Cheryl Lyn Welter Family Foundation Launches

A local family is honoring the memory of their late daughter by giving back to school-age children throughout the Kankakee Valley. WKVI sports legend Harold Welter announced the establishment of the Cheryl Lyn Welter Family Charitable Foundation during a Monday appearance on “Grossman in the Morning.” He says it represents a major commitment to helping underprivileged children in our local schools. Continue reading

High School Football Season Kicks Off Tonight

FootballHigh school football season starts tonight. Rivalries are renewed and a clean slate means anyone can make the impossible happen. WKVI and will be broadcasting a combined 20 regular season football games. Entering his 50th sports broadcasting season, Harold Welter will be ready to go tonight along with sports director Nathan Welter. They will have the call from Winamac, where the Warriors are taking on the Knox Redskins. Their broadcast starts at 6 p.m. CDT on WKVI FM. Continue reading

Knox Inducts 5 New Members to Hall of Fame

L-R: Nathan Welter, John Kustrin, Jeremy Crittendon, Nichol Mann Altman, Larry Dust, and Harold Welter

WKVI sports announcers Harold and Nathan Welter greeted four of the five inductees into the Knox High School Hall of Fame Saturday night at Weinberg Gym in Knox. The two sportscasters were part of a contingent that met in the Redskin Room before the induction ceremonies. John Kustrin, Jeremy Crittendon, Nichol Mann Altman and Larry Dust were present. Only Oris Fine, of Bradenton, Florida was unable to be attend the event. He was represented by his Scott and Ralph from Michigan City.

The Master of Ceremonies for the event was Indiana University Health Starke Hospital Community Relations Director Ted Hayes. Presenting plaques to the inductees was Knox School Superintendent A.J. Gappa.

Harold Welter, Nathan Marcum End School Board Terms

Superintendent A.J. Gappa presents Harold Welter with an engraved clock

The Knox Community School Board honored Board President Harold Welter and fellow board member Nathan Marcum Monday as they attended their last board meeting as members Monday night.  Superintendent A.J. Gappa presented the pair with engraved clocks as a momentum of their time served on the board.  Welter also received a plaque for serving as the Board’s President.  Welter and Marcum were not re-elected to their positions in the November General Election.

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WKVI Corrects Harold Welter School Board Reports

On Sept. 5 and 10 of this year, news stories were aired on WKVI and posted on concerning the Knox Community School Board race and candidate Harold Welter in particular. It has since been learned that certain parts of those stories were inaccurate. In the story from Sept. 5, entitled, “Harold Welter withdraws Knox School Board candidacy,” a description of FCC guidelines concerning equal time was given, along with how they relate to the local school board race and a description of the waiver of equal time opportunities which would allow Welter to continue his duties as a sports announcer through the election season.

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Welter’s Back in the School Board Race, Sports on Hiatus

Harold Welter

Since announcing his withdrawal from the Knox School Board race because of the unwillingness of other candidates to sign a waiver of equal-time rights so he could continue to broadcast ball games on WKVI, Harold Welter has been informed by Starke County Clerk Evelyn Skronski that she was unable to get his name removed from the ballot. WKVI then contacted the FCC and were informed that even though Welter had withdrawn, the equal-time provision would still apply to WKVI because his name will remain on the ballot.

Welter offered the other candidates not to serve if elected in order to get their cooperation, but that offer was also rejected. Therefore, he’s decided that for the first time in 48 years, he will not broadcast sports for the required 60 days before the election.

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Harold Welter Withdraws Knox School Board Candidacy

Harold Welter

The longest-serving member of the Knox Community School Board has withdrawn his candidacy for re-election.

Harold Welter, who is the President of the School Board, explained his decision to withdraw.

“The reason is that Federal Communications Commission guidelines would require that WKVI Radio give equal air time to the other seven candidates from Center Township to match the time I am on the air broadcasting sports,” Welter explained. “In past elections, other candidates have been willing to waive their equal-time rights so that I could continue to broadcast ball games. In this election, however, some candidates don’t feel comfortable with allowing that to happen, and therefore have declined to give WKVI a waiver.”

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Basketball Regional Tournament Today

WKVI Sports Team: Nathan Welter and Harold Welter

As you’ve heard the Welter boys, Harold and Nathan, say all week, the WKVI microphone will be at the North Judson-San Pierre Gymnasium today for the boys regional basketball tournament.

Fans will be streaming in from four schools to follow their teams and we will be following the Hebron Hawks in first round action. If they win the first game, we’ll be on hand for the championship game at night, too.

Hebron will take on Bowman Academy in game one, and Adams Central plays Westview in the second game.

Knox Community School Board Reorganizes, Commends Students on Promotional Video

Gary Dulin, Jerry Fletcher, Harold Welter, Mary Lynn Ritchie, Kirk Bennett, Nathan Marcum, Mike Yankauskas, Superintendent A.J. Gappa

The members of the Knox Community School Board reorganized at their meeting Monday night. Harold Welter was retained as Board President, Mary Lynn Ritchie was retained as Vice President and Jerry Fletcher was retained as Secretary. William Satterlee III, from Hoeppner, Wagner and Evans in Valparaiso, will continue as the Board’s legal counsel.

