Interview: Pro Sean Rash Talks Bowling

Sean Rash been on the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) circuit for nine years and keeps his competition “on the ball”. Fresh off of a win at the World Tour Bowling Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada, the 2012 Player of the Year tells WKVI’s Anita Goodan his rich history in the sport and how leagues can increase player count. Anita gives Rash a tip as well:  Sean Rash

Hanna Mlekodaj, Starke County’s ‘Bowling Queen’, to be Featured on the ‘Ted Hayes Remembers’ Program Friday

(L to R) Hanna Mlekodaj, Carol Johnson, Kay Jaskowiak, Sandra (Johnson) Hansen, Marcella Hauser

We call her the “Starke County Bowling Queen.” This week on “Ted Hayes Remembers”, Hanna Mlekodaj’s bowling career that spanned six decades will be featured.

Beginning at the Zingarelli Lanes and ending at Bowlaway Lanes, Hanna was a promoter of women’s bowling during the glory years of the sport in Starke County.

“Marcella Hauser, Carol Johnson who was Sandy Hansen’s mother, June Cruce and Martha Desmond are some of the first bowlers,” said Hanna of her team in 1950.

Hanna was always passionate about getting teams to go to the State Bowling Tournament. She got 37 teams to go one year.

“The State Tournament was in Indianapolis and I had always made all of the arrangements for applications and sent in the money, made the date and everything,” she said. “They decided that we would stay at a certain hotel. 37 teams were going down together so I went into the hotel at the Heartland Inn and told the desk clerk that I needed to make a reservation for 37 rooms. She looked at me kind of surprised and she said, ‘Let me get the manager’. She got the manager and she made arrangements for the 37 teams and gave our team a suite!”

But the next day they went to the 40 lane bowling alley to bowl and they thought the entire city was in attendance.

“The team lines up on the lane and they call off the name of the team and where they’re from,” she explained. “Naturally, we started out with lane one and all the way up to lane 37 and it was Knox, Knox, Knox. Somebody hollered out, ‘Is there anybody left in Knox?’ ‘Yes’ we said. ‘Our husbands!'”

Hanna Mlekodaj, Starke County’s Bowling Queen. She will be Ted’s guest on the ‘Ted Hayes Remembers’ program Friday at 12:20 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

WKVI’s Anita Goodan Bowls 225 Game

Tom Berg reluctantly gives up his top bowler "trophy" to Anita Goodan.

WKVI’s Anita Goodan has reached the top of the leaderboard in the WKVI Bowling Standings after she bowled a 225 Thursday night, beating WKVI’s Tom Berg’s game of 224. The station “trophy” for the highest game bowled in a season by a WKVI bowler was moved into her office early Friday morning.

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WKVI’s Tom Berg Bowls 224 Game

Tom Berg is now the owner of the WKVI high game patch

WKVI’s “Airwaves Rollers” took 2 out of three this week during Tuesday night action at Bowlaway Lanes. With Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall subbing, Lenny Dessauer absent, and Pat Dunn in a two week slump, Tom Berg came to the rescue.  Taking the “Rollers” high game patch away from Dunn with a 224 game, Berg paced the victors in game two. The WKVI Morning Man attributed his sterling performance to a wrist brace given to him by Dessauer and a pep talk from his mother Judy Collins of Indianapolis.

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