Police Reports

Pulaski County Sheriff's Department

From the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department:

09/30/12 The Monterey Fire Department was called to assist in putting out a fire in a corn field in Fulton County.

09/29/12 Pulaski officers and detectives were called to a domestic battery incident in Winamac.

09/29/12 Police were called to the Tippecanoe campground in reference to an intoxicated person.

09/29/12 Medaryville police were called to the Marathon gas station on a call of a minor property damage accident.

09/29/12 Winamac police investigated an accident where a motorcyclist flipped his motorcycle in the Winamac Town Park.

09/29/12 A Kewanna man called police saying that his wife brought him out dinner when he was farming in the field and when they returned to the house, one of their pigs was dead in their driveway. He stated that there is no way the pig could have gotten out on its own as all fences are secure.

09/28/12 A Pulaski County deputy was passed by a vehicle going 93 mph and was in pursuit with the vehicle. The officer lost sight of the vehicle when it turned onto U.S. 421.

09/27/12 A Winamac police officer was called to a residence on Market Street on a report that two little children were running out in front of cars.

09/26/12 A Winamac woman called police to report several horses in the roadway.

09/26/12 A Kewanna man called police to report the theft of his credit card and someone is charging things on it.

09/26/12 A farmer in Medaryville reported his seed tender, motor and battery stolen.

09/26/12 The Winamac Fire Department was called to a fire after a piece of farm machinery malfunctioned. The field also started on fire.

09/26/12 A Winamac resident complained about a scam. The caller said that her grandmother received a phone call from a man claiming her grandson. The caller kept saying that he wrecked his car and was in Quebec, Canada and needs money immediately. The caller was asked several questions that could not be answered so the man hung up. The Sheriff’s Department confirmed that this is a scam. Do not give out any money unless you know who it is going to. If you receive a similar call, ask the caller for a number to call back to confirm the incident.

09/26/12 The Medaryville Fire Department was called to an unattended fire.

09/24/12 An employee at a gas station in Medaryville told police that four males in a pickup came inside the store and one stole a candy bar. The employee told the suspect that the police would be called to the scene if the candy car was not returned. The candy car was returned and then the suspects started yelling at the employee. One was waving a lock stick at the complaintant. They soon took off in the truck. The employee noted that it is unknown if anything else was taken.

09/24/12 Winamac police were notified of a break-in. The caller stated that someone broke in and took his X-Box 360, the controller and all of the cords. The games were left at the residence.

09/24/12 The Winamac Fire Department was called to a small fire along a ditch line. It was determined to be an illegal burn and this case remains under investigation.

09/28/12 Terry Lee Iverson, Jr., 26, of Star City, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Driving While Suspended-Prior Suspension within 10 Years.

09/26/12 Clifford J. Cole, 29, North Judson, IN, arrested on an active arrest warrant.

09/25/12 Franklin P. Nielson, 51, of Medaryville, IN, arrested on preliminary charges of Driving While Suspended-Conviction of Criminal Offense and Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated-Prior.

From the Knox City Police Department:

10/02/12 Police were called to the Zingo gas station on a report that a driver left without paying for $51.00 in gas.

09/30/12 Brandi Miller reported the theft of two bikes; one was a purple girls mountain bike and a 20” black boys bike with red lettering. The purple one has since been recovered.

09/29/12 Jamie Messer told police that a 42” flat screen TV stolen, along with a Sony Playstation PS3 and video games. The TV has since been recovered, but the other items are still missing.

09/28/12 Valerie Cooke called police to report damage to the hubcaps on her car.

09/27/12 Michael Campbell reported the theft of a rifle from his home.

09/27/12 Knox High School Assistant Principal Michael Bendicsen called police after he found what he believed to be marijuana near a door of the high school.

09/27/12 Bobbie Barnett reported the theft of her purse and authorized use of a card.

09/26/12 A bicycle was stolen from Deborah Scott’s residence.

09/26/12 Loren Hillier called police for a theft report. A push mower was stolen from the property.

09/26/12 Minia Jones found that two windows had been broken out of her house and a baby swing stolen from a swing set.

09/26/12 Shauna Kidder-Haas reported the theft of her bicycle.

09/26/12 Kristin Sanders called police after she had found several items missing from her unlocked car.

09/25/12 Sadie Timm found someone had been rummaging through her vehicle overnight and a bag of welding materials were stolen.

09/24/12 Alecia Bradley told police that she walked out to her car and the driver’s side door was wide open. Some unknown person(s) had moved the items from her trunk to the back seat and her purse was sitting on the driver’s side door. The suspects caused damage to the ignition switch as they tried to place something into the ignition switch to start the car. She did not have her car locked. Nothing was missing from the vehicle.

09/30/12 Michael Bundy, 22, 11508 E. 150 S., Culver, IN, arrested on an active arrest warrant for Theft.

09/30/12 Fred Didden, 37, 1003 E. Culver Rd., Knox, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Domestic Battery.

09/30/2012 Janelle Watkins, 24, 260 Henry Dr., Knox, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated.

09/28/12 A juvenile was arrested on a Disorderly Conduct charge.
Deanne Kuknyo, 40, 704 S. Main St., Knox, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Disorderly Conduct.

09/26/12 Brenda J. Patrick, 314 Railroad St., Hamlet, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Theft.

North Judson Police Department

From the North Judson Police Department:

09/30/12 North Judson police responded to a domestic dispute on Laurel Street. The parties were separated and each were given an opportunity to retrieve personal belongings.

09/29/12 A friend of a resident in the 300 block of Franklin Street reported to North Judson Police that her show dog, an English Bulldog, was attacked by a neighbor’s dog. The Bulldog had two puncture wounds on its back and scratch marks on its face. After a brief investigation, the owner whose dog was the aggressor was issued a Town of North Judson Ordinance Citation for an unlicensed animal within the town. The incident is still under investigation.

09/28/12 A resident in the 400 block of Main Street reported that a relative of his is harassing his wife. The North Judson Police Officer was not able to locate the relative.

09/26/12 North Judson Police Officer Darren Conley located a wanted subject at a residence in the 3000 block of 625 South. Clifford J. Cole, 29, of North Judson, was arrested for two outstanding warrants for Failure to Appear out of Pulaski County. He was transported to the Pulaski County line and turned over to Pulaski County deputies.

09/24/12 The North Judson Police Department responded to a hit and run property damage accident in the parking lot of CVS around 11:00 a.m. A 2003 Chevy Tahoe, that was parked in the lot, was struck by another unknown vehicle that fled the scene. North Judson Officer Todd Keen checked the area and could not locate the suspect vehicle. Officer Keen estimated the damage over $1,000. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the North Judson Police Department at (574) 772-5914.

09/26/12 Clifford J. Cole, 29, 2340 S. 250 W., North Judson, IN, arrested on two Pulaski County warrants for Failure to Appear.