When Mama Became An Angel

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the East Wing,

Seems I’ve read somewhere something ‘bout “there’s a time to live and a time to die”. During the last 16 months seems I’ve visited that time to die part way too often. The year 2010 brought death to both my oldest sister, Sister Thelma, and by youngest brother-in-law, Brother Ed Lopez. 2011 is not yet 5 months old and twice again the Death Angel walks across the Family of Howard. First my youngest sister, Sister Kay, and just yesterday, Mama. My Mama became an Angel of God.

You’d think with the kinda work I’ve done in the past, death wouldn’t have an effect on me. Some of my East Wing friends who just happen to have known me for a long time may find it puzzling that I would react as such. All I can say to ya is “it’s different when it’s your Mama.

My oldest Sister Thelma, what a pleasure she was in my life. I loved her so. Some folks’ would call us, Thelma and me, half brothers and half sisters. We weren’t. We were brother and sister, ‘cause in this Family of Howard we don’t have half anything, ya either are or not. It’s kinda like Yoda when he said “do or don’t do, never try”. Me and Sister Thelma, we didn’t try. We were. Me and my Sister Thelma, we are brother and sister forever. I miss my Big Sister Thelma. I miss Thelma’s husband, my Brother-In-Law Arthur, a lot.

And ya already know ‘bout my Brother-In-Law, Ed, Ed Lopez, and what I’ve already said ‘bout Ed. My big brother Ed. I loved so much being Ed’s little snot nose brother, BobbyRay.

What’s so neat ‘bout being a little snot nose brother, is ya can be stupid and not be embarrassed. Me and Ed played so well together. Ed taught me most all I know ‘bout computers, and I know a bite and a bit. I didn’t teach Ed too much, but he didn’t care ‘cause Ed loved me and I loved him, and we played well together, me and Ed. But I did teach Ed some stuff, hillbilly stuff.

Ed got me a computerized telescope for Christmas one time and we stargazed a lot, me and Ed. Me by my computer driven telescope relaying what I’m looking at by internet to Ed’s computer. He in turn looks at the same location using Google Sky. And the damnnest thing, Ed sees a better view of that little dot in the night sky than I do. ‘Cause Ed’s looking at a photograph taken by the Hubble Telescope and I’m looking real time on the north deck of the East Wing, freezing my buns off with a telescope maybe 1/1000 as powerful as the Hubble telescope.

Once we locked onto the same little dot in the sky, now I’m not gona bore ya with that technical stuff that Ed and I used to make sure we’re looking at the same spot, we just knew how to hook up on that dot I the sky. Then Ed, ‘cause he’s got a better view from the Hubble than I have from my scope, Ed starts telling me what to look for in my scope. DUH! Ed sees it way better than me, he’s seeing thing my scope can’t see, and Ed laughs at me for not “focusing in”. Ed and me, we just played good together, be it telescopes or computers, we played good together, me and Ed. I miss Ed a lot.

It was early this year that my youngest sister, My Sister Kay, passed away. I so loved my Sister Key, the baby of my family. My nephews and niece from my Sister Kay’s family are so special to me, why Johnny and I even drove all the way to Utah just to see one of ‘em get married. Just for nephew Kevin we went to Utah, Johnny and me. I so loved my Sister Kay, and my niece and nephews of my Sister Kay. Kevin, Ken, and Karen, I love ‘em so.

It was on a bright sunlit spring morning, that last morning of April, before the first morning of May, when the Angel in Heavens increased by one, as my Mama accepted a new job. She’s an Angel in waiting ya know, so the next time ya hear a bell……………..

Always remember, every time ya hear a bell, just always remember, a new Angel has just gotten her wings. And so Mama went to Heaven on the wings of a Snow White Dove. And Mama got her wings early on the first day home. A full fledged Angel in paradise, my Mama. That pretty little Red Haired Angel Girl, my Angel Mama.

Stay safe in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From The East Wing, When Mama Became An Angel

I wish you well,