Three Wise Chickens, More Bar Stool Economics, Changing Times, Squeaking Wipers and Mexican Labor, Thinking Seeds and Growing Pears, Me and Johnny Appleseed

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Well, guess that Mayan thing with the end of time didn’t work out. Good thing, else we’d all be in a black hole or something even worse right now. I’m not too sure what’s worse than a black hole. On the other hand, I’ve never been in a black hole, so I’ve got nothing to compare it to. Now that we dodged both the bullet and the black hole, let’s bring on Christmas without all the fear of the big ole black hole that we didn’t fall into.

Most everyone knows about my chicken collection, and the fact that I’ve got hundreds of chickens in some form or another. Now when it came time to decorate a Christmas Tree this year, the She left it up to me. I decorated that 10’ tree with all the ornaments of Christmas Past which we had collected over the years. The ones hand made by the babies when they were young, the ones hand made by my Mama, when I was young, the ones that were just old from times gone by. I decorated that 2012 Christmas Tree all by myself, without input from the She. The very first time since me and the She have been me and the She, I decorated a Christmas Tree all by myself.

Then when it was all done, underneath the tree, I put that little red rug all around, but it just looked empty, it just did. No presents, no nothing, it just looked really empty. And so I filled the empty space under the Christmas Tree with three chickens.

They’re between 12-16” high. Beautiful ceramic works of art, those chickens. Then the She comes home, looks first at the Christmas Tree and said “Oh, that looks good.” On her second look, said “What’s that underneath?” I liked her square in the eye, and said “Three Wise Chickens”. For that remark I got the “Look” from the She. Then at the same time, for the same remark, I got the “Smile” from the She. I think the She likes those Three Wise Chickens. I know I sure do.

The original Three Wise Men were named Gaspar, Balthazar, and Melchior. But we don’t want to trample on those guys time in the limelight this time of the year, so I named my three Wise Chickens Harpo, Groucho, and Chico. But they’re still Three Wise Chickens. One of the more memorable quotes from Groucho is “Outside of a dog, a book is probably man’s best friend, and inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read”. Such a Wise Chicken, that Groucho.

I’m still getting feedback from the Bar Stool Economics Lesson. Shewwww. Thought we were done with that story, but not so fast. It’s still 85% understand, 15% don’t have a clue. I did get an email asking “What is a metaphor?” Forgive me Lord, but I couldn’t let this one pass me by, I simply said “Burt & Ernie”. Then a return email within an hour came back saying “I thought so. Now if Burt and Ernie were drinking that same beer it would be all different taxes, right?” And just to think, our laws of this great land allow ‘em to reproduce.

Do you think it possible that low knowledge level electorates can lead to the destruction of a society?

Lemmings have marched to the sea. Sheep do follow the sound of a bell. Those who receive free stuff from the government do vote to elect the provider of such free stuff without regard to consequences of such decisions. It could be that those low knowledge level electorates don’t even comprehend the concept of consequences of decisions. Maybe they only know “Yeah, yeah but ya get free stuff so……”

This week is gona be a short work week indeed. For sure gona work a short day on Monday, the 24th. Only Mr. Scrooge would make anybody work a whole day on Christmas Eve. Well guess what, I’m the boss at RHCO INC. and guess what, I’m not working the whole day on Christmas Eve. I might not even go to work on Christmas Eve. After all, me and Sophia, Mr. Bentley and Spike, we’ve got presents to wrap. We’ve got things to do. I may even bake a Christmas Cake with my beautiful daughter Angela, on Christmas Eve. We have before, and may do it again. Will also invite Rachel along to join the festivities of doing the Yule Log Cake thing.

Did ya ever notice how traditions change as time goes on and when they do, it’s a little hard to adjust to the change that very first year. But ya do adjust to those sorta things, and life goes on. Such adjustments have occurred at the EastWing this Thanksgiving Holiday, things changed. And yes, we adjusted and life went on. This Christmas Season things may change again, and yes, life will go on. If it changes, we’ll again adjust and adapt to such changes of life going on.

