Local Schools on Soft Lockdown


Eastern Pulaski Schools and the Culver Community School Corporation are under a soft lockdown.

Eastern Pulaski School Superintendent Dan Foster told WKVI News that an individual in the community had threatened to harm himself. Foster said that the school is simply taking a precaution where all of the doors have been locked at all of the buildings. Students will not be leaving the buildings for recess or any student aid projects.

It was a general threat and not a specific threat to the school or any students or staff at the school, according to Foster. Foster stated that it was a safety precaution.

Schools to Make up Missed Days of School

 Schools closed three days last week due to weather which means students will be making up those lost days of instruction.

West Central School Superintendent Don Street explains what his corporation will do to make up those days.

“Feb. 16 and April 20 are two snow make-up days we have. We’re also exploring the possibility of e-learning days and designate Saturdays as a possibility to make up future days missed,” said Street.

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Teacher Performance Grants Awarded to Several Local Schools

Indiana Department of EducationEducators at several local schools will receive a share of the $30 million in Teacher Performance Grants awarded by the state to more than 1,300 schools. Funds were given to schools with students earning ISTEP+ or end of course assessment passing scores of 72.5 percent or above or with a growth in graduation rates of 5 percent ore more from the previous year. Teachers who are rated effective or highly effective under Indiana’s teacher evaluation system for the 2013-2014 academic year will be paid based on student performance. Continue reading

Schools Look to Make Up One More Day

Dan Foster
Dan Foster
Another day of classroom instruction was lost at our local schools yesterday as a severe winter storm entered the area with a vengeance.

Freezing rain and snow prompted local school officials to cancel school and plan for yet another makeup day.

Eastern Pulaski School Superintendent Dan Foster said the school board already has set make up days for previous canceled days of school.

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Eastern Pulaski School Board to Meet Wednesday Morning


The Eastern Pulaski School Board will meet in a morning session on Wednesday, March 12 at 10:30 a.m. ET.

The board members will consider two retirement requests and a recommendation to purchase school buses. The three school principals will discuss activities pertinent to their buildings and Superintendent Dan Foster will have items of information for the board.

The board is expected to tour the elementary school after lunch. As time permits, a work session will be held at the conclusion of the regular meeting or after lunch.

Eastern Pulaski School Board Approves Purchase of iPads and Cases

Dan Foster
Dan Foster
The Eastern Pulaski School Board approved the purchase of 310 iPads and cases in the amount of $148,490.

Superintendent Dan Foster explained that the seventh grade students were the first to get iPads and then it expanded to the eighth grade and the ninth grade. Now, all high school students will have iPads. The IT director told the board that as soon as he programs each individual iPad, they will be ready for use by the students, which could be yet this month.

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Schools Waitng for Waiver Approval to Enact Make up Days

Most area schools are waiting to see if a waiver is approved before they start invoking snow days into the calendar.

The state offered an opportunity for schools to submit a waiver to excuse two days of instruction due to the severe weather last week. Schools were forced to close as a state emergency declaration was enacted preventing travel on roadways on Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 6 and Jan. 7.

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