Police Reports

Sheriff Oscar Cowen
Sheriff Oscar Cowen

From the Starke County Sheriff’s Department:

02/11/12 Theresa Wireman of Knox filed a report regarding the theft of tools.

02/11/12 A Colt King Cobra .357 handgun and a browning 9MM handgun were reported missing from a residence in the 3600 block of South 625 East in Knox.

02/10/12 Josh Whitfield of Monterey told police that a female subject has been continuously harassing him and hacking into his Facebook account.

02/10/12 A female reported she was battered at the Sandbar.

02/09/12 A battery was reported in the 400 block of West 625 South in Knox.

02/09/12 A caller from the 2700 block of West Toto Road in North Judson told police that someone stole money out of her car.

02/08/12 Vandalism was reported in the 5100 block of East Johnson Street in Knox.

02/08/12 A caller reported her storage unit was broken into at Bailey’s Storage Units in Knox.

02/07/12 A resident of the 7500 block of East 350 South in Knox told police that a male subject has been stalking her residence, peeping through her windows and harassing her.

02/07/12 A theft was reported on 400 North west of 600 East in Hamlet.

02/07/12 A resident of the 3300 block of East South Country Lane in Knox reported an identity theft.

02/07/12 A theft of jewelry was reported in the 1800 block of East 400 South in Knox.

02/07/12 A home in the 100 block of East 800 South in North Judson was broken into through the back door with a pry bar.

02/06/12 Kurt Hayes of Knox told police that someone damaged his property and a pickup truck appears to be stuck in his yard.

02/06/12 Joann Haney of Walkerton told police someone keeps driving and leaving ruts in her yard.

02/05/12 John Howard of Knox told police someone had flattened the tires on his vehicle and broken a window out of his garage.

02/05/12 Al Jeske of Knox reported someone broke his mailbox off his post along with three nearby mailboxes.

02/05/12 A resident of the 6400 block of South Eastern Drive in Knox reported the theft of several compressors from her garage.

02/05/12 A registration sticker was stolen from a vehicle plate in the 6400 block of South Rannells Road in Knox.

02/09/12 Vincent J. Rossetti, 33, of Valparaiso, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Habitual Traffic Violator.

02/09/12 Brian Timm was arrested on a preliminary charge of Domestic Battery.

02/09/12 Roberto Barajas Gonzales, 20, of Knox, IN, was arrested on a preliminary charge of Battery Causing Serious Bodily Injury.

02/07/12 Howard Wyckoff Reed, Sr., 54, of North Judson, IN, arrested on charges related to a motor vehicle theft in the 1500 block of West Toto Road in Knox.

Doug Vessely
North Judson Town Marshal Doug Vessely

From the North Judson Police Department:

02/11/12 Charges were requested for review and the money returned for the missing check from last week’s American Oak incident.

02/11/12 The North Judson Police followed several footprints in the snow on early Saturday morning, which appeared to have two to three unknown subjects walking in the area of Arlington Avenue going from vehicle to vehicle opening unlocked car doors. Footprints were located from the Train Museum up and down Arlington, and east to Beech Street. No items were reported missing. “Again, I’ll take this opportunity to remind everyone to keep your vehicles locked when not in use,” stated North Judson Police Chief, Doug Vessely. “It looks like they were searching for the bigger, expensive, items, like stereos, speakers, laptops, and other electronic items.”

02/11/12 Kenneth Ray Craft, Jr.,27, 2152 North S.R. # 39, Winamac, IN arrested for a Class D Felony Theft Warrant through Pulaski County.

Pulaski County Sheriff Michael Gayer

From the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department:

02/12/12 A church patron called police to say an 11-year-old boy came to the church on the bus but said he does not want to go to church and he does not want to go home either. The boy ran into the church after a while and police were told they could leave the scene.

