Too Hot & Too Cold, Plato & Play Dough, Mama’s Celebration of Life, Bagpipes Harps & Violins

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Dog days of summer, Yeah !!!! Has it ever been hot or what? I love the dog day of summer! They’re about to end for this year, but like all good things summer, they’ll be back come next summertime. How fast we forget the cold, cold air of winter. We’re fickle like that, just a few days of different weather and we start to whine ‘bout what we’re getting weather-wise.

Just part of the reason that makes our country so great is our freedom to complain ‘bout something which we have absolutely no control whatsoever, the weather. So we do, whine and complain. It’s never just right, always too hot, too cold, too mild, too weather. Freedom to bitch ‘bout the weather. So free we don’t even know it’s there.

Should ya have the pleasure to talk to a person who’s lived in an oppressive society, you’ll have a different prospective on complaining ‘bout the weather. I’ve had such conversations, and it’s a sobering experience, to say the least. Survival is more important, food for today is more important. Water for today is more important. Not getting killed today is more important. There are places in the world where people just never think about the weather.

The EastWing’s not one of those places. We’re like you, we too bitch ‘bout the weather. It’s just a small part of what makes our country so great. Freedom to bitch ‘bout the weather. We’re so free, we don’t even know it.

For many of us, freedom just another word, but it’s free. Till it’s gone, then it’s priceless. One of the neat things that comes my way from my rambling of the EastWing is what people tell me by email from all over the world. Much of those conversations deal with the freedom here in the United States. A wish and dream for so many, an unrecognized treasure for so few. Freedom just another word for a precious few. But even for those, it’s still free.

It’s hard to imagine a society where one would be afraid to speak in opposition to an official state policy. No democrats, no republicans, no calico cats, just “this is the way it is”. Why they’d probably kill me the first day, or the second day for sure. Freedom not worth nothing, but it’s free.

Seems I’ve touched a chord when I talked ‘bout the dancing with the greens and the Oracle of Delphi, and them old Greek Fellers who wrote ‘bout stuff that never was, just things that might’ve been, or could be, maybe. I never knew so many people knew ‘bout Play Dough and so few knew ‘bout Plato.

Now Plato is known for making some rather profound statements in his time. Things like “Excess generally causes reaction, and produces a change in the opposite direction, whether it be in the seasons, or in individuals, or in governments”. WOW! Change you can believe in. How’s that change ya voted for working out for ya so far? “Excess generally causes reaction, and produces a change in the opposite direction, whether it be in the seasons, or in individuals, or in governments”. So said Plato, several years back.

Other such saying as “Good people don’t need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws”. Ya gotta keep in mind Plato’s talking ‘bout this kinda stuff thousands of years ago. It’s amazing how much of what Plato said in his time fits so well in our society today. It fits like a glove, not like OJ trying on the glove, just fits like a glove, a good glove fit. Plato and society, have always fit like a glove, for thousands of years.

Sophia wanted to say something bad ‘bout the President and how Plato’s words described the current President to a tee. Sophia also wanted to say she thought Plato was a republican, but I won’t talk to her till she gets off her sabbatical on Labor Day. it’s driving her crazy that I won’t talk to her. Damn Republican Cat!

No I didn’t make that stuff up ‘bout Plato, Apollo and the Oracle of Delphi. I don’t know how I know ‘bout all that stuff, I just do. It’s kinda like you know your own name, don’t ya? Well do ya remember when was the very first day you knew your own name? Of course not. So don’t ask me when was the first day I knew ‘bout the Oracle of Delphi. But if ya still have to have an date, it was July 14th 1959. Will that date work for ya? If so, it’ll work for me. Or maybe it was July 15th, no, I think it was July 14th.

I never knew there were so many fans of “dancing with the greens”. We all know someone who spend an extraordinary amount of time trying to keep their lawn in perfect “showroom” condition. Those folks miss a lot in life. They just do. A slave to a blade of grass, such a sad song. A better choice seems to be just dance with the greens, and maybe even feed a little hummingbird along the way.

A few weeks ago my sisters and I had a celebration of life memorial for my Mama. I didn’t tell ya ‘bout it at the time (July 17th) just in case I couldn’t tell the story right. ‘Cause when your Mama decides to become and angel and leave ya behind, it takes a little while getting used to. Me and my sisters, Sharolette and Barbara, we’ve gotten used to it, a little bit.

We filled the house at Grand Central Station, there in North Judson, that Sunday Afternoon. All Mama’s friends were invited and they all came by. We didn’t cry that Sunday, the crying time had passed. We just hugged, and remembered Mama. It was soooooo good. We just remembered Mama and didn’t cry. Not one tear was shed, but such precious memories, and they did linger.

Johnny set up Mama’s flat screen TV and displayed my Mama in pictures. Angela displayed photographs of her Grandma throughout Grand Central. RJ cooked some food. My sisters, Sharolette and Barbara, decorated the place and me and the She helped here and there. And me, well I made bologna spread sandwiches, it’s kinda a hillbilly thing, them bologna spread sandwiches.

I remember when I was a kid, and somebody died and we went to the wake, that was mostly held at home, back then. Ya brought food when ya went to the wake. My Mama would make bologna spread sandwiches when we went to those wakes. It only seemed right that I make it once again for my Mama. And so I did. It was good bologna spread. Mama would’ve been proud.

A harpist and violinist played the music for Mama’s Celebration Of Life. Such pretty music. Many people who came were not accustom to hearing a harp and violin playing music together. Some were most thrilled to hear live music from the harp for the first time ever.

I told one person, prior to the start of the party, that I had a fiddle player coming by, and they said oh good, I like good Blue Grass music. They didn’t play Blue Grass, that harp and violin. It was pretty music. Some were stunned into silence by the quality of the music at my Mama’s party. They choose to sit close by and simply enjoy a lovely musical concert on a Summer Sunday Afternoon.

One of the things my Mama had instructed me was that she didn’t want any sad songs at her funeral. And so her funeral was conducted the way she had told me to. At the cemetery as we buried my Mama, in the background, the bagpipes played Amazing Grace. Now if ya ever heard the bagpipes, then you’ll know what I mean, and why they played. It was not a sad song, rather Amazing Grace is a song of joy.

Wanta know something really neat about the song “Amazing Grace”? Do a little research into the history of that piece of music and find out where it came from. Nah, I’m not gona tell ya ‘bout it, ‘cause like me brother Ed used to tell me, when I’d ask him something really stupid ‘bout computer stuff. Ed would tell me where to find the answer and say “If you look it up, you’ll remember forever., if I tell ya, it’ll be gone tomorrow. Ed was right. I sure missed not having Ed at my Mama’s party. I miss Ed and Mama, every day.

At the Celebration Of Life Memorial for my Mama, the harpist and the violin played, among other things, in the background, Amazing Grace. Mama would’ve approved of my choices of music. Me and Mama, we just got along.

It truly takes a while to adjust to things like this, but we are adjusting, my little circle of sisters and me, adjusting a little bit every day. It’s like tuning a piano, ya tighten the wires slow. It takes time.

Stay safe in Iraq, and Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, Too Hot & Too Cold, Plato & Play Dough, Mama’s Celebration of Life, Bagpipes Harps & Violins.

I Wish You Well,