Starke County Park and Recreation Surveys Due Tomorrow

Bass Lake CampgroundStarke County residents have one more day to weigh in on their vision for the county’s park and recreation facilities.

The Mishawaka-based Troyer group has been hired to craft a five-year parks and recreation plan for Starke County. As part of that process, they’re trying to gauge usage of the county’s recreational areas.

Specifically they are looking at Bass Lake Beach and Campground, Koontz Lake, the Starke County Forest and the trail system as assets to the county. Continue reading

You Cut, You Haul Firewood Available at State Park


Certain downed, dead trees at Tippecanoe River State Park are available for public cutting and removal through mid-March.

Park staff are dropping hazardous trees and those damaged by the emerald ash borer (EAB) insect and placing them where the public can come in, cut them up and haul them away for use as firewood. The park is charging $10 per pickup load, and all proceeds will be used to enhance the natural areas of Tippecanoe River State Park. Continue reading