Welcome November, Thursdays, The Groundhog War, Laser Lights from God, Sophia Smiles

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

October sure seemed to have flown by in fine style. When ya have a great Indian Summer, like we did this year, October goes fast, and so it did. November, a true transitional month, takes us to the very brink of winter. ‘Cause everybody knows that winter starts December 1st.

Did ya ever hear the term “Solar Winter”? Well it started yesterday. It’s the quarter of a year in which North America, (that’s the part we live in) has the shortest amount of daylight in a given 24 hour period. It has to do with the Earth’s orbit around the sun in relationship to turning on its own axis. Solar Winter is kinda star gazing stuff that most people don’t give a damn one way or the other.

But to star gazers, it’s kinda cool, or should I say kinda cold. ‘Cause that’s the outshoot of Solar Winter, our part of the world gets cold. Solar Winter is also the official middle of the Autumn Season. Now the only thing between us and the calendar start of winter in late December is Thanksgiving Day. And we’re sure gona talk more ‘bout that next week.

Did ya ever hear anybody say a single good thing ‘bout Thursday? I didn’t either. Every other day has its ups and downs, and mostly the ups outnumber the downs, but Thursday seems to be all downs. It’s like the bummer day of the week, it just out numbers the downs.

Sunday is a enjoyable day for most people, many got to church Sunday Morning, come home have a nice meal, watch football in the fall and winter, watch baseball in the spring and summer or go play golf. Monday is a dread day ‘cause ya gotta go to work. Tuesday is the best day to have your new car order go down the assembly line, ‘cause fewer mistakes are made at work on Tuesday than any other work day. Wednesday is the “hump” day, and you’re over half way to the weekend. Friday is TGIF ! And ya play on Saturday.

And all the time Thursday is just hanging in there between Wednesday and Friday, just taking forever to get over with. Some folks even think Thursday is the longest day of the week. I’ve never measured Thursday, so I’ll defer my opinion to those who’ve done such things. Now if it turns out to be a day and a half, so be it. Just more Thursday downs.

In any event, it seems the best thing one can congregate in relationship to Thursday is to say it’s the last day before TGIF! Just keep in mind that when you get to the last day before TGIF! You’ve accomplished a lot during the week. Don’t take my word for it, just ask Thursday.

Well, the great Groundhog War of the EastWing couple weeks ago. It was a late Saturday afternoon, when all hell broke loose in the front gardens of the EastWing. The She just happened to be outside in the front garden at the time of the outburst. The She yelled at me “ The Lady and Bentley’s got something cornered across the road! Come and see what they’ve got!”

By the time I arrived at the site of the action, it had evolved into a mopping up operation. The battle was over and the smoke was clearing away. Once again, the home land had been defended against a pillaging Groundhog. Gray Lady James and the Bentley had turned back a Groundhog attack on the EastWing. They’d disposed of the Groundhog in short order and were now in the “let’s show ‘’em how tuff we really are” mode.

First the Gray Lady grabbed the recently deceased Groundhog and shook with all her mite. Then it was the turn of the Bentley. When Bentley James picked up the Groundhog in his mouth to show off his Groundhog shaking skills, it was a site to behold. Imagine, if you will, a 90 lb Pit Bull and a 15 lb Groundhog. The Pit Bull struts his stuff. Bentley’s technique was to shake like crazy and then toss the Groundhog in the air and catch ‘em on the way down. Bentley James, even though he’s one of the most gentle of God’s creatures, he sure knows how to shake, rattle, and roll a Groundhog. Good boy, that Bentley James.

When I got too close, the Gray Lady grabbed the Groundhog and ran into the tall grass of the open field to the south of the EastWing. To follow the birddog was fruitless. The field is the hunting ground of the Gray Lady, and she knows every inch. The Gray Lady and the Groundhog disappeared into the thickness of the tall grass. It was some two hours and well after dark before the Gray Lady and Bentley decided to come in for the night.

Come Sunday Morning, I found the Groundhog laying at the front door. Much the same as every bird the Gray Lady from her hunting field, the Gray Lady brings ‘em home. She just brings ‘em all home to show me the catch, and so she did that Sunday Morning to end the Great Groundhog Hunt of 2011.

With no fanfare, the Groundhog was buried in front of one of the Earth Angels in the north gardens behind the house, out there by the garage . In an unmarked grave, much the same as the disposed dictator of Libya, I buried the Groundhog. Too bad the Bentley didn’t get hold of that feller in Libya. That would’ve been such a site. I think Bentley and the Gray Lady could have settled that deal in an afternoon.

Did you get to see the Northern Lights on October 24th ? WOW! A Laser Light Show From The Gods! I last saw that light show when I was a kid in downtown Toto, back in the day. It was special then, it still is now. I’m glad I saw the show this year. The Northern Lights are one of those things ya just never know when it’s gona happen. When the Sun decides to burp, a light show comes to Earth and the sky walks.

It’s way too completed to talk ‘bout electromagnetic forces of the north and south pole and stuff like that right now. And besides if I’d start talking ‘bout that stuff, it’d put most people to sleep. It’s just better to enjoy the laser lights from God when it happens. At least now, we’ve learned enough about those things to know a little in advance when it’s gona happen. But even that being said, we were off by about 12 hours when we thought the lights would first appear. Oh well, we were close.

An interesting friendships has developed in the EastWing. It’s Bentley and the Gray Lady James, when it comes to the outside world, they’re the “Wolf Pack” of the EastWing. Great White Hunters, Bentley and the Gray Lady James. Inside the house, it’s Bentley and Spike The Man Cat. Don’t know why that ever worked out the way it did, it just did. Inside, Spike and the Bentley, buds for life.

Yet everybody knows, they all just know, that Sophia, The Calico Republican Cat, still reigns supreme when it comes to the “boss” of the EastWing. All the while Sophia struts her little cat ass around like she’s the Queen of Sheba, or something, just showin’ off. Did ya ever see a Calico Cat smile? If not, come visit the EastWing, it’ll make your day. Damn Republican Cat.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, Welcome November, Thursdays, The Groundhog War, Laser Lights from God, Sophia Smiles

I wish you well