Additional Appropriations Pondered by Marshall County Council


The Marshall County Council members discussed additional appropriations for the highway department and the health department Monday morning.

The highway department requested $55,000 for road paint. Interim Superintendent Jason Peters explained that the paint should last the rest of the season and it was purchased at a cheaper rate than last year. The crews are set to stripe a lot of the main roads this year with this paint.

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Annual County Building Safety Inspection Completed

The annual inspection to identify and correct life safety issues at four Starke County buildings has been completed. The inspection, conducted by Simplex Company of South Bend, found minor fire extinguisher, automatic sprinkler, and emergency lighting problems. Those problems were corrected, bringing the buildings up to code.

The highest cost for any of the corrections was $1016 at the highway department, where all trucks have been outfitted with fire extinguishers.

Other buildings inspected include the jail, courthouse, and annex building.