N.J.-S.P Officials Clarify Referendum Intent


North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation officials say taxpayers within the corporation will see less of an increase in years two through seven if a general fund referendum is approved.

Language on the ballot has raised questions among voters. It states: “For the 7 calendar year or years immediately following the holding of the referendum, shall the North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation impose a property tax rate that does not exceed forty-seven and a half cents ($0.475) on each one hundred dollars ($100) of assessed valuation and that is in addition to all other property tax levies imposed by the North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation for the purpose of funding the general operation of the school corporation.” Continue reading

Final Salary Ordinance Approval on Knox Council Agenda

City_of_Knox_LogoThe Knox City Council has a meeting scheduled for tonight at 7 pm in City Hall. The Council will have their final reading of the 2016 Salary Ordinance. Treasurer Jeff Houston said this is in preparation for an upcoming budget hearing, “We have a budget meeting with the field representative from the Department of Local Government Finance on the 27th of July.” he said. Continue reading

Budget Approved for City of Knox

 Knox Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston told the city council this week that the budget order came back, and the city is $45 shy of the maximum levy. The maximum levy is the maximum amount of money the city can collect from taxes. Houston said they couldn’t have gotten any closer, which is good.

Houston noted that he spoke to Matt Parkinson from the Department of Local Government Finance who said that the city will know in April about how much the tax caps will affect the city’s budget. When Houston gets that information, he will let the department heads know how much they will need to cut from their department. Last year, the city was cut over $200,000.

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Knox City Council Reschedules Budget Public Hearing

 The Knox City Council will have the public hearing on the 2015 budget on Tuesday, Sept. 9.

Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston told the council members this week that the date was modified from its original calendar date due to an error in the publication. Houston said he notified the Department of Local Government Finance and they are aware of the change and approved it. The budget needed to be re-advertised for two weeks which has caused the delay in the public hearing.

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DLGF Certifies Starke County Budget Order, Tax Rates

The budget order and tax rates for Starke County have been certified by the Department of Local Government Finance, allowing for property tax bills to be submitted on time. The DLGF certified the documents on Dec. 26, putting the county in a position to have taxes due on May 10, 2014. Starke County was the 30th county in the state to receive its 2014 budget order and tax rates.

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Starke Council Approves Cumulative Capital Rates

The Starke County Council after a public hearing last night established the Cumulative Capital Development Fund and the Cumulative Capital Bridge Fund. New requirements from the Department of Local Government Finance requires that cities, towns and counties publicize and establish these funds on an annual basis. If these entities do not establish these funds, their share of the money gets split up among other counties in the state.

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91 Indiana Counties Send Property Tax Bills on Time


All Hoosier counties, save one, achieved on-time property tax billing this year.

The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance announced that this was the first time since 2001 that 91 counties have achieved on-time billing. On-time billing allows many of Indiana’s 2,500 local governments to no longer borrow money to keep operations afloat, waiting on unpredictable tax billing and collections.

Property tax bills were mailed April 15, 2013. Property tax statements were due to each county treasurer on May 10 to avoid late fees and penalties. Taxpayers in LaPorte County will receive their tax bills later.

A statewide general reassessment began July 1, 2010 for the 2012-pay-in-2013 property taxes which caused a delay in the distribution of property taxes since 2001.

Governor Pence Signs SEA 319 into Law

Mike Pence
Mike Pence
The first piece of legislation was signed into law by Indiana Governor Mike Pence Tuesday afternoon.

Senate Enrolled Act 319 prevents an estimated $57 million property tax increase on farmers by delaying the use of new soil productivity factors in farmland assessment until the Department of Local Government Finance and the Purdue University College of Agriculture complete a study on the process.

The legislation passed unanimously in both the Indiana House and Senate.

The proposed new soil productivity factors used for farmland assessment in Indiana could have caused an estimated 25 percent average increase in property tax payments for Indiana’s farmers, depending on the county in which they live.

DLGF Requests Readvertisement of Changes Made to Public Question Information

Superintendent A.J. Gappa
Superintendent A.J. Gappa
The Knox Community School Board received notice that the Department of Local Government Finance has requested a change in the notice of adoption of the preliminary determination that was recently published.

Superintendent A.J. Gappa explained that the issue surrounded the public question that will be offered to voters in the Knox school district in May.

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