“Touched By An Angel”


Carol Grubbs

The author of a newly published book of inspirational poems Carol is busy with a second book, she works in her church and volunteers for other community activities.  She also has visited forty-seven of the 50 states, missing only Washington, Alaska and Hawaii.  “Besides visiting those three states I’d like to eventually ride in a bubble top helicopter,” she revealed.

 For 24 years Carol has suffered from gestational diabetes, and is never without her little bag of supplies that has insulin, a finger stick calculator and glucose tablets among the items she carries.  She journals everything she eats, drinks lots of water and exercises daily.

‘’I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes when pregnant with my son Brian,” Carol said.  Gestational diabetes is a type 2 form of the disease and is caused by a hormonal change during pregnancy when a woman’s cells are less responsive to insulin.  Most women with gestational diabetes don’t have the disease after the baby is born, but in a few cases they do.   That is what happened in Carol’s case.

Carol certainly has lived an interesting life, having written for the Los Angeles Times while living in California, and working as a certified nursing assistant in several nursing homes.  “I don’t let the disease keep me down,” she said.  “One of the things  I do every week is sing in the choir on Sunday morning”   “And because of my  belief in angels I close my eyes and can hear the voice of my favorite high school teacher, the late John Whitenack, singing along with me.”  
Thank you Carol for your story.