Gayheart Sentenced to 20 Years on Drug Charges

  A Starke County man was sentenced in Starke Circuit Court Monday morning on several drug charges.

Corbin Gayheart pleaded guilty in a plea agreement with the state to three charges in two separate cases. Judge Kim Hall accepted the plea agreement and sentenced Gayheart per the terms of that agreement.

Gayheart will serve 10 years in the Indiana Department of Corrections with two years suspended on a charge of possession of methamphetamine within 1,000 feet of a public park as a Class B felony. He was given an 18-month sentence with no part of the sentence suspended on a charge of possession of precursors or chemical reagents with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine as a Class D felony. Those sentences will run concurrently, or at the same time.

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Trial Scheduled in Starke Circuit Court

Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall
Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall

Several hearings were held before the honorable Judge Kim Hall in Starke Circuit Court on Tuesday.

It was decided that Gregory Schweisthal will go before a jury of his peers in a trial scheduled to begin today (Wednesday). Three days have been set aside to hear testimony and evidence on the five charges filed against Schweisthal. Those charges include Rape as a Class B felony, two counts of Invasion of Privacy as Class D felonies, Strangulation as a Class D felony, and Domestic Battery as a Class A misdemeanor. Timothy Lemon is Schweisthal’s defense attorney. Continue reading