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One of the things that make America great is our ability to recognize workplace violence. In California of course it’s a case of workplace violence. It’s well documented by the California Labor Department  that every disenchanted worker in the state operates a bomb-making IDF factory at home.

It’s also well documented that these disenchanted workers all keep suicide jackets hanging in their  closets handy for a bombing run at a moment’s notice. And yes we also know the American Dream is being destroyed by the root all evil, that dastardly dual, guns and climate change.

Now the fact that  California has THE STRICTEST gun controls laws in the country — banning most so-called “assault weapons” and “large capacity” magazines, requiring Universal Background Checks, imposing a 10-day waiting period doesn’t matter or make any difference in workplace violence.

 When it comes it climate change, we all  understand how climate change creates a chemical reaction in the radical, Islamic brain producing this obstreperous, radical Islamic terror. And nothing short of total climate control can cure radical Islamic terror.

 Satire is flowing like fine wine to point to the obvious ignorance of our government and the political correctness being displayed by the FBI – who still can’t answer the obvious quandary: Is this an act of Islamic terror?  As of Friday the FBI  appeared  to abandon the workplace violence idea, which they and the White House wanted so badly to pin the blame.  They are now officially investigating as a possible act of terror?  Possible act?  How many layers of BS can the White House force the FBI  to wade into before the public outcry drowns out this political carp. These people will do and say everything possible to avoid saying the truth on this attack on American soil. The worse attack since 9/11.

Let me answer the conundrum for them: No question this is an act of radical Islamic terror, and we shouldn’t be afraid to call it by name. The more investigation into, the more it will be revealed into the black world Islamic Terror. It has been announced today, Sunday, December 6, 2015 that the President will address the nation this evening. I’m holding the publishing of this Sundays story to wait and see if I’m wrong in my current assessments.

Either our government is plainly stupid, or it has other ulterior motives – the threat is real, and we must wake up and face the reality before thousands of American die. It comes down to this: It is a matter of life and death that is facing every American citizen. We must wake up – call it by name – Radical Islamic terrorism – and accept the reality that we are at war against radical Islamic terror!

Well President Obama acknowledged the California attack was act of terrorism, and he’s confident the US military will defeat extremists. Then he went into the shaming mode. Shamed us  for not wanting Muslims into the country, while at the same time admitting the woman in the California Shooting got into the country using false information that was not checked. Shamed Congress for allowing people on a “no fly list” to buy guns. The Muslims who killed in California were not on any no fly list. The brothers who bombed  Boston were not on any no fly list. The President used the no fly list approach simply as a way of starting to limit gun control.

Of course not everybody can agree on the best way to make our nation safe. One woman comes to mind when I think of a different view than what I hold. Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy recently said on the floor of the United States House of Representatives, “If guns were not in stores, then no one could buy them”.


Wow! Can’t help but wonder when was the last time this woman saw Meth on the shelves of Wal-Mart? I’ve always heard the phrase “You can’t buy stupid”, now I know where it comes from. At least some of the free stupid available in this world comes from the halls of the United States House of Representatives. Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy illustrates just what I’m talking about.


It’s  always been my belief that the Congressional Representative is a composite of the  voting district. In the 4th Congressional District of  New York State, I don’t think they have too many Einstein’s wondering loose amongst the  electorate.


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