Public Testing of Voting Machines Set for Friday in Marshall County


The Marshall County Election Board will be conducting a public test of voting machines prior to the General Election.

The test will be Friday, Sept. 26 at 9 a.m. in the Marshall County Clerk’s Office. The purpose of the test is to count ballot cards and to tabulate machine votes cast for all candidates. This is to ensure that the machines will correctly count the votes cast for all candidates and on all public questions.

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Marshall County Commissioners Approve Consolidated Polling Sites


The Marshall County Commissioners approved the consolidation of several polling sites within the county during their meeting Monday morning.

Clerk Julie Fox and a representative from the Marshall County Election Board appeared before the commissioners with the consolidation proposal. All locations are ADA compliant. Plymouth went though redistricting which warranted change and it was the decision of the board to consolidate Center 1 and 2, Center 3 and 4, Center 5 and 6, and Center 7 and 8 into four separate voting locations. Also, Bourbon, German, North, Polk, Union, Walnut and West Township Precinct were all consolidated.

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Marshall County Commissioners Approve Personnel Requests, Review Clerk’s Remodeling Plans


The Marshall County Council approved a request by Sheriff Tom Chamberlin to hire an officer to replace one who recently resigned. The council also approved a request by Clerk Julie Fox to hire a deputy clerk as Vicki Yost will be vacating the position when she moves to Alabama. Yost had worked in the clerk’s office for more than 10 years.

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Marshall County Commissioners Approve Contract with Collection Agency

The Marshall County Commissioners approved a contract with Eagle Associates Group to help the clerk’s office collect fees.

Clerk Julie Fox explained to the commissioners that her office is busy with so many cases that it’s hard to focus on collecting court fees for judgments. With Eagle Associates Group, Fox would be able to hand over approximately 3,612 cases to be pursued. The collection agency would take over the case and with any money recovered, they would receive 28 percent.

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