Police Reports

Police Reports are simply a record that an arrest has been made and are not an indication of guilt or innocence.

North Judson Police Department
North Judson Police Department

From the North Judson Police Department:

04/13/13 It was reported that unknown subject(s) attempted to gain entry into a vehicle on Collins Street sometime overnight. No entry was made. This remains under investigation.

04/12/13 A report was made in reference to some boxes of papers missing that contained personal information. The boxes were left outside of a storage unit.

04/12/13 North Judson Police assisted an arrest warrant sweep team and located a wanted subject in the 400 Block of Wilson Street. While serving the Porter County Warrant for Failure to Appear, the suspect, Jason Schaefer, was in possession of marijuana under 30 grams. North Judson Officer Frank Thomas charged him with the misdemeanor.

04/10/13 A vehicle was reported passing a school bus with the cross-arm out and stop lights flashing. This incident occurred in front of the North Judson-San Pierre Schools on Campbell Drive. The driver was located and informed. “It is illegal to pass a school bus from either direction when the stop arm is out and the stop lights are flashing,” said Town Marshal Doug Vessely.

04/10/13 A vehicle backed into a post in the Burger King Parking lot. Police determined damage was under $1,000 and no official report was generated.

04/09/13 A resident made a complaint concerning burning in the 600 block of Keller Avenue. The small open fire was extinguished. Only yard waste-type material and natural wood may be burned within the town limits and an adult must be present while material is burning. The fire must be contained in a hole, burn container or retaining wall.

04/09/2013 Police responded to a juvenile incident in the 100 block of State Street involving two young males in a confrontation. A battery report was forwarded to the Starke County Probation Department for review.

04/08/13 A telephone harassment complaint was taken by the North Judson Police from a resident in the 200 block of Maryland Street.

04/12/13 Jason E. Schaefer, 37, 401 Wilson Street, of North Judson, IN, was arrested on an active Failure to Appear warrant in Porter County and for Possession of Marijuana under 30 grams.


From the Knox City Police Department:

04/13/13 Park Superintendent George Byer reported damage to a picnic table located in the Diamond 3 ball field.

04/13/13 Esther Lockridge reported her purse stolen.

04/11/13 A battery incident was reported at Pathfinder in Knox.

04/12/13 Darrell Gabbard, 47, 303 W. Clark St., Knox, IN, arrested on a valid arrest warrant.

04/11/13 Jenine Pugh, 41, 405 S. East St., Knox, IN, arrested on a valid arrest warrant.

04/09/13 Bobby Reed, 39, 6295 N. State Road 23, Walkerton, IN, arrested on a valid arrest warrant.

Pulaski County Sheriff's Department
Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department

From the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department:

04/17/13 The Winamac Fire Department was called out to a report of smoke coming out of a nearby building. Officials believed it was just chimney smoke.

04/16/13 A complaintant told police that a man in a white van stopped in front of the courthouse, got out and started taking pictures. When the caller started walking toward the man to talk to him, the man ran back to the van and drove away.

04/16/13 A Medaryville resident complained that the neighbors are shooting guns before daylight. Police spoke to the neighbors.

04/15/13 Pulaski County deputies were involved in an incident where the driver of a car allegedly hit another person twice in the nose at the Family Express in North Judson and fled. The driver then reportedly entered Pulaski County and the county deputies engaged in a pursuit with the driver. The driver then returned into Starke County where county officers continued looking for the suspect.

04/15/13 The Winamac Police Department responded to a call of a suspicious substance that was found in a resident’s a pill bottle.

04/15/13 The Medaryville Fire Department was called to a fire in a recycling bin across from City Hall.

04/14/13 The Winamac Police Department gave notice to a resident to remove three inoperable vehicles from the property.

04/13/13 A Winamac resident asked for extra patrol as unknown person(s) were breaking bottles in his driveway.

04/13/13 Police were called to Diamond Lil’s on a report of an alleged stabbing.

04/13/13 The Winamac Police Department was called out on a report of an open door at a residence. Police found the house to be in disarray and couldn’t properly secure the residence.

04/13/13 A caller told Pulaski County dispatchers that he heard a large crash noise and now he doesn’t have electricity. Officers from the Winamac Police Department responded to to the area.

04/12/13 A Winamac man reported that his neighbor was threatening to destroy his property.

04/11/13 A Winamac man reportedly several items were dumped on his property.

04/10/13 A fire was reported to the dispatch center.

04/10/13 A theft incident was reported to police.

04/09/13 Star City and Winamac Fire Departments were called to a large fire that involved seven or eight cars. The incident remains under investigation.

04/09/13 The Star City Fire Department was called out to a report of a tree limb that was glowing red.

04/16/13 Emily Allen, 21, of Francesville, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Possession of Precursors with the Intent to Manufacture.

04/15/13 Tina Gould, 46, of Star City, IN, arrested on a body attachment.

04/14/13 Michael Kasnick, Jr., 41, of Rensselaer, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Theft.

04/14/13 Brandon Hitt, 36, of Rensselaer, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Theft. Discharged.

Starke County Sheriff's Department
Starke County Sheriff’s Department

From the Starke County Sheriff’s Department:


04/08/13 – Irrigation wire was reportedly stolen from the 600 block of East 100 North.

04/08/13 – Items were reportedly stolen from a residence in the 3400 block of Island View Drive in Knox and the homeowner told police there was also an inactive meth lab in the garage.

04/09/13 – A resident of the 10700 block of East Division Road in Knox told police they received fraudulent IRS information with his refund.

04/09/13 – A resident of the 4200 block of South State Road 39 in North Judson told police that someone took his vehicle without permission.

04/09/13 – A hit and run was reported at the Bailey’s Discount Center in North Judson.

04/10/13 – A break in was reported in the 11000 block of East Iroquois Road in Walkerton.

04/10/13 – A man told police that someone threw a cinderblock through his window and stole items from his vehicle while it was parked at the Bass Lake boat launch.

04/10/13 – A resident of the 11900 block of East 400 North in Grovertown told police that someone had frauded her and her mother.

04/12/13 – Jennifer Allen of North Judson told police a male subject had broken her phone, threw her on the couch, and choked her

04/13/13 – A purse was reportedly stolen from a resident in the 11100 block of East Kanney Avenue in Walkerton.

04/13/13 – A resident of the 1900 block of West 450 South in North Judson told police that someone has been stealing medication from a trailer.

04/14/13 – Billy Coldiron of North Judson told police that someone stole his vehicle, wallet, and laptop from his residence.


04/11/13 – Teresa Scutchfield, 43, was arrested on charges of Receiving Stolen Property.

04/12/13 – Anthony Esparza, 25 of Knox; Frank Esparza, 20 of Knox; and Maria Hernandez Esparza, 59 of Knox, were arrested on charges related to controlled substances following the execution of a search warrant in the 8800 block of Long Lane Drive.

04/12/13 – Jason Edward Schaefer, 37 of Medaryville, was arrested following a warrant check in the 400 block of Wilson Street in North Judson.

04/13/13 – Tyler James Soplanda, 20 of North Judson, was arrested on charges of Operating a Vehile While Intxicated and Illegal Possession or Consumption of Alcohol.