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Greetings to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

It’s one thing to see the first snow fall, it’s another to see the ground covered in white. The first snow fall came and went and the ground didn’t turn white. Why, me and the Pup Baby were even prepared to make snow angels. We practiced in the EastWing, me and the Pup Baby. But the outside snow never came. And so the month of November came and went without ever getting enough snow to turn the EastWing Gardens into a winter wonder land, a land of snow angel paradise.

It was not until December 9th that we woke up to white winter gardens at the EastWing. Me and the Pup Baby, we wasted no time that morning getting out there and making the first Snow Angels of the season. ‘Bout 8 O’clock or so that morning, we made the first Snow Angels of the season. The Bentley, on the other hand, being a thin skinned kinda dog, was more interested in making yellow snow in the east end of the east garden, than making Snow Angels, and so he did.

Now for the good news from the EastWing for those who hate the winter and the cold & snow. This winter can, at the very most extreme, only three months. December, January, and February. ‘Cause everybody knows that come March First, it’s spring time. Anybody can take 90 days of bad weather in the winter time. We dodged the bullet this year with November, so we’ve already cut winter short by thirty days. Here comes spring. As the snow filed last Friday, you’re already looking for the springtime.

There was an interesting event in the RHCO Office the other day. I’d taken my home laptop to work in order to get all set up to start the tax filings. Now I’ve got two computers running at the same time on my desk. On the office machine I’m setting it up for a wireless network connection, and on the laptop I’m setting it up to see the other computer on the wireless network.

With it being a Friday, as I’m programming these two machines to work together and at the same time I’m processing the Friday payroll work as it comes in. As usual in my office, Miss Kitty, who’s the Official Black & White Cat of RHCO Inc. walks wherever she so desires. That Black & White just walks wherever she wants. Now you may ask why. The truth be known, she’s Miss Kitty with thumbs on all four paws, and you’re not.

I finished a small payroll and returned to the computer programming job and, WHAT THE HELL! The screen on my laptop has turned sideways. Yeah, I’m telling ya, sideways. I asked Miss Kitty which keys she’d stepped on. She didn’t have a clue. Like the fog, on little cat feet, she walks in silence and does not log in her steps.

It’s been so long since I’d had to deal with that computer issue, I laughed when I realized I’d forgotten how to do something as simple as screen control. I didn’t remember if it was the Alt or the Ctrl that changed the screen or a combination of the two. So I decided to see what information was available on the internet. And so I went online to seek my answers to the problems of screen reversal.

Now ya gotta keep in mind that the internet is like the Wild, Wild West, in the since there’s an awful lot of crooks and bad guys (and girls) out there trying to rip ya off. On the internet, one has equal access to all the virtues and all the vices in the world. Both saints and sinners roam the internet, side by side. In the world of the internet, the lion does not lay down by the lamb.

I knew the answer could be found at the Windows 7 discussion board, but decided to see what else was out there in that Wild, Wild West of the Cowboy Show, the Internet. It didn’t take long. With minimum effort and a search engine, I turned up a few hundred sites that could solve my problem. I clicked on the first in the long list. The screen popped up and wanted to know what was my problem. Told ’em that my screen was sideways on my computer. Another screen popped up saying “Hello, this is Todd, I’m on line right now and have the answer to your problem, click continue” And so I clicked continue.

The new screen that popped up told me the answer to my problem was of such technical quality it had a commercial value of $48.00. Below the dollar value statement was the standard format of supplying your name and credit card information along with the agreement to pay the $48.00. I went back to the original search to view other options.

In the second effort to resolve the problem, it was determined that the very same problem was of such technical complexity it carried a commercial value of $125.00. Now the $125.00 kinda surprised me, ‘cause I didn’t change the problem, it just got more complex by itself I guess. I didn’t give ‘em the credit card info there either.

One more time I went back to the original search to try my luck just one more time to solve the problem. I’ll cut to the chase on this deal. It was $315.00, ‘cause it was of such extreme complexity, a once in a lifetime fluke, that deals with the type of memory chips in relation to the other chips within my single computer. A fix that requires research to ensure that it doesn’t ever happen again to my computer in my life time. The fix is guaranteed to restore my computer to the original functionality of factory specifications. It was so much bull I thought I needed boots, and it was going to cost me $315.00.

It appeared that as the price for information increased, the language got more fuzzy and away from a clarity of understanding. Duh! Justification for the big bucks, = fuzzy language. It didn’t work for me.

The importance of understating the written word can never be overstated. It’s one thing if someone doesn’t understand your speech. You say it once and it’s gone forever. But your written word will last beyond your lifetime. So make very, very sure everybody understands what you wanted to say in writing. Leave none of your written words open to interpretation. When ya write it right, they’ll know, every word, they’ll know every word, every time, they’ll know forever.

Once I was admonished by a person who said “I can’t believe with your education you write with such poor grammar”. I asked, “Did I ever put a single word on her computer screen which you didn’t understand?”. She said “no”. I said “There ya go”. Education doesn’t mean a damn when people don’t have a clue to what you’re talking about in your writings. When you write right, they’ll know, and not have to look for the clue.

So after all the internet search to resolve my sideways screen on the laptop, with solutions costing from $48.00 to $315.00 for the same information, I went to the Microsoft web site and connected to the Windows 7 discussion board. Knowing all the while that the answer to my question was always there, and so it was. ALT+ CTRL+ DOWN ARROW. And the world of the Laptop got turned around.

Too bad ALT + CTRL + UP ARROW didn’t work for Humpty Dumpty, ‘course that ole boy came along at a different time and a different age. But if he would’ve made it to the age of Aquarius, he’d had at least a shot at it. The Age of Aquarius, some say it’s the very early start of the Personal Computer and the code : ALT + CTRL + DOWN ARROW, and your computer world turned right side up . And Humpty Dumpty might’ve had a shot at it. ALT + CTRL + UP ARROW. We’ll never know, ‘cause the ole boy missed the Age Of Aquarius.

Either way, the PC changed my life as much as it changed yours, then Sophia came along, and changed us all.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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I wish you well,