The World Turning Green, Dirty Words In Music=Dirty Music, Common Sense

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

There’re very few things more pleasant than watching the world turn green in the springtime, while the little sounds of the springtime night are beautiful music to my bionic ears. Now I’m not picking on any generation’s music, but those little springtime Peps, well, those little fellers make more music for my ears than a whole bus load of gangster rappers.

Maybe I’m just showing my age, but I could never “rap” my music tastes around that kinda crap. I tried, yes I did try, and could never connect with the sound. Then as technology brought me more hearing and better sounds, I realized “why them fellers are saying words that my Mama would slap my face to this day if I said that in public”. Dirty words=dirty music.

I never said cuss words in the company of my Mama, nor did I ever embrace the potty mouth language of the rap music culture. Am I too old, I don’t think so. I firmly believe the moral fabric of society is not determined, in part, by what one takes from, rather by what one contributes to.

It’s truly a stretch of one’s imagination to believe “music” that describes females in the most degrading, humiliating terms possible, using ghetto slang language, spoken overwhelmingly by those who are most dependent on some level of government for their very existence, that “music” does in fact contribute to society. Then so did Puff The Magic Dragon.

I’ll be proven right or wrong 100 years from now when those folks of the future remember the music of Elvis Presley, Mozart, the Beetles, Bing Crosby, or maybe, just maybe, they’ll remember the Snoop Dogg instead. That dirty talking Snoop Dogg.

I expect that many of those who visit the EastWing have never heard the music of Snoop Dogg. You may have heard the music and not understood or ever seen the written words. May I just suggest that you Google “Snoop Dogg” then take the time to read any, and I repeat any, of the lyrics of the Snoop Dogg music. I’ll bet that you will be shocked into silence to think such words are allowed on the public airways. I thought about printing the lyrics of one of Snoop Dogg raps. But decided this is a family show, so let those dirty words of rap music remain in the lowest bowels of hell, where they belong. Talk about ethnic profiling….WOW! We Hillbillies don’t talk that way. I’m telling ya, we just don’t say things like that, especially about girls.

Another sure sign of spring are those little moths dancing on the wing just outside the south window of the EastWing. By now I’m looking for the first sighting of the hummingbirds coming back to the EastWing, and every time those little moths flutter by, I think it’s the little humming birds back for the season. It’s still too early, but I’m already looking for ‘em. I’m ready to serve ‘em dinner when they’re ready to eat.

Even after to first deadline for income tax filing is passed, the work continues at a rather unexpected pace. And so it was in doing that work I came in contact with one of the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in a long time, a long time.

She was 91 years old and damn proud of it. She demonstrated one of the most functional intellects I’ve ever encounter. This ole gal is sharp with a capital S. She made my day, in fact she made my whole week, maybe two weeks or even more, I’m still deciding that matter.

We talked of many things. But the thing that suck most in my mind was her comments about Common Sense. She said “Common Sense died, ya know, sad to say but I believe he died in my lifetime.” I asked her to tell me the story, and so she did. “He was a lot older than me and taught many lessons to me and everyone I grew up with. There was a time when everybody I knew, knew the lessons taught by Common Sense.”

“Knowing when to come in out of the rain. Why the early bird gets the worm. Life isn’t always fair. And maybe, just maybe it was my fault. It was kinda the gospel according to Common Sense. He had other things he preached too, such as don’t spend more than you earn and adults, not children are in charge of things.”

“Common Sense was attacked years ago by forces more concerned with self interest than those of Common Sense. Government regulations controlling everything and anything strayed more and more away from Common Sense. Public education was an early battle ground for Common Sense. A 6 year old was charged with sexual harassment for kissing another 6 year old in his class. Then a teenager was suspended from school for a full week for using mouthwash after lunch. It was considered using drugs on school property.”

“As things went from bad to worse in public education, Common Sense became more and more concerned as parents attacked teachers for doing the job of disciplining their children, a job they themselves had failed to do. The battle was lost in public education when schools had to get parental consent to administration an aspirin, but could not inform the parent when their child had become pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.”

“Common Sense could only watch as churches became multimillion dollar businesses, and some operated by crooks, while criminals received better treatment than victims of their crime. In open court, Common Sense cried, when it was determined that you couldn’t defend yourself from a burglar in your own home, and that same burglar could in fact sue for assault if you done him harm.”

Common Sense received a death blow when a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She then proceeded to spill some on her lap and, in court, became an instant millionaire.

“Common Sense was proceeded in death, By his parents, Truth and Justice. By this wife, Discretion. By his daughter, Responsibility. And by his son, Reason.”

“Common Sense is survived by six evil cousins,

I Know My Rights! I Want It Now! Someone Else Is To Blame! I’m a Victim!

Pay Me for Doing Nothing! That’s Just Plain Racist”

She said in her 91 years of living, laughing, loving and life, the one thing most sad about it all is the death of Common Sense in her lifetime. Her story gave me chills. Chills from the questions inside my head, Is it true?

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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