During the Spotlight on Success portion of the meeting, the Board viewed a promotional video put together by Middle School students Colin Kulpa and Jason Christopher. Technology Coach, Chris Ross, helped the students with the final touches but Superintendent A.J. Gappa said the students did the majority of the work.

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North Judson Sports Official Passes Away

Starke County has lost a sports icon. Gene Marks, of North Judson, passed away Monday at the age of 80. Marks was an official of several sports but the one he is most famous for is basketball.

WKVI’s Harold Welter was an admirer of Gene Marks. He was asked yesterday what he remembered most about the famous official.

“Gene Marks was one of the greatest promoters of high school sports, ever,” said Welter. “He loved to work with kids and he loved to support kids. It was just a big part of his life.”

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On this Date in History

On this date, Apollo 11 landed the first humans on the moon.

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first to step out onto the moon’s surface.

While that was going on, Harold Welter and Ted Hayes were testing the equipment at WKVI FM because the next day they would be broadcasting to the Kankakee Valley for the first time. Continue reading

Ted Hayes and Harold Welter to Talk about Their Broadcasting Days on ‘Ted Hayes Remembers’ Program

Ted Hayes and Harold Welter


On “Ted Hayes Remembers” today, Ted will be joined by a man who he has worked with for 43 years. They began together in Rensselaer, worked two years there, then Ted went to Peoria, Illinois, and Harold to LaPorte.

When WKVI was granted a permit, Harold turned to Ted as his first hire. Ted was the morning man (Three for the Road was the name of the show) and Harold, who was also the manager, read the news across from him.

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‘Ted Hayes Remembers’ Program to Feature Broadcast Buddies

Ted Hayes and Harold Welter

When two young men begin careers together they don’t always look down the road thinking they’ll work with each other almost a half century. This week’s Ted Hayes Remembers program will feature “Broadcast Buddies”, Ted Hayes and Harold Welter.

Ted and Harold have worked together at two stations over 43 years. This week they’ll remember some of their radio highlights.

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Knox Community School Board President Discusses Collective Bargaining

Harold Welter

House Bill 575 is one of the bills being heard in this year’s legislative session and it pertains to collective bargaining for teachers.  In this bill, teachers would be prohibited from bargaining over anything but salaries and a few basic benefits. Bargaining would last 60 days before going to arbitration. The arbitrator would have the final word. Knox Community School Board President, Harold Welter, was asked to talk about collective bargaining at the Knox Community School Corporation.

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Knox School Board President Discusses School Vouchers; Tenure

Harold Welter

Knox Community School Board President, Harold Welter, is in today to talk about education and the changes in the proposed Education Reform package.

He was asked about vouchers.

“You’re competing for dollars,” said Welter. “Dick Wagner pointed that out in an earlier interview that we’re competing for dollars and a lot of parents are saying, ‘Hey, we want to have the choice.’ Again, I don’t have a problem with that. It’s a competitive world out there and we are going to compete. We’re going to make sure that Knox Community Schools are the best they can be and that is going to draw students to us, not just because we’re Knox, but because we have programs that are going to be very, very beneficial to the students.”

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Knox School Board President Weighs in on Education Reform

Harold Welter

Last week we heard from the President of the Knox Federation of Teachers, Dick Wagner, on proposed changes in the State education reform package. This week we’re going to hear from the President of the Knox Community School Board, Harold Welter. He’ll give his views on similar parts of the proposed changes, especially those being advocated by Governor Mitch Daniels and Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tony Bennett.

First on everyone’s radar is the growing number of charter schools.

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Harold Weinberg to be Featured on Friday’s ‘Ted Hayes Remembers’ Program

Harold Weinberg and Alice Kay at the WKVI Night at the Starke County Fair

WKVI Radio began broadcasting in 1969. It’s unusual for a station this size to have two of the original members of the announcing staff still broadcasting. Ted Hayes and Harold Welter were the first voices ever heard on the air in July of 1969. Between them, they have a lot of memories.

How many remember the tag line, “All Roads Lead to Weinberg’s in Toto?”

Weinberg’s was known as one of the first of the great discount stores. Harold Weinberg and his sister Rose could be seen on a daily basis running the store every day except Tuesday, when Harold went to Chicago to shop for merchandise.

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WKVI Crew has Lunch at Kostas in Winamac

(L to R) Nathan Welter, Gus Ress, Deb Ress, Lenny Dessauer, Patty Norwick, Kay Gudeman, Anita Goodan, Harold Welter, Chris Milner, Ed Hasnerl, and Tom Berg

The WKVI staff took a trip to Winamac, Wednesday, for a scrumptious lunch at Kostas Restaurant. We’d like to thank Gus Ress and his friendly staff for hosting us. It gave the staff a chance to greet restaurant patrons, including Mr. and Mrs. David Bennett, Bill Webb, Sheriff Mike Gayer, and Deputy John Rogers.

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Knox Community School Board Moves Ahead with High School Project

Gary Dulin, Jerry Fletcher, Harold Welter, Mary Lynn Ritchie, Kirk Bennett, Nathan Marcum, Mike Yankauskas, Superintendent A.J. Gappa

The Knox Community School Board approved two agenda items that involve the Qualified School Construction Bond project at the high school. The project includes rehabilitating the roof, lighting, ceiling and HVAC unit in the pool area and water piping throughout the building.

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