Oregon-Davis Schools Conduct Security Drill

Oregon-Davis Jr./Sr. High School
Oregon-Davis Jr./Sr. High School

The Oregon-Davis School Corporation has considerable room for improvement when it comes to following school safety protocol. School and law enforcement officials put their response to the test yesterday with an unannounced exercise involving an off-duty state trooper dressed in street clothes attempting to get into the high school. He walked in through a door in the shop area that was propped open and strolled around the school for a few minutes before a teacher notified the office and a lockdown notice was issued.

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Michael Dorn Addresses Students at Oregon-Davis and South Central Schools

Michael Dorn

What would you think the chances would be of a child being successful if he had been violently assaulted both physically and sexually in his youth? What would you think the chances of a successful life would be of this same child who was also diagnosed as being dyslexic after suffering in the classroom?

If I told you this person has written 26 books and is the premier expert in school safety and anti-bullying techniques you’d probably be amazed.

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Fred Baker files Candidacy for Starke County Council at-Large Seat

Retired Starke County Police officer Fred “Freddie” Baker is the latest candidate to sign up for the May primary. Baker has filed for a position on the Starke County Council. He will be running in the Democrat Primary as a council at large candidate.

Other candidates to file for Starke County Council at-large seats include Republican Bryan H. Cavender, Democrat Robert (Bob) Sims, Democrat Judy Benninghoff and Republican Talia Reed.

A Recap of the Top 10 Stories of 2010

Story #10

Tony Kerby Memorial at the Yellow River

Tony Kerby lost his life in the Yellow River attempting to save his younger brother’s life. The good looking boy went in the treacherous waters to save his 8-year-old brother Dominick when the youngster slipped off a rock. Dominick was saved when a person in the park pulled him to safety, but Tony could not swim to the banks.

Community members were so saddened by the death that a cross was put at the site to honor his efforts and his life. The memorial was created by Shelby Clemons of North Judson, his wife, Danielle, and Misty Baldridge of Knox.

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Top 10 Stories of 2010; Story #1

Michael Drogosz

For the past two weeks, we have been scrolling down the top 10 stories of the year 2010. Here is the top story of 2010:

It was like a shootout from the wild-west. On February 15th, two Starke County officers tried to serve a felony warrant on Michael Drogosz at Bass Lake.

After he failed to come out, officers called for a SWAT team. Before those officers could arrive, officers Don Ferguson and Bill Dulin took fire from inside the residence. With bullets whizzing too close for comfort, the officers fired back in self defense.

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