Do you ever hate windshield wipers that squeak? I do. Early August, I bought the best of the best windshield wipers to avoid that squeak. And guess what. Yep, you’re right, they squeak. I hate when that happens. I’m lucky in the sense that right across the street from, what some call my playground, the office of RHCO INC. , in my son John’s building, there’s an auto parts store. To get new wipers installed, all I have to do is go across the street and ask the store owner to install new wipers. Now when your wipers squeak, it don’t get much better than that.

Talking about windshield wipers, there was a company in Michigan City Indiana, had been there for a long, long time, they made windshield wipers. Packed up and moved to Mexico. Labor cost was the issue. Those Mexican folks were willing to work the whole day for what the folks in Michigan City were willing to work for one hour.

‘Course ya gotta keep in mind the folks in Mexico do take a nap in the early afternoon. Ya gotta keep in mind they take that nap on your dime. Then they work at a slower pace and of a lesser concern for quality. And when it’s all said and done, product quality suffers from cheap labor in Mexico. Sales decline due to quality issues as a result of cheap labor in Mexico. Lower sales, equate to less profit. And it seemed like such a good idea at the time.

These short days of daylight sure do make an impact on my little boy and girl of the flagpole who hold the lighting bugs. Yes they do charge up the batteries and light up the night, but only for a few short hours. Within two – four hours after darkness, that little boy and girl, well, they go to sleep for the night. Just pain ran out of juice from the sun. Juice from the sun, truly the blood of life.

Short time of daylight, short days of autumn. Then all that will change come, December 21st and the sun goes the other direction and the day start to get longer. The sun shines a little longer each day, and before ya know it, the world turns green. It’s the spring time and all’s well with the world. I love the spring time.

Come December the 26th I’ve got some seed from pear trees I’ve got to put in the ground just to see if I can grow a pear tree. Have never done such, and will soon try to grow a pear tree. It’s hard to grow a pear tree, but we’ll see. Four months ago I ate a pear and it tasted soooo good. I decided to see if I could grow a pear tree.

The first thing ya gotta do is trick the pear seed into thinking it has gone thru a cold winter cycle. Now I’m sure some body’s gona let me know that “Pear seeds don’t think.” Well, well, well, I’m sorry you feel that way, but yes they do. All seeds in nature have a cycle which must incorporate certain aspects of life or the seed will not reproduce. So they must be able to think. A long spell of cold weather is one of the aspects of the life cycle needed for a pear seed to reproduce. Maybe the pear seed can’t think like you, which is probably a good thing, but they do think never the less.

Now you may wonder how I can trick the pear seed. First of all, ya gotta be smarter than a pear seed to get the upper hand. Since pear seeds can only feel and cannot see or taste, ya just let ‘me feel the winter time. Take a wet paper towel put 6 pear seeds on one half, fold and fold again. Put the folded wet paper towel inside a one qt zip lock plastic bag. Put the zip lock plastic bag in the refrigerator. Wait a hundred and twenty days. Four months in the refrigerator, and yeah, that feels like winter.

Take the seeds out of the refrigerator, open the paper and lay in a south facing window for three days. That’s when the ole pear seeds will think winters over and it’s time to grow. They feel the sun, the true blood of life. Then ya just stick ‘em in a pot , cover with ‘bout ½” or so of dirt, water a little bit, fertilize a little bit, and pray a lot, then if you’ve been a good boy, maybe, just maybe, the Gods of Pear Tree Growing will smile upon your efforts and bless you with a some new baby pear trees.

Remember last year when I grew those apple trees from seed? Well, now today, I’ve got six little apple trees in the ground, out there between the north deck and the swimming pool deck. They’re about 18 – 24” tall. Me and the apple seeds, we just got along. Did I ever tell ya ‘bout going to school with Johnny Appleseed?

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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