Road Construction Project in Marshall County on Hold


The 7th Road project in Marshall County will not be completed this year.

The project supervisor overseeing the construction, Bart Trester, told the Marshall County Commissioners that the current state of the project on Michigan Road will remain through the winter.

“The traffic has been running on phase three section of the roundabout and will probably remain like this through the winter,” said Trester. “The contractors finished placing the HMA base and intermediate lifts along the main line from Seltenright Ditch to Linden Trail and the HMA base from Seltenright Ditch to the roundabout. Due to weather limitations, the contractor will more than likely shut down operations for the winter. They have opened Lilac Road and Linden Trail for thru-traffic for over the winter.”

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Jefferson Street Bridge Rehabilitation Continues

Jefferson Street bridge
Jefferson Street bridge

The repairs to the Jefferson Street Bridge in Plymouth are on schedule.

Supervisor of County Highways Jason Peters told the Marshall County Commissioners on Monday morning that work is nearly done on the west side of the bridge.

“They’re actually hoping to have that end of the bridge done by Friday. Of course it will be closed for probably a week before that end will all be said and done. Then, they’ll start on the east end. On the east end, they do have the sidewalk off. I think, in previous years, they must have actually cut a hole in the cement and filled it with cement and it actually ran down on the gas line,” Peters said.

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Marshall County Commissioners Name Highway Department Appointments


The Marshall County Commissioners approved new hires for two new positions at the highway department.

On Monday morning, Commissioner Deb Griewank presented the recommendations of Laurie Baker as the administration manager at the highway department and Jason Peters as the supervisor of county highways. Baker is currently working in Judge Dean Colvin’s office in superior court while Peters is serving in the capacity of interim highway superintendent.

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Marshall County Council Holds Discussion on Proposed Highway Department Purchase


The Marshall County Council members discussed at length the purchase of an asphalt zipper at a cost of almost $160,000 to come out of the rainy day fund.

Marshall County Commissioner Jack Roose first spoke to the council members and explained his opposing vote for the asphalt zipper at the commissioner’s meeting last week. He feels that a purchase such as this should be tabled until a highway superintendent is hired and not by the interim superintendents.

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Marshall County Officials Look to Reduce Road Repair Costs Caused by Horse and Buggy Units

The Marshall County Commissioners will be discussing what to do with horse and buggies and the damage they cause to the county’s roads in a future meeting.

Commissioner Jack Roose asked Highway Superintendent Neal Haeck Monday to see what Elkhart and LaGrange county highway departments do to reduce the cost on the wear and tear on roads.

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