Starke County Retired Teachers Welcome Speaker

Pam Brooke

The Starke County Retired Teachers organization met this week and welcomed Pam Brooke, Family Nutrition Program Assistant in the Starke County Extension Office, as the guest speaker.

With retired teachers often cooking for one, Pam Brooke gave advice on how to turn this type of cooking into several meals.

“I get a lot of seniors who want meals for one or two,” said Brooke. “Here’s an idea I give to them. Make a big meal and freeze part of it. If you do something like that, you always have a meal when you don’t feel up to cooking,”

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Some Indiana Teachers Frustrated with Red Tape

Education in Indiana in the 21st Century is not the satisfying profession it was 25 years ago according to Dennis Norman, the Area 1 Director of the Indiana Retired Teachers Association.  Norman visits with retired and current teachers and administrators as he travels throughout his nine county area and he tells us what they’ve been telling him about what they’re feeling today.

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Indiana Retired Teachers Asssociation Meets

Dennis Norman

The Indiana Retired Teachers Association members in Starke and Pulaski counties recently met and those who attended the meeting had an opportunity to hear Lynn Johnson, Superintendent of the North Judson-San Pierre School system, talk about the state of education in Indiana today.

Dennis Norman, the Area 1 Director for the Association, said the Association was established 61 years ago to work for retired teachers pensions. He explains how the pension plan was funded.

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