Marshall County Council and Commissioners to Evaluate Options for Road Funding


It is the hope of the Marshall County Council and the Marshall County Commissioners to come together soon to address funding for county roads.

Commission President Kevin Overmyer told the county council Monday morning that the state appropriated money for INDOT but nothing for local roads for the next two years. He said representatives from the Build Indiana Council, Association of County Commissioners, and Indiana Association of Cities asked for those funds, but the request was not approved.

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Marshall County Looking for More Highway Funding


The Marshall County Highway Department will be looking for ways to get more funding to improve roads in the county.

Supervisor of County Highways Jason Peters commented to the commissioners this week that the county has limited funds to repair county roads. He said there will be some roads that will need to wait to be repaired until next year because the funding isn’t there to provide a workable solution.

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Marshall County Council Holds Discussion on Proposed Highway Department Purchase


The Marshall County Council members discussed at length the purchase of an asphalt zipper at a cost of almost $160,000 to come out of the rainy day fund.

Marshall County Commissioner Jack Roose first spoke to the council members and explained his opposing vote for the asphalt zipper at the commissioner’s meeting last week. He feels that a purchase such as this should be tabled until a highway superintendent is hired and not by the interim superintendents.

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