Sunday Morning Mixed League 01/30/11

Sunday Morning Mixed League 01/30/11
Team Standings:
1. The Unknown 97.0-36.0
2. WRJN 79.0-61.0
3. The Quest 76.0-64.0
4. Split Heads 64.0-66.0
5. The Smelly Cats 73.0-67.0
6. Lucky #7 64.0-76.0
7. Strange Brew 63.0-77.0
8. Snowdon’s Lawncare 59.0-81.0
9. S*** Happens 59.0-81.0
10. Odd Balls 56.0-84.0
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Knox City Court Judge Announces Candidacy for 2011 Municipal Election

Charles Hasnerl

Judge Charles Hasnerl announced last week his campaign for re-election to the Knox City Court in the 2011 Municipal Election. Hasnerl, a Republican, has served as Knox City Court Judge since 1996. Judge Hasnerl presides over misdemeanor and infraction cases for all of Starke County and Knox ordinance violations. There are 3,000-4,000 cases filed annually through Knox City Court.

Judge Hasnerl is a Valparaiso University graduate and he and his wife, Lisa, reside in Knox with their three daughters.

Knox City Council Discusses Contract with Fire Department

The City of Knox does not have a Fire Department. That was explained to the Knox City Council this week by City Attorney, David Matsey. The discussion was held after Mayor Rick Chambers read a letter asking the City to sign a contract to provide fire coverage in Jackson Township.

Matsey explained that the Knox-Center Township Volunteer Fire Department is incorporated. It is funded by the city of Knox ($115,000 yearly) and Center Township ($30,000 annually) but is an entity of its own.

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Center Township Precincts in Knox to Consolidate for 2011 Primary Election

Starke County Clerk Evelyn Skronski

Starke County will go from 21 to 19 precincts in the spring Primary Election.

“We’re consolidating Center one, two, three, and four from their current locations to the Community Center,” said Starke County Clerk, Evelyn Skronski. “Hopefully, this is going to make it cost effective and voter comfortable.”

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Representative Dembowski not in Favor of Upcoming Unemployment Bill

State Representative Nancy Dembowski

State Representative Nancy Dembowski (D-Knox) yesterday labeled the unemployment bill coming up in the House as totally unacceptable. Dembowski, saying the way to fix unemployment is through creating jobs, released a report that first talked about the proposed bill.

“The Majority has come up with another bill and their plan to fix the unemployment issue is to shift hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes from big businesses to small businesses and then cut benefits to the workers by 25 percent,” said Dembowski. “That’s totally unacceptable and it is the largest benefit cut in the history of the State.”

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Knox TIF District Fund over $151,000

Knox City Council #2
Back Row: Mayor Rick Chambers, Ed Blue, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston, Greg Matt and Attorney David Matsey. Front Row: Linda Berndt, Jeff Berg and Ron Parker

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers has notified the Knox City Council that the TIF fund has grown to just over $151,000. The fund has grown to this level over the past two years. Before that, those funds were not building, but the City contracted with Umbaugh and Associates to determine the amount due. Money from the TIF fund can be used within the district for redevelopment, public improvement projects, training, or making bond payments.

The Council members are to prepare suggestions for how a portion of the funds can be used for upgrades.

Knox Pastor to be Featured on CNN

Paul Begley, Pastor at the Community Gospel Baptist Church in Knox is in the “internet spotlight” this week over his YouTube video concerning the discovery of the dead cows, birds and fish worldwide.

“I tied it to the Bible, Bible Prophecies, the Book of Hosea, Chapter Four verses one, two and three,” explained Begley. “God said, ‘The beast of the field, the fowls of heaven and the fish of the sea would die.'”

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Week in Review for January 24th-28th, 2011

Here is a look at some of the news that made the news in the Kankakee Valley this week:

Starke County Courthouse

The Starke County Commissioners had a brief discussion last week on added security at the Starke County Courthouse. Employment of extra officers to man a metal detector and if one were installed, it would mean only one entrance into the Courthouse could be used as all door couldn’t be provided with a detector.

The Knox Community School Board approved base bids for the high school renovation project. The bid went to Brown and Brown Contractors for $1,567,000.