02/11/12 A Francesville resident called police to report a hit-and-run. A garbage hauler semi hit a guardrail in the Francesville area. The driver got out and looked around at the damage, got back in the truck and left the scene. The caller said there was considerable amount of damage done to the guardrail. The truck’s plate number was given to police. The truck was headed in the direction of Jasper County and the Sheriff’s Department there was called so officers could be on the lookout for this vehicle. The truck was stopped in Jasper County. The officers there notified Pulaski County police that there is considerable damage to the right front of the truck and a right side dual is flat. A Jasper County officer is turning the truck around andis  escorting it back to the scene.

02/11/12 A slide off accident was reported in the Francesville area. No injuries were reported.

02/11/12 A Winamac resident reported that some people left without paying for their lodging.

02/11/12 A Winamac business reported a drive-off of $36.81. The vehicle was found and the driver was told that she failed to pay for her purchase and she went back and paid for it.

02/11/12 An accident was reported in the Francesville area. The driver stated that there was a black SUV fishtailing and then hit them. Everyone was ok. The SUV ended up in a ditch and became stuck, but no injuries were reported.

02/11/12 Several slide-offs were reported due to a winter storm.

02/11/12 Officers were called to a roll-over accident in the Francesville area. The car went off the road and turned over in a ditch. One person was rescued from the vehicles and no injuries were reported.

02/10/12 A car vs. deer accident was reported in the Winamac area. No injuries were reported.

02/10/12 A resident in the Bruce Lake area reported the theft of a 100 ton press from the garage where he farms.

02/10/12 A caller told police that he was driving in the Winamac area and a red newer pickup ran him off the road. The vehicle was passing another vehicle and he had to go clear off the road to avoid a collision. When police stopped the driver and asked why she was driving recklessly, the driver stated that she had knee surgery and her knee locked up. The officer cited the driver for driving left of center.

02/10/12 The Francesville Police Department was called to three slide-off accidents

02/10/12 The Medaryville Police Department was called to a slide-off accident but no injuries were reported.

02/06/12 A Francesville resident slid off the roadway and into a ditch. The vehicle was upside down in the ditch. The driver received a bump on her head as a result of the crash.

02/06/12 A Monterey resident called to complain that there is someone on his property cutting down trees and no permission was given to cut down the trees.

02/06/12 A Denham resident called to report that someone stole a diesel tank off the property she is watching.

02/11/12 Kenneth R. Craft, Jr., 27, 2152 N. State Road 39, Winamac, IN, arrested on an active arrest warrant. Discharged 02/11/12

02/10/12 David Luttrell, 38, 7280 W. 200 S., Winamac, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Driving While Suspended-Prior. Discharged 02/11/12

02/10/12 Wyatt Hagerman, 34, 222 S. Franklin, Winaamc, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Possession of a Syringe.

02/09/12 Alexander Kleronomos, 32, 7460 S. 78th Ave. Apt. 5, Bridgeview, IL, arrested on a preliminary charge of Vehicle Theft, Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated.

02/06/12 Avery Mullins, 29, 5040 E. 200 S., Knox, IN, arrested on an active arrest warrant.

02/06/12 Doralee Rose Wright, 28, 512 S. Burson St., Winamac, IN, arrested on an active arrest warrant for Failure to Appear. Discharged 02/11/12

Knox City Police Chief Clint Norem

From the Knox City Police Department:

02/11/12 Kevin Branham called police to report that his dog was injured when a Pit Bull came into his yard and attacked his dog. He said his dog was able to free herself from the Pit Bull and attempted to get the dog inside but both dogs got into the house and continued fighting. The fight was eventually stopped when the attack dog was hit on the head with a frying pan. His dog suffered facial lacerations and a severe wound on its ear. No family members were injured. which was a Boxer mix.

02/07/12 21-year-old Ronald Heath, of North Judson, was cited for Operator Never Licensed.

02/06/12 Mary Lain of Knox reported $2,000 in cash missing from her purse.

02/13/12 Timothy Cunningham, 23, 17204 Colorado St., Hebron, IN, arrested on preliminary charges of Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia and False Informing.

02/12/12 Dennis Hamilton, 49, 322 Airway Dr., Knox, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Domestic Battery with a Prior Conviction.