Keep Your Child’s Reading Skills Sharp this Summer

6-27-14 Summer Reading picA recent survey of one-thousand parents revealed that only one in three read with their child every night and half admitted that their children spend more time with TV or video games than with books. As daunting as those statistics may be, the staff at Henry F. Shricker Library in Knox is doing their part to get kids excited about reading.

The head of the children’s department at the library Janine Tuttle-Gassere warns of the dangers of going a whole summer without reading.

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Guess The Original Contest Held At Starke County Library

Kathy Newell and WKVI's Ted Hayes

Kathy Newell is a regular at the Henry F. Schricker Library in Knox, and has created numerous programs for the library system. The best part about Newell’s volunteer work at the library is that she has a variety of educational skills and experiences to draw from, including excellent cooking abilities, and amazing drawing talent. She was also a registered nurse for 30 years and specializes in geriatrics.

Recently she took pictures of 30 men in our community, made a pencil drawing of them, and now created a Guess the Original Boyz from the Hood Picture Contest.

Three prizes will be given for the people who can guess the most subjects. Newell says she picked everyday people as the subjects for the contest.

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