Writing Like A Republican, The Other Side Of The View, A Bump in The Road While Standing In Political Winds.

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Just the other day I was afforded an opportunity to hone my writing skills by being asked to write an article on the recently completed Democratic Convention from a Republican point of view. Told ‘em I couldn’t do that, I’m a registered democrat and would never do anything like that. And then they offered me money to put words on screens for people I’ve never seen. Three or four paragraphs they said. Just a short summary they said. We’ll make it worth your while they said. And their offer was worth my while I said, and so I wrote:

“Did ya miss the Democratic Convention a few days ago? Not to worry, I’ll just sum it up real quick, like in a few hundred words or less. So hang on now here we go.”

“America is the land of the unjust. The Republicans made it that way. The system is rigged. Opportunity no longer exist in America. The President was right, you didn’t build that. We did it all for you. I deserve more than I’m getting from my country. I’m not getting my fair share. I’m being cheated out of my rightful share by the Republicans. Damn Republicans, that don’t pay their fair share, anyway.”

“The Republicans hate old people, young people, women, gays and illegal immigrants, and even hate legal immigrants, and blacks, they hate all blacks and Latinos too. It doesn’t matter, they just hate ‘em all. They’re trying to take away your right to food, housing, education, contraception, health care, your eligibility to qualify for free cell phone and texting service, but most important, your right to vote for the candidate of your choice.”

“A candidate that supports you and your values in your life. A candidate that fights to make sure all your constructional freedoms are protected. Especially those constructional freedoms pertaining to housing, food, contraception, transportation, health care, education, cell phone and texting service and voting, making sure those rights are protected from the nasty republicans who want to take away all your constructional freedoms. A candidate who will protect you against republicans that want to not only make you have to carry a photo ID just to vote, but also want to make you take a drug test just because you’re entitled to and need food, housing, contraception, cell phone & texting service, transportation, and health care. ”

“Republicans don’t pay their fair share, and that’s just part of why they’re un-American. While President Barack Obama lights candles of hope throughout our society, Mitt Romney spreads darkness and despair across our great land. The GOP is not only wrong, they’re immoral, they’re evil people personified. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Where’s mine, DAMNIT?!! Why am I not getting my fair share? It’s the republicans fault. It’s George Bush’s fault that I’ve not gotten my fair share. I hate republicans.”

“George Bush left the country in such bad shape it is impossible to fix in four years, even as hard as President Obama has tried. And Lord knows he’s worked day and night, he couldn’t fix it in four years. Bill Clinton, himself, said even he couldn’t fix it in four years. When Bill Clinton cannot fix anything in four years, it cannot be fixed in four years. But Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive. Forward. Don’t agree with that? Then you’re not playing on a level field and you’re not patriotic. You’re just an un-American Republican.”

So there ya have it, the Democratic Convention in summary. I may have paraphrased here and there, but the jest of the convention is captured by the words put to screen. And better yet, they paid me to say that. Now if those statements make me a prostitute to the written words on the screen just for the love of money, oh well, are you familiar with the phrase “an offer ya can’t refuse”? It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Yet there was another point of view in Charlotte NC during those three days and nights of character assassinations of Mitt Romney. A decent man, not a saint in the mold of Mother Theresa, but surly a decent man according to the guidelines of our society. That, along with more demands for more government handouts. The only proposal for job creation being hire 100,000 more teachers, police and firefighters.

Saying we do or do not need these positions, that’s not a matter of debate, the fact that all of these new positions can only be supported by a single equation, additional taxes revenue. These are jobs paid for by public taxation. These proposed jobs are not self supporting, they are funded only by the private sector, that means more taxes to pay the wages of 100,000 teachers, police and firefighters. These are not self supporting jobs in our society. They’re just not, one can never make a case that these positions are self supporting in our system commerce. The issue of need is not in the discussion, it’s a discussion of the need to create jobs in our society that are of a sustaining nature. Jobs that pay for themselves in our system of commerce. Teachers, Police and Fireman do not meet the test. The question of need aside, funding of such jobs is the question. The use of the term “investment” by the President means only one thing, spending additional taxpayer dollars which we don’t have available to spend. In the eyes of many, the use of the term “investment” by the President means a proposal to borrow additional money from places like China.

Not a single proposal was made at the Democratic Convention that would create jobs which would be self supporting. The only jobs that are considered self supporting are those in the manufacturing and consumer service processes. That is to say, production, that calls for private sector consumption of product requiring more production. It is with that process that makes the system hum, that keeps our economy moving. Government “investment” is government borrowing money to add to the future debt of our nation, that slows the process, that slows the hum, that stalls us all into doldrums of uncertainty. Just look around ya, it’s everywhere right now.

Three days of National Convention with hardly a mention of a single accomplishment in the last four years of the Obama Administration. When a record does not support a continuation of office, a campaign on fear of the unknown must be waged in order to stay in a position of influence. And so it is in this election cycle.

It was then candidate Obama who said in 2008, when you can’t run on your record, you must make your opponent the one to run away from. And so it is to this day. Kill the messenger whenever you’re unable to make the argument on the issue, it’s an old political technique going well back into the Johnson era of the 1960’s. Kill the messenger it’s old school Chicago style politics of the original Mayor Daily, back in the day. Kill the messenger was alive and well at Charlotte NC this year. It was Mayor Daily who once said on national TV “We stole that election fair and square”.

It took three voice votes in order to return the words “God” and “Jerusalem” to the Democratic Platform. A voice vote officially recorded as 2/3 EYE by the Chairman of the Democratic Convention, when everyone who heard the voice vote had bet money the Na’s won the voice vote, they just had it won. With that effort to include God in the Platform, in Charlotte it seemed the party demonstrated a religious fanaticism for its leader. “We believe in Barack Obama,” Sen. John Kerry bellowed, to thunderous applause. John Kerry’s remarks made me shiver. It smelled of mass hysteria. It just made me shiver.

I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something terribly, terribly wrong in our great nation. Something shocking is happening to the Democratic Party, and I’m a democrat but it scares me a lot. The committed adherents are whipping themselves into a frenzy of grievance that justifies seeing their fellow Americans as both evil and a free-cash cow money machine all at the same time.

Are we, as a Democratic Party, approaching the “Dear Leader territory”? Other nations have done that, and some continue to embrace that ideology to this day.

The wild, outlandish claims that America is corrupt, Republicans are super-villains and Obama is a super-hero were made by every speaker over three nights. A president, a first lady, a former president, a sitting vice president, top members of Congress, labor leaders, celebrities, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, blacks, whites, Latinos, all stayed on the scorched-earth message softened only by inspirational homilies to Obama. The Dear Leader?

Obama did not singlehandedly create this mad cow orgy machine. But he struck the match, that lit the fire, that shows the way, that illuminates the cow. On this, he is a true leader, a transformative one. His invocation of FDR is not unwarranted, even as his channeling of Lincoln’s pain smacked of cheesy self-reverence.

Shewwww, give me a break here. Obama’s reference to Lincoln is akin to me channeling H W Longfellow. Now I can mimic the writings of Dr. Seuss. I can channel Lincoln ‘bout the same degree as President Obama can channel Dr. Seuss.

When he says voters “will face the clearest choice of any time in a generation,” he understates the fact. The two paths are a twain that shall never meet.

His rhetorical skills, uncompromising ambition and 1,000-watt smile, were on full display at this convention, unfortunately in service to a vision that will most surely bankrupt the United State of America.

Instead of a guarantee of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, our culture would be reshaped by a growing collectivist power, vested in the Federal Government, that would command ever more resources and control. The claim of “leveling the playing field” is, in reality, a plan to control the outcome, the end game.

As famously promised, the financial crisis has not been wasted. The recession lingers for many families. Unemployment remains stuck at a destructive level. The deficit soars, as we borrow nearly $3 billion a day, $20 billion a week, $1 trillion a year. Seems the numbers mean nothing, too many zeros to comprehend. A trillion dollars is written as the number 1 and 12 zeros before the decimal Pont.

Expressed as: $1,000,000,000,000.00. That’s a trillion dollars, way, way, too many zeros to comprehend, at least for those growing up in downtown Toto Indiana, and having received part of our primary education in the Tip Top Elementary School Corporation, and finishing off the top side at The Ohio State University Graduate School. It’s just too damn many zeros for this hillbilly boy to handle at one setting. When ya get more zeros in the number than ya got fingers, it’s a big number, a hard number to comprehend, that’s for sure. Because it’s so large we ignore it, and think of other things, smaller numbers for one.

These are serious problems to most of us, but to the President, these are rich opportunities to expand the reach of Washington. The soaring debt is not soaring enough, so more treasure must be thrown into the bonfire of his vanities. It’s a fire consuming the future of this republic under the guise of fairness, and fair share.

This is not mere class warfare. That’s just a tactic. The goal, as it always has been for his kind throughout history, is to accumulate power that the elite can wield without accountability or checks and balances.

Give this man his due. We have not seen his like in our times. His charisma and political skills are unmatched. If only they were admirably used. Obama promised to unite the country and, now his lie exposed, is determined to win re-election by any means necessary. He may succeed. The wraps have come off.

Obama is unbound and the delegates in the convention hall went home in full revolutionary spirit. They don’t want to unite America. They want to conquer it. And Yes, Barack Obama did build that.

It is also important to keep in mind that the President, himself penned the words “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an angry direction” on page 261 of his autobiography titled “Audacity of Hope” If ya didn’t read that book, then ya should.

Ya can’t help but wonder, with the killing of Americans in Libya, have these winds shifted, or has the policy of the current administration failed? Ya can’t help but wonder if they have or have not. In light of the fact that the President described the killing of the Americans in Libya as “a bump in the road”.

“A bump in the road”, it’s a White House coined phrase, even after the CIA told ‘em it was an al Qaeda attack on 9-11-2012. Blame it all on a 14 minute video and call it a spontaneous action of a mob that creates a bump in the road. A bump in the road that killed Americans unprotected by our government. I can’t help but wonder if the President will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an angry direction? Said he would, on page 261 of his autobiography, just wondering if he was telling the truth then or now..……..

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, Writing Like A Republican, The Other Side Of The View, A Bump in The Road While Standing In Political Winds.

I wish you well.