Culver Town Council and CRC Move Forward with Stellar Communities Application

The Culver Town Council and Culver Redevelopment Commission met in a special joint session on Monday night to discuss the status of the Stellar Communities Program application.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist said the two groups have been meeting regularly since last year’s attempt at the recognition to make improvements to this year’s application. He said a vote was taken Monday night to take the next step in this year’s application process.

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Pulaski County Commissioners Approve Tourism Advertising Campaign

The Pulaski County Commissioners yesterday approved a scaled-back tourism marketing campaign. CDC Executive Director Nathan P. Origer has clashed with the county executives for several weeks over their reluctance to purchase cable television advertising in the Chicago market. He started his presentation to the commissioners with an apology for storming out of their last meeting. Continue reading

Culver Boys and Girls Club Going Strong

The Culver Community School Board received an update on programs offered with the Culver Boys and Girls Club.

Club Director Jessye Gilley said the club started in 2007 with 35 kids a day while today there are 92 students who attend activities as an average daily membership. The total active enrollment is 219. The club welcomes Culver students and many other students in the area to attend the available after school programs.

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Remember Flood Safety as Spring Arrives

Rain showers this spring could be potentially heavy so now is the time to make a plan in case of flooding in the area.

Marshall County Emergency Management Agency Director Clyde Avery stresses the importance of not driving through flooded roadways, during this Flood Safety Awareness Week.

“If you see water across the road, turn around,” said Avery. “We don’t want people driving through it. You see all the time when people get out in the middle of a road that’s flooded and their car stalls. It could be worse where the current is strong enough that it can sweep away the vehicle.”

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Pulaski Commissioners to Consider Revised Tourism Advertising Proposal, Restroom Renovations

Pulaski County Commissioners: Bud Krohn Jr., Jerry Locke, Kenny Becker

The Pulaski County Commissioners will once again revisit tourism advertising this morning. Last month, they rejected a proposal from the Community Development Commission to run commercials on Comcast cable systems in the Chicago area, as well as buy some online advertising. Continue reading

Culver School Board to Meet Tonight

The Culver Community School Board will meet in regular session tonight with a light agenda.

The Culver Boys and Girls Club will have a presentation to the board. The board will also approve elementary, middle and high school intersession teachers. The Science and Health Textbook Adoption Committee have made their recommendations and they will be reviewed by the board.

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