Stuart Gast

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Tuesday Night Men’s League 01/25/11

Tuesday Night Men’s League 01/25/11
Team Standings:
1. Quarter’s 111.0-29.0
2. Konrad Cabinets 82.0-58.0
3. 1st Choice Pawn 80.0-60.0
4. Hensleys 80.0-60.0
5. Mark’s Body Shop 78.0-62.0
6. WKVI 72.0-68.0
7. Bowlaway Lanes 68.0-72.0
8. Sandbar 62.0-78.0
9. Time Out 60.0-80.0
10. Half Track 56.0-84.0
11. Simonis 46.0-94.0
12. Fishers 45.0-95.0
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Friday Night Mixed League 01/21/11

Friday Night Mixed League 01/21/11
Team Standings:
1. Alley Aces 54.0-30.0
2. 4-Alarm Fire 53.0-31.0
3. Dolezal Family 51.5-32.5
4. Good Friends 47.0-37.0
5. Mariah’s Hill 43.5-40.5
6. Rollin’ Thunder 43.0-41.0
7. Hard Times 41.0-43.0
8. Undecided 38.5-45.5
9. Raiders 37.0-47.0
10. Baugh Construction 35.5-48.5
11. Feel the Power 31.0-53.0
12. O’s Tap
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Police Arrest Knox Man after Brief Foot Pursuit

Michael Smith

A Knox man was arrested, Thursday, after Plymouth and Starke County police officers searched for him as a suspect in an auto theft incident.

Officers went to 1175 E. 850 S. in Starke County where a stolen car was reported as abandoned in a field at that intersection. Police located the vehicle and found that it had been stolen from Goshen. Officers went to a nearby residence to attempt to locate the suspect and when they first approached the residence, officers spoke to the homeowner, who identified himself as Terry Jordan, who denied the suspect was there. Officers left the residence and were able to obtain a BMV photo of the male at the residence and found that it was not Terry Jordan, but another male whose name is not being released at this time due to an ongoing investigation. The male who was there has an outstanding warrant out of Marshall County.

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Knox City Council Discusses Friends of the Park Funding, Tax Exempt Status

Knox City Council #2
Back Row: Mayor Rick Chambers, Ed Blue, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston, Greg Matt and Attorney David Matsey. Front Row: Linda Berndt, Jeff Berg and Ron Parker

The Knox City Council, which has been asked to make a monetary donation to the Friends of the Park organization, is demanding better accounting of the money received from donations and booth fees before voting to approve the request.

“I do think we need to get a better report on their funds and on their flow of cash this time than what we have been demanding from them,” said Clerk-Treasurer, Jeff Houston.

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Starke County Chief Detective Gives Meth Awareness Presentation at Soil and Water Conservation Meeting

Ken Pfost, Jr.

Starke County Sheriff’s Office Chief Detective, Ken Pfost, Jr., was the guest speaker at the annual Soil and Water Conservation meeting Tuesday night at the Knox United Methodist Church. He gave a presentation about the dangers of methamphetamine.

Pfost told those in attendance about the ingredients in methamphetamine.

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Dave Kesvormas begins Work as Starke County Food Inspector

Dave Kesvormas

Dave Kesvormas has signed a Food Inspector contract and is out conducting inspections. He signed a contract for the part-time position in Starke County last week.

Food inspectors are responsible for inspecting food establishments for possible violations with serving, storing or preparing food. He also educates establishments on handling food.

In other news from the Starke County Health Department:

Even though flu cases in Indiana are multiplying more quickly than normal, Starke County Health Nurse, Frank Lynch, told WKVI that he has heard that residents are suffering from a variety of flu symptoms but no serious cases have been reported. Lynch reminds residents to get a flu shot if they haven’t gotten one. Wash your hands frequently and cover coughs and sneezes.

Pulaski County Health Nurse, Andrea Keller, reports no severe flu cases in Pulaski County.

Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Named H.J. Halleck Award Winner

Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Michael Shurn

Last week we announced that Michael Shurn, the Circuit Court Judge in Pulaski County, was named the H.J. Halleck Award winner for 2011.

One of Judge Shurn’s special interests has been scouting. We asked him if he has always been interested in youth activities.

“Not really, I was involved in youth activities, I guess, from just following my children around and then when I became Judge, I have so many juvenile cases that it was sort of a natural fit to continue on in scouts. My son went all the way through so I just stayed there.”

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Ted Hayes Presents New Friday Program

Iccie and Seabern Bailey family. Back row: Forrest, Carl, Troy, Ivory, Marie and Lassie. Middle row: Coaet, Sharon Lea, Seabern, Betty Lou (on knee), Iccie, and Ray. Front row: Beech, James Edward and Morris

Ted Hayes begins a new Friday show today on WKVI. It’s called “Ted Hayes Remembers” and allows him to talk with interesting people and tell stories from his four decades at the station.

Ted follows the migration of the Seabern Bailey family from Kentucky to Starke County. Besides the mother and father, there were 12 children and in their own way each became a success in business and their personal lives.

One of the children, Ed Bailey, said there was love, church and work in the family.

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Special Prosecutor Named in Brooke-Hitchens Joined Trial

A special Prosecutor has been named for the joined trial of Kimberly Hitchens and John Brooke in Starke Circuit Court. Howard County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Michael Krebes, has been appointed to represent the State of Indiana. The request for a special Prosecutor was made by Starke County Prosecutor Nicholas Bourff as Bourff had previous consultations regarding representation of the defendants.

The trial scheduled for this February has been postponed allowing the Special Prosecutor time to prepare for  trial.