Options Exist for Financially Drained Pulaski Airport

 Pulaski County will likely soon begin looking into alternative options for Arens Field following budget difficulties in 2016.

This week, the Pulaski County Council cut funds from the airport’s budget at the request of the Department of Local Government finance, leaving just enough to pay for the single employees salary. Even that was reduced by $300. Operating the airport has become much more difficult given the lack budgeted costs for utilities and plowing the runways during the winter months.
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Pulaski County Council Discusses Appropriation for Fuel at Airport

 The Pulaski County Council continues to iron out financial details since taking over the financial aspect at the airport.

When the decision was made to make Bud Widner a full-time employee, that meant that Wagner had to cease purchasing items under his own name and the county had to reimburse Widner for those items to ensure that all equipment was county owned. That was done for liability purposes.

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Pulaski County Commissioners, Council Discuss Airport Manager

 The Pulaski County Commissioners and the county council members met in a special joint session Monday afternoon to discuss a change in operations at the airport.

County Attorney Kevin Tankersley told the joint board that it was brought to his attention that Airport Manager Bud Wagner has several pieces of equipment in his name at the airport that are being used for work. He pays for the fuel and is paid back as pilots fuel planes. The landline telephone is also in his name as well as the internet service. Wagner is also not employed by the county.

While this is already against normal policy, he’s not being reimbursed for the use of these items.

Tankersley asked the joint board to make sure that he is an employee and that he receives benefits like all other employees. He also suggested that the county or the airport board purchase those items that Bud owns that are in use at the airport or buy items that are county owned. Tankersley also suggested that the airport pay for the fuel and create an account for the fuel in the county’s name.

The commissioners approved a motion to make Bud Wagner an employee. He will work 35 hours a week and receive benefits. The council will decide what to do with the equipment purchases. The council members will discuss what to do to adjust the airport budget to reflect these changes.

Plymouth airport may add hangars

Mary Perren

Marshall County pilots may soon have a new place to park their planes. The Plymouth City Council recently approved an ordinance that clears the way for the Aviation Board of Commissioners (ABC) to lease ground and allow private individuals to build hangars at Plymouth Municipal Airport. There’s currently a lengthy waiting list for hangar space. The aviation board is looking at a spot on the south side of the airport. It will require an easement from the neighboring storage units for access to the property. The roadway that was placed in the Greenlee administration was in the airport clear zone and has never been used to access.The ABC’s engineering consultants will assist in determining the correct location for building. Approval from the Federal Aviation Administration is also required.

New Lighting in Parts of the Starke County Courthouse Deemed Unsatisfactory

Judge Hall discusses the lighting in the Courtroom with Greg Scarpone from M&I Engineering in Indianapolis

A meeting was held in the Starke County Courthouse, Thursday, between the engineer, contractor, two Commissioners and Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall to assess the new lighting in various rooms, including the Starke Circuit Courtroom.

Some of the installation of lighting in the rooms controlled by the Judge was deemed to be unfinished, or unsatisfactory, by Judge Hall.

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