Winter Mild, The She & The Newt, The Kitty City Blizzard, Al Gore & Sherlock Homes, Fear & Envy, Dirt Digging & When Ya Just Gotta Shovel

Greeting to al and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Less than a 25 days till March 1st !!! YAH! If ya have to say nice things about winter, besides Christmas, of course, then this winter has been SWELL! Cold a few days, warm up into the 30’s & 40’s. Snow a little bit, and warm up and melt the snow. Such a swell winter. It don’t get better than this.

Why, I even had a friend in Florida tell me if I could guarantee her this kinda winter all the time, she’d even consider moving back to Cleveland. But I think she was pulling my leg. ‘Case this girl’s got lizards that must be native to that part of the world, growing wild in her yard. They get on her screen door and she names ‘em. I don’t think she pets ‘em, just names ‘em. Now no body gona move back to Cleveland when ya can live in Florida and name lizards.

I’ve never had a pet lizard. One time I did have a newt. No, not the candidate, the animal. Kinda reminds ya of a lizard. It’s an air breathing aquatic animal, the newt. One time the She got out bed in the dark and stepped on the newt.

A blood curdling scream woke me from a sound sleep and I hit the floor running. I was sure someone or something was attempting to seal my new bride of two whole weeks and I was damn well prepared to defend her with my life.

When I did managed to get the lights turned on, the poor She was standing with one foot off the floor, saying “I stepped in something really bad”. Hanging from between her beautiful toes, lifted off the floor, were the remains of the very, very recently deceased newt. I laughed.

One of the explanations why me and the She have been married for so long is that I’ve never made the same mistake twice. I learned early on in our relationship, ya don’t laugh when the She steps on your newt in the dark. Ya just don’t, it’s not in your best interest to laugh when the She steps on your newt in the dark. A lesson well learned, early. That may have been my first lesson learned in our young marriage. It was defiantly my last newt.

Was the 20th day of January before we got any appreciable amount of snow at the EastWing this winter. The January 20th blizzard at Kitty City will go down in the annuls of Kitty City weather lore as comparable to the Chicago Blizzard of “67”. Everything being relevant, Kitty City was also overwhelmed by Mother Nature. 8 inches of snow at Kitty City was “snow as high as your head”. Now I don’t care who ya are, “as high as your head”, that’s a big snow.

The weather forecast for two days after the Kitty City Blizzard was for the temperature to rise to 40°. So with that in mind, there would be no big rush to plow away the snow at the EastWing. At Kitty City it was a different type emergency. After all, “snow as high as your head”, a snow plow came to the rescue of Kitty City, one shovel full at a time. The last shovel had hardly been pushed away when the cats came out to play.

They ran and they played, they chased each other in the snow. Played cat hockey on the snow covered ice atop the swimming pool cover, made cat angels in the snow. It was the first time I ever saw a snow angel with a tail. It was kinda cool.

They ate like little piggy’s and drank from the never frozen, never empty water bowl. When the Cats of the North Deck are happy, The EastWing is happy. Sophia still considers ‘em slum cats of the north deck, but they’re friends of mine. Guess I too, have friends in low places.

With the January 20th snow storm, I’ve come to the conclusion that all my inside pets are really wimps when it comes to adverse weather. They don’t go outside and play in the snow. They’re content to just watch the big TV in the WestWing or hang with me in the EastWing, anything except go outside in the bad weather. Only when nature calls do they venture even close to the door. Then when they must go outside, they tiptoe. Did ya ever see a cat tiptoe?

One of the really fun things that I watch from the EastWing on any cold winter afternoon are the jet planes in the air approaching and leaving Chicago. Seems the EastWing sits on both a glide path and departure for the two Chicago airports. During the late afternoon, in the winter time, my southern sky is filled with con-trails of many planes both going and coming. Highways in the sky.

As I sit in the EastWing and watch the con-trails play out in the southern sky, I think of those people inside the little tubes with fixed wings up there in the sky leaving the marks so high above the ground as the fly like birds in boxes, while both going to and coming from Chicago, in the air, then on the ground.

And for the tree huggers of the world who always complain about the pollution of the automobiles and damn near everything else, I can’t help but wonder is that airplane polluting according to the standards of the tree huggers.

As ya might have guessed, here in the EastWing, we don’t buy into the massive campaign to convince us all that the world is going to hell in a hand basket and melt the ice caps then we’re all doomed to be consumed by global warming. Al Gore, Shewwww. Having been trained early in life in a specific scientific field of knowledge that supports fact more so than fiction, on this global warming matter, I say, “Where’s the Beef?”…. It’s not there, it’s just not. Fear of the unknown is one of the most potent weapons ever known to man. In this global warming fiasco, fear rules.

Those who pursue such global warming scare tactics, do so out of ignorance of facts, or a much more sinister reason, the pursuit of wealth, using fear as a means to gain wealth. It doesn’t take Sherlock Homes to find out the amount of wealth Al Gore has garnered from his involvement with the issue of global warming.

Oh, and by the way while we’re on this Al Gore deal, did ya ever notice he got on the Global Warming issue only after he lost this bid for being the President of the United States. It turns out that after he lost that election, it was hard for him to find a new job after his unemployment benefits ran out. Too bad Obama was not in office at the time, then Al Gore would have received an additional 99 weeks on top of this original 26 weeks. I wonder if anybody ever added that all up and figured out that we’re paying folks for over two years to sit on their butt and do nothing.

To me, that just don’t seem right. At the very least, I’d require some type of contribution to society in return for the over 2 years of free money. Maybe only two very simple requirements. The first being 10 hrs per week of measurable public service. The second being a weekly drug test. Pass both and ya get your money, every week. Flunk one, Uh Oh!

Fear is also used as a political tool. It’s a safe bet that fear and envy will both become political weapons in the not too distant future, almost certainly by the start of summer. I for one, am already damn tired of hearing the terms “millionaires and billionaires” along with “their fair share”. That’s an example of envy with its most ugly face on display. ‘It would have been a lot worse, had we not done what we did’. Now is that preaching fear as the gospel or what?

Now don’t misunderstand, I’m not badmouthing the gospel. In fact, I’m big on the gospel. Both from the Bible and the “Gospel According to BobbyRay”. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which is the most fun to read or preach. A year or so back, I’d made some kinda statement about the Gospel According to BobbyRay, and received a seething e-mail from a person who held themselves out to be a “Messenger of God’s Word”, his description, not mine. Stated that he expected I’d go to hell for even uttering such words as the Gospel According to BobbyRay.

Then the battle was joined. I pointed out that the word “gospel” simply meant a set of beliefs held strongly by a group of people or even a single person, and it was something believed to be absolutely and unquestionably true. And an example of something being believed to be absolutely and unquestionably true, well that’d be the Gospel According to BobbyRay. Never got any more e-mails from that feller. Maybe he figured I’d already just gone to hell.

Of course, very soon, as the world once again starts to turn green, fear and envy will play a much lesser role in our lives. ‘Cause it’s hard to worry about fear and envy when ya can go outside in the warm sunshine and dig in the dirt. One spring day, my darling daughter, Angela, when she was a little girl, playing in her sand box, I asked what she was doing, she said “ Dad sometimes ya just gotta shovel”.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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I wish you well,