Well this is an update on the orange grove corner stone.

The single little orange tree was doing so well I decided to try my hand a apple production. Just saved the seeds of an apple that tasted really good, then done a search on how to grow apple trees. Followed the directions, and in what seemed like no time at all, I had six little apple trees looking up at me from the dirt. Pretty little fellers, them apple trees. I almost forgot to tell ya, I planted all those little apple seeds in the same pot as the orange tree.

When the apple trees reached a full six inches into the sky of the EastWing, I transplanted ‘em into individual pots. Each had for the first time in their young lives, their own little home. I was well on my way to an abundant supply of fresh apple pies, just have to wait a little while before the peeling begins.

Then along came the mild weather of February and early March. My little trees grew and grew as they stretched to the sunshine, they loved the sunshine of March as much as I did. It was as if my little trees were tiptoeing to reach the sunshine They were growing at such at rate I had to turn the pots each day to keep ‘em growing upright and not bending to reach for the sunshine. It was when the sunshine of March took the temperature into the 80’s that I decided to move my orchards to the great outdoors. After all it was just a one pot deal.

They laughed and they played, they swayed in the wind, their little leaves turning belly up to feel the warm sunshine, to signal the approach of the rain. Now all the while my majestic orange tree was standing head and shoulders, all eight inches of her, overlooking the Apple Orchard. And then it happened.

In my haste to usher in the onset of summer, I’d forgotten the fickle fate of an Indiana springtime. The cold came by. I had exposed the jewel of the orchard, the Orange Tree, to the elements of Mother Nature in a way she was not prepared to handle. The night time frost of northern Indiana. It was just not in her genomes to handle frost or freezing temperatures. Orange Trees just don’t do that sorta thing well. And my 8” high hope for the orange grove shivered and froze into the early April night as I slept safe and warm inside the EastWing.

Too late to save the leaves, I brought the orange tree back inside the EastWing, while leaving the baby apple trees to suck up to the spring time cold. Sure enough, the orange tree started to shed leaves like there was no tomorrow. I thought there was no hope for the baby orange tree. But much the same as life itself, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

When I was almost ready to admit that I’d killed my orange tree, the smallest speck of life seemed to appear on the top of an empty stem which used to hold an abundance of life sustaining leaves. I added water and prayer, then, as if the Gods of Orange Trees smiled upon me, within three days, I saw something, so small, so very, very small, but something. The orange tree was coming back to life. An Orange Phoenix emerged from a frozen stem inside the EastWing.

It’ll take a while to catch back up to where we were on that path to freedom of foreign orange juice, but we’ll get there now that the Orange Phoenix has emerged in the EastWing. Bear in mind that success is measured not by your failures in life, rather by the lessons learned from those failures along the way.

I learned a lesson from the exposure of the orange tree to the April Indiana weather. We’ll not walk that path again. The apple trees are just fine and will eventually find their final outside home in the dirt gardens of the EastWing. The Orange Phoenix is now destined to forever remain in the south window in the house of BobbyRay, the EastWing, the same place where she first started life. Pretty little Orange Phoenix Tree.

I don’t know if ya have to have a little boy Orange Tree and a little girl Orange Tree to get baby oranges or not. But we’ll cross that matter when the time comes, for right now I’m just content to look at the baby Orange Phoenix and marvel at the mystery of life itself and how things struggle to survive, even baby orange trees planted in the EastWing, from a seed from an orange from Florida. Life that should not have started in the EastWing in the first place, but once started, it never gave up. The gift of life. A gift only from God, an Orange Tree.

I may even plant some of those apple trees in the south gardens, just to watch them little fellers grow. I love growing trees from seeds. And I haven’t even told ya the story about that little maple tree I just started inside the pot with the Orange Phoenix. But that’s another story for another time. It’s one of those little helicopter things that ya see fly by in the springtime. Yeah, that kinda seed, I’ve got one winding up to take off.

Did ya ever want to just scream at what some people will do? The other day I came home from work, and right there just before I got to the drive way of the EastWing, right there along the south side of 800 South, the part I keep mowed and looking nice before ya get to my house, somebody had thrown out a big, big white plastic bag of garbage. It had broken open and spread 30′ foot mess along the road side on my newly mown grass .

Included in the garbage, along with the many dirty dippers and many other dirty personal female items. I’ll not go into detail, but if I was still in my Forensic Laboratory where I worked years ago, I had enough specimen to identify by DNA, at least one female along with one other person. Not only that crap was in the garbage, it also contained envelopes with the name and address of the owners of the garbage. I called ‘em up told ‘em I had their garbage and suggested they come to 800 South and clean up their mess.

I spoke to a woman on the phone and my suggestion was met with the big “F” word. Yeah, I’m telling ya the big “F” word right up, along with the “MF” word too. Did ya notice I didn’t say I spoke to a lady on the phone? There was no lady on the phone. When she even made reference to a mother during our conversation, I knew it was just not a lady on the phone. I’d reached that conclusion ever before she hung up on me.

After cleaning up the mess along the way, I decided to inquire into what laws were broken by the garbage along the roadside. After all, for many years I’d seen the signs on the state highways saying “$500 fine for littering” I figured it’d be at least $300.00 for littering along 800 South. And so I contacted the Indiana Department of Transportation, ‘cause it was their sign I remembered. Talk about a worthless piece of crap.

The state of Indiana referred me to the “local authorities”. When I asked which local authority I needed to contact, I was told the State of Indiana makes every effort to not be involved in local jurisdiction. Well, the level of help from the State of Indiana was so reassuring and it just made me glad to be called a Hoosier, by knowing the State of Indiana was on full duty and alert, while making every effort to make sure they’re not getting involved in local jurisdiction. Worthless piece of crap.

The “local authorities” told me that garbage along 800 S was a “low priority matter” and as such they had no interest in the name and address of the owner of the garbage along the way. It’s hard to tell who provided the most assistance in this matter, the State of Indiana of the “Local Authorities”.

After all was said and done, the response from the State of Indiana along with the response from the “local authorities”, I guess the response from the woman on the phone was acceptable considering it was up to the “local authorities” and they considered the dastardly deed of garbage dumping on 800 South a “low priority matter”.

Now you must keep in mind, the woman on the phone didn’t make the same reference to the “local authorities” mother in the same manner she referred to me as. Had she done so, maybe that would have changed her position of “low priority matter”. But I’ve never seen the “local authority’s” mother, so I don’t know if it would make a difference of not, maybe not. Ya just don’t know till ya see things.

I’m not too surprised at the response from the “local authorities”, after all, this is a county whereby county employees are actively soliciting donations from the business community in order to have an employee appreciation day party for EMS Employees.

I just can’t help but wonder should I go to the “local authorities” and ask for a donation so I can have a BobbyRay Appreciation Day? They asked me, so why not turn about being fair play. I wonder if the “local authorities” are even aware that their county employees are asking the community for donations to allow for employee appreciation day for EMS? Why not County Highway Employees Appreciation Day being next? After all, they’re the guys who plow the snow. And then the next group would be…….. And if we just kept that up, why, eventually we would even have an appreciation day for the “local authorities”.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, The Orchard & The Frost, An Orange Phoenix, Garbage Along The Way, Indiana & Local Authorities, Beseeching Appreciation Day Donations By County Employees.

I wish you well,