Contested Races Make for Interesting Primary


Pulaski County is sporting a few contested races during today’s Primary Election, but one party has a few more.

Indiana is in the national spotlight for its role in nominating each party’s presidential candidate. Republicans Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich will square off in a dwindling number of races prior to the GOP convention. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is facing Bernie Sanders.

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Secretary of State Encourages Hoosiers to Go to the Polls This Election Day

IN_Secretary_of_State_Connie_Lawson_-_PhotographSecretary of State Connie Lawson is encouraging Hoosiers to vote during the May 3rd primary election.

Lawson’s offices compile voting data by county and measure changes in voter behavior year-to-year. Primary elections typically see lower turnout than the November General Election, but often decide the candidates moving onto the next step of their campaign